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3D-LDA measurements of flow induced by magnetic drive mixers in pharmaceutical and food agitated tanks 1-gen-2004 Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Cavalheiro, C.; Galletti, Chiara; Paglianti, A.; Pintus, Sandro
A continuous flow reactor for the flexible production of different formulations: CFD‐aided design 1-gen-2022 Bacci di Capaci, Riccardo; Bellagotti, Filippo; Pannocchia, Gabriele; Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Galletti, Chiara
A novel methodology for chemical time scale evaluation with detailed chemical reaction kinetics 1-gen-2013 Isaac, B. J.; Parente, A.; Galletti, Chiara; Thornock, J. N.; Smith, P. J.; Tognotti, Leonardo
A numerical model for gas flow and droplet motion in wave-plate mist eliminators with drainage channels 1-gen-2008 Galletti, Chiara; Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Tognotti, Leonardo
A simplified approach for predicting NO formation in MILD combustion of CH4–H2 mixtures 1-gen-2011 Parente, A; Galletti, Chiara; Tognotti, Leonardo
A study of Reynolds stresses, triple products and turbulence states in a radially stirred tank with 3-D laser anemometry 1-gen-2004 Galletti, Chiara; Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Pintus, Sandro; Paglianti, A; Yianneskis, M.
A study on the effect of flow unsteadiness on the yield of a chemical reaction in a t micro-reactor 1-gen-2021 Mariotti, A.; Antognoli, M.; Galletti, C.; Mauri, R.; Salvetti, M. V.; Brunazzi, E.
A UQ based calibration for the CFD modeling of the gas dispersion from an LNG pool 1-gen-2022 Bellegoni, M.; Chicchiero, C.; Landucci, G.; Galletti, C.; Salvetti, M. V.
ADAPTIVE KINETIC MODEL FOR COAL DEVOLATILIZATION IN OXY-COAL COMBUSTION CONDITIONS 1-gen-2015 Iavarone, Salvatore; Caposciutti, Gianluca; Galletti, Chiara; Tognotti, Leonardo; Contino, Francesco; Parente, Alessandro; Smith, Philip J.
An Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation in a Small-Scale Fixed Bed Biomass Boiler 1-gen-2022 Caposciutti, G.; Antonelli, M.; Barontini, F.; Galletti, C.; Tognotti, L.; Desideri, U.
An impedance probe for the measurements of flow characteristics and mixing properties in stirred slurry reactors 1-gen-2004 Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Galletti, Chiara; Paglianti, A.; Pintus, Sandro
An Overview of Flow Features and Mixing in Micro T and Arrow Mixers 1-gen-2020 Camarri, S.; Mariotti, A.; Galletti, C.; Brunazzi, E.; Mauri, R.; Salvetti, M. V.
Analisi dell’ossicombustione di carbone attraverso prove in reattore a flusso trascinato 1-gen-2012 Galletti, Chiara; Biagini, A; Coraggio, G; Tognotti, Leonardo
Analysis of Coal Combustion in Oxy-fuel Conditions through Pulsed Feeding Experiments in an Entrained Flow Reactor 1-gen-2013 Galletti, Chiara; E., Giacomazzi; S., Giammartini; G., Coraggio; Tognotti, Leonardo
Analysis of oxy-coal combustion through measurements in a pilot-scale entrained flow reactor 1-gen-2013 Galletti, Chiara; L., Giovannini; G., Coraggio; Tognotti, Leonardo
Application of an optical diagnostic methodology to the characterisation of solid fuel combustion in the isothermal plug flow reactor operating in conventional and oxy-fuel conditions 1-gen-2011 Tarquini, S; Galletti, Chiara; Coraggio, G; Faleni, M; Biasci, L; Bruschi, R; Di Carlo, F; Giacomazzi, E; Giammartini, S.
Applications of 3-D Optical Techniques for the Investigation of Single and Two-Phase Flows in Stirred Vessels 1-gen-2005 Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Galletti, Chiara; Merello, Cesare; Paglianti, A.; Pintus, Sandro
Assessment of combustion paradigms for modeling a cyclonic burner under mild combustion conditions 1-gen-2018 Ferrarotti, M.; Patronelli, S.; Ceriello, G.; Sorrentino, G.; Galletti, C.; Parente, A.
Biomass combustion in a 140kW fixed bed boiler: A joint experimental and modeling study 1-gen-2018 Barontini, Federica; Galletti, Chiara; Di Mitri, Dario; Patronelli, Stefania; Caposciutti, Gianluca; Antonelli, Marco; Desideri, Umberto; Tognotti, Leonardo
Biomass early stage combustion in a small size boiler: Experimental and numerical analysis 1-gen-2018 Caposciutti, Gianluca; Barontini, Federica; Antonelli, Marco; Galletti, Chiara; Tognotti, Leonardo; Desideri, Umberto