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Active surveillance in differentiated thyroid cancer: a strategy applicable to all treatment categories response 1-gen-2023 Campopiano, Maria Cristina; Ghirri, Arianna; Prete, Alessandro; Lorusso, Loredana; Puleo, Luciana; Cappagli, Virginia; Agate, Laura; Bottici, Valeria; Brogioni, Sandra; Gambale, Carla; Minaldi, Elisa; Matrone, Antonio; Elisei, Rossella; Molinaro, Eleonora
Radio-iodine refractory thyroid cancer patients: a tailored follow-up based on clinicopathological features 1-gen-2023 Lorusso, L.; Minaldi, E.; Esposito, G.; Piaggi, P.; Bottici, V.; Brogioni, S.; Giani, C.; Valerio, L.; Molinaro, E.; Elisei, R.; Agate, L.
Significance of Thyroglobulin Autoantibodies in Patients With Thyroid Cancer Treated With Lenvatinib 1-gen-2023 Sgrò, Daniele; Rossi, Piercarlo; Piaggi, Paolo; Brancatella, Alessandro; Lorusso, Loredana; Bottici, Valeria; Molinaro, Eleonora; Latrofa, Francesco; Elisei, Rossella; Agate, Laura
Thyroid autoimmunity, thyroglobulin autoantibodies and thyroid cancer prognosis 1-gen-2023 Viola, Nicola; Agate, Laura; Caprio, Sonia; Lorusso, Loredana; Brancatella, Alessandro; Ricci, Debora; Sgrò, Daniele; Ugolini, Clara; Piaggi, Paolo; Vitti, Paolo; Elisei, Rossella; Santini, Ferruccio; Latrofa, Francesco
Ca19.9 positivity and doubling time are prognostic factors of mortality in patients with advanced medullary thyroid cancer with no evidence of structural disease progression according to RECIST 1-gen-2021 Lorusso, Loredana; Romei, Cristina; Piaggi, Paolo; Fustini, Chiara; Molinaro, Eleonora; Agate, Laura; Bottici, Valeria; Viola, David; Pellegrini, Giovanni; Elisei, Rossella
Osteonecrosis of the jaw: a rare but possible side effect in thyroid cancer patients treated with tyrosine-kinase inhibitors and bisphosphonates 1-gen-2021 Lorusso, L.; Pieruzzi, L.; Gabriele, M.; Nisi, M.; Viola, D.; Molinaro, E.; Bottici, V.; Elisei, R.; Agate, L.
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Developing Fistula or Organ Perforation in Patients Treated with Lenvatinib for Radioiodine-Refractory Thyroid Cancer 1-gen-2021 Valerio, L.; Giani, C.; Agate, L.; Molinaro, E.; Viola, D.; Bottici, V.; Matrone, A.; Puleo, L.; Lorusso, L.; Cappagli, V.; Ribechini, A.; Elisei, R.
RET mutated C-cells proliferate more rapidly than non-mutated neoplastic cells 1-gen-2021 Romei, Cristina; Ramone, Teresa; Mulè, Chiara; Prete, Alessandro; Cappagli, Virginia; Lorusso, Loredana; Torregrossa, Liborio; Basolo, Fulvio; Ciampi, Raffele; Elisei, Rossella
Systemic treatment of advanced, metastatic, medullary thyroid carcinoma 1-gen-2021 Matrone, Antonio; Gambale, Carla; Prete, Alessandro; Cappagli, Virginia; Lorusso, Loredana; Bottici, Valeria; Elisei, Rossella
Thyroid cancer and COVID-19: experience at one single thyroid disease referral center 1-gen-2021 Prete, A.; Falcone, M.; Bottici, V.; Giani, C.; Tiseo, G.; Agate, L.; Matrone, A.; Cappagli, V.; Valerio, L.; Lorusso, L.; Minaldi, E.; Molinaro, E.; Elisei, R.
Thyroid cancers: From surgery to current and future systemic therapies through their molecular identities 1-gen-2021 Lorusso, L.; Cappagli, V.; Valerio, L.; Giani, C.; Viola, D.; Puleo, L.; Gambale, C.; Minaldi, E.; Campopiano, M. C.; Matrone, A.; Bottici, V.; Agate, L.; Molinaro, E.; Elisei, R.
Active surveillance in papillary thyroid microcarcinomas is feasible and safe: experience at one single Italian center 1-gen-2020 Molinaro, Eleonora; Campopiano, Maria Cristina; Pieruzzi, Letizia; Matrone, Antonio; Agate, Laura; Bottici, Valeria; Viola, David; Cappagli, Virginia; Valerio, Laura; Giani, Carlotta; Puleo, Luciana; Lorusso, Loredana; Piaggi, Paolo; Torregrossa, Liborio; Basolo, Fulvio; Vitti, Paolo; Tuttle, R Michael; Elisei, Rossella
Influence of Lymphocytic Thyroiditis at Histology and Serum Thyroglobulin Autoantibodies on the Course of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma 1-gen-2020 Viola, Nicola; Agate, Laura; Caprio, Sonia; Ricci, Debora; Brancatella, Alessandro; Sgro', Daniele; Marino', Michele; Vitti, Paolo; Elisei, Rossella; Piaggi, Paolo; Lorusso, Loredana; Ugolini, Clara; Latrofa, Francesco
MON-490 Calcitonin-Based Thyroidectomy Is a Safe Approach in Patients with Germline RET Mutation and Permits to Delay Surgery in Children 1-gen-2020 Prete, A; Romei, C; Tacito, A; Ramone, T; Bottici, V; Cappagli, V; Viola, D; Matrone, A; Agate, L; Lorusso, L; Valerio, L; Giani, C; Puleo, L; Molinaro, E; Elisei, R.
No difference in the outcome of metastatic thyroid cancer patients when using recombinant or endogenous TSH 1-gen-2020 Campopiano, Maria Cristina; Podestà, Debora; Bianchi, Francesca; Giani, Carlotta; Agate, Laura; Bottici, Valeria; Cappagli, Virginia; Lorusso, Loredana; Matrone, Antonio; Puleo, Luciana; Valerio, Laura; Viola, David; Piaggi, Paolo; Elisei, Rossella; Molinaro, Eleonora
Lenvatinib treatment in the real clinical practice of progressive, radioiodine-refractory differentiated thyroid carcinoma: analysis of a big series followed in a single center 1-gen-2019 Giani, Carlotta; Valerio, Laura; Agate, Laura; Viola, David; Bottici, Valeria; Lorusso, Loredana; Cappagli, Virginia; Matrone, Antonio; Materazzi, Gabriele; Mazzeo, Salvatore; Ribechini, Alessandro; Vitti, Paolo; Molinaro, Eleonora; Elisei, Rossella
Less than 2% of the low- and intermediate-risk differentiated thyroid cancers show distant metastases at post-ablation whole-body scan 1-gen-2019 Agate, L.; Bianchi, Francesca; Brozzi, F.; Santini, P.; Molinaro, E.; Bottici, V.; Viola, D.; Lorusso, L.; Vitti, P.; Elisei, R.
Twenty-Five Years Experience on RET Genetic Screening on Hereditary MTC: An Update on The Prevalence of Germline RET Mutations 1-gen-2019 Elisei, R.; Tacito, A.; Ramone, T.; Ciampi, R.; Bottici, V.; Cappagli, V.; Viola, D.; Matrone, A.; Lorusso, L.; Valerio, L.; Giani, C.; Campopiano, MARIA CRISTINA; Prete, A.; Agate, L.; Molinaro, E.; Romei, C.
Hypertension, nausea, anorexia and weight loss were significantly associated with better progression-free survival in patients with radioiodine-Refractory Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma treated with Lenvatinib 1-gen-2018 Giani, C.; Valerio, L.; Pieruzzi, L.; Agate, L.; Viola, D.; Bottici, V.; Piaggi, P.; Lorusso, L.; Cappagli, V.; Puleo, L.; Matrone, A.; Mazzeo, S.; Ribechini, A.; Vitti, P.; Molinaro, E.; Elisei, Rossella
Lenvatinib therapy in progressive, radioiodine-refractory, differentiated thyroid carcinoma: analysis of 74 cases followed in a single centre 1-gen-2018 Giani, C; Valerio, L; Pieruzzi, L; Agate, L; Viola, D; Bottici, V; Piaggi, P; Lorusso, L; Cappagli, V; Puleo, L; Matrone, A; Mazzeo, S; Pontillo-Contillo, B; Ribechini, A; Vitti, P; Molinaro, E; Elisei, R.