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A Case for the Interspecies Transfer of Emotions: A Preliminary Investigation on How Humans Odors Modify Reactions of the Autonomic Nervous System in Horses 1-gen-2018 Lanata, Antonio; Nardelli, Mimma; Valenza, Gaetano; Baragli, Paolo; Draniello, Biagio; Alterisio, Alessandra; Scandurra, Anna; Semin, Gun Refik; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale
A functional analysis-based approach to quantify upper limb impairment level in chronic stroke patients: a pilot study 1-gen-2019 Schwarz, Anne; Averta, Giuseppe; Veerbeek, Janne M.; Luft, Andreas R.; Held, Jeremia P. O.; Valenza, Gaetano; Biechi, Antonio; Bianchi, Matteo
A Multiclass Arousal Recognition using HRV Nonlinear Analysis and Affective Images 1-gen-2018 Nardelli, M.; Greco, A.; Valenza, G.; Lanata, A.; Bailon, R.; Scilingo, E. P.
A Multiscale Partition-Based Kolmogorov–Sinai Entropy for the Complexity Assessment of Heartbeat Dynamics 1-gen-2022 Scarciglia, A.; Catrambone, V.; Bonanno, C.; Valenza, G.
A neuron-astrocyte transistor-like model for neuromorphic dressed neurons 1-gen-2011 Valenza, Gaetano; G., Pioggia; A., Armato; M., Ferro; Scilingo, ENZO PASQUALE; DE ROSSI, DANILO EMILIO
A new framework for modeling the bidirectional interplay between brain oscillations and cardiac sympathovagal activity 1-gen-2022 Candia-Rivera, D.; Catrambone, V.; Barbieri, R.; Valenza, G.
A new Modelling Framework to Study Time-Varying Directional Brain-Heart Interactions: Preliminary Evaluations and Perspectives 1-gen-2018 Catrambone, V.; Greco, A.; Nardelli, M.; Ghiasi, Shadi; Vanello, N.; Scilingo, E. P.; Valenza, G.
A New Sympathovagal Balance Index from Electrodermal Activity and Instantaneous Vagal Dynamics: A Preliminary Cold Pressor Study 1-gen-2018 Ghiasi, S.; Grecol, A.; Nardelli, M.; Catrambonel, V.; Barbieri, R.; Scilingo, E. P.; Valenza, G.
A Nonlinear Heartbeat Dynamics Model Approach for Personalized Emotion Recognition 1-gen-2013 Valenza, Gaetano; Luca, Citi; Lanata', Antonio; Scilingo, ENZO PASQUALE; Riccardo, Barbieri
A novel algorithm for movement artifact removal in ECG signals acquired from wearable systems applied to horses 1-gen-2015 Lanata', Antonio; Guidi, Andrea; Baragli, Paolo; Valenza, Gaetano; Scilingo, ENZO PASQUALE
A novel EDA glove based on textile integrated electrodes for affective computing 1-gen-2012 Lanata', Antonio; Valenza, Gaetano; Scilingo, ENZO PASQUALE
A novel Heart Rate Variability analysis using Lagged Poincaré plot: A study on hedonic visual elicitation 1-gen-2017 Nardelli, M.; Greco, A.; Valenza, G.; Lanata, A.; Bailon, R.; Scilingo, E. P.
A novel Heart Rate Variability analysis using Lagged Poincaré plot: A study on hedonic visual elicitation 1-gen-2017 Nardelli, M.; Greco, A.; Valenza, G.; Lanata, A.; Bailón, R.; Scilingo, E. P.
A novel quantitative and reference-free ultrasound analysis to discriminate different concentrations of bone mineral content 1-gen-2021 Sorriento, A.; Poliziani, A.; Cafarelli, A.; Valenza, G.; Ricotti, L.
A parsimonious granger causality formulation for capturing arbitrarily long multivariate associations 1-gen-2019 Duggento, A.; Valenza, G.; Passamonti, L.; Nigro, S.; Bianco, M. G.; Guerrisi, M.; Barbieri, R.; Toschi, N.
A pattern recognition approach based on electrodermal response for pathological mood identification in bipolar disorders 1-gen-2014 Lanata', Antonio; Greco, Alberto; Valenza, Gaetano; Scilingo, ENZO PASQUALE
A pervasive activity management and rehabilitation support system for the elderly 1-gen-2010 Pioggia, Giovanni; Tartarisco, Gennaro; Valenza, Gaetano; Ricci, G.; Volpi, L.; Siciliano, Gabriele; Bonfiglio, S.
A point-process nonlinear model approach for autonomic assessment of depressive states in bipolar patients 1-gen-2012 Valenza, Gaetano; L., Citi; C., Gentili; Lanata', Antonio; Mauri, Mauro; Scilingo, ENZO PASQUALE; R., Barbieri
A protocol for a multicentre, parallel-group, pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the NEVERMIND system in preventing and treating depression in patients with severe somatic conditions 1-gen-2020 Carli, V.; Wasserman, D.; Hadlaczky, G.; Petros, N. G.; Carletto, S.; Citi, L.; Dinis, S.; Gentili, C.; Gonzalez-Martinez, S.; Aldo De, Leonibus; Meyer, B.; Ostacoli, L.; Ottaviano, M.; Ouakinin, S.; Paradiso, R.; Poli, R.; Rocha, I.; Settanta, C.; Waldmeyer, M. T. A.; Valenza, G.; Scilingo, E. P.
A tool for the real-time evaluation of ECG signal quality and activity: Application to submaximal treadmill test in horses 1-gen-2020 Nardelli, M.; Lanata, A.; Valenza, G.; Felici, M.; Baragli, P.; Scilingo, E. P.