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4D quick Diff-Tomo analyses of short-term decorrelation of distributed scatterers 1-gen-2016 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico; Berizzi, Fabrizio
Advanced Interferometric and 3-/4-/5-D Tomographic Processing of SAR Data 1-gen-2016 Fornaro, G.; Lombardini, Fabrizio; Pauciullo, A.; Reale, D.; Viviani, Federico
Radiometrically Robust Superresolution Tomography: First Analyses 1-gen-2016 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico
SARFID - A SAR approach to RFID tag location. CariPisa n.204/11 Relazione Finale 1-gen-2016 Nepa, P.; Buffi, A.; Lombardini, F.; Viviani, F.
Differential Tomography Applications to Volumetric Scatterers: Simulated and Real Analyses for Ice and Forest Scenarios 1-gen-2014 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico
New Developments of 4D+ Differential SAR Tomography to Probe Complex Dynamic Scenes 1-gen-2014 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico
Robust coherent localization of moving UHF-RFID tags by a SAR-like approach 1-gen-2014 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico; Nepa, Paolo; Buffi, Alice
Tomographic Processing of Interferometric SAR Data: Developments, Applications and Future Research Perspectives 1-gen-2014 Fornaro, Gianfranco; Lombardini, Fabrizio; A., Pauciullo; D., Reale; Viviani, Federico
Diff-Tomo Separation of Temporal Decorrelation Mechanisms in Forest Multi-Pol Airborne Data 1-gen-2013 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico; Cai, Francesco
Enhanced and New Mapping and Monitoring Possibilities Opened by the Multidimensional SAR Tomography Framework 1-gen-2013 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico
Forest Temporal Decorrelation: 3D Analyses and Processing in The Diff-Tomo Framework 1-gen-2013 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico; Cai, Francesco; F., Dini
Multidimensional Tomography with New Generation VHR SAR Data for Urban Monitoring 1-gen-2013 Viviani, Federico; A., Pulella; Lombardini, Fabrizio