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Biofertilization with Liquid Vermicompost-Activated Biochar Enhances Microbial Activity and Soil Properties 1-gen-2024 Carril, Pablo; Becagli, Michelangelo; Celletti, Silvia; Fedeli, Riccardo; Loppi, Stefano; Cardelli, Roberto
Long-term effects of biochar on soil chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiota: Results from a 10-year field vineyard experiment 1-gen-2024 Idbella, Mohamed; Baronti Silvia., Giagnoni Laura; Renella, Giancarlo; Becagli, Michelangelo; Cardelli, Roberto; Maienza, Anita; Vaccari Francesco, Primo; Bonanomi, Giuliano
Can chitosan applications in pre- and post-harvest affect the quality and antioxidant contents of red raspberries? 1-gen-2023 LO PICCOLO, Ermes; Quattrocelli, Piera; Becagli, Michelangelo; Cardelli, Roberto; El Horri, H; Guidi, Lucia; Landi, Marco; Pecchia, Susanna
Soil and Foliar Applications of Wood Distillate Differently Affect Soil Properties and Field Bean Traits in Preliminary Field Tests 1-gen-2023 Becagli, Michelangelo; Arduini, Iduna; Cantini, Valentina; Cardelli, Roberto
Assessment of leaf photosynthetic performances and bioaccumulation of trace metals by lettuce leaves and strawberry fruits amended with sewage sludge: Which possible re-use in agriculture? 1-gen-2022 Ceccanti, C.; Lauria, G.; Lo Piccolo, E.; Guidi, L.; Pezzarossa, B.; Rosellini, I.; Cardelli, R.; Becagli, M.; Landi, M.
Biochar as a soil amendment in the tree establishment phase: What are the consequences for tree physiology, soil quality and carbon sequestration? 1-gen-2022 LO PICCOLO, Ermes; Becagli, Michelangelo; Lauria, Giulia; Cantini, Valentina; Ceccanti, Costanza; Cardelli, Roberto; Massai, Rossano; Remorini, Damiano; Guidi, Lucia; Landi, Marco
Using Biochar and Vermiwash to Improve Biological Activities of Soil 1-gen-2022 Becagli, M.; Arduini, I.; Cardelli, R.
Co-application of wood distillate and biochar improves soil quality and plant growth in basil (Ocimum basilicum) 1-gen-2021 Becagli, M.; Santin, M.; Cardelli, R.
Cover crop introduction in a Mediterranean maize cropping system. Effects on soil variables and yield 1-gen-2021 Silvestri, N; Grossi, N; Mariotti, M; Arduini, I; Guglielminetti, L; Raffaelli, M; Cardelli, R
Effects of combined biochar and vermicompost solution on leachate characterization and nitrogen balance from a greenhouse tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) cultivation soil 1-gen-2021 Becagli, M.; Guglielminetti, L.; Cardelli, R.
Wood distillate, a review over past application and future perspective on soil and plant research 1-gen-2021 Ferrarin, Matteo; Becagli, Michelangelo; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Cardelli, Roberto
Root dynamics and soil-enzyme activities in field bean/barley intercrops 1-gen-2020 Cardelli, Roberto; Esnarriaga, D.; Mariotti, Marco; Arduini, Iduna
Soil biochemical activities after the application of pyroligneous acid to soil 1-gen-2020 Cardelli, Roberto; Becagli, Michelangelo; Marchini, Fausto; Saviozzi, Alessandro
The forest of San Rossore (Tuscany, Italy): a call for its conservation through a multidisciplinary approach 1-gen-2020 Arduini, Iduna; Cardelli, Roberto; Bertacchi, Andrea
The importance of root interactions in field bean/triticale intercrops 1-gen-2020 Esnarriaga, D.; Mariotti, M.; Cardelli, R.; Arduini, I.
Biochar impact on the estimation of the colorimetric-based enzymatic assays of soil 1-gen-2019 Cardelli, R.; Becagli, M.; Marchini, F.; Saviozzi, A.
Biosolids affect the growth, nitrogen accumulation and nitrogen leaching of barley   1-gen-2018 Arduini, Iduna; Cardelli, Roberto; Pampana, Silvia
Relationships between antioxidant capacity and microbial activity in a soil amended with biochar, green compost and vermicompost 1-gen-2018 Cardelli, Roberto; Becagli, Michelangelo; Marchini, Fausto; Saviozzi, Alessandro
Short-term effects on soil of biogas digestate, biochar and their combinations 1-gen-2018 Cardelli, Roberto; Giussani, Gabriele; Marchini, Fausto; Saviozzi, Alessandro
Biological activity and functional diversity of agricultural soil amended with sewage sludge. 1-gen-2017 Cardelli, Roberto; Daniel, Seghieri; Marchini, Fausto; Saviozzi, Alessandro