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A User-Centered Approach to Artificial Sensory Substitution for Blind People Assistance 1-gen-2022 Barontini, F.; Bettelani, G. C.; Leporini, B.; Averta, G.; Bianchi, M.
Functional Analysis of Upper-Limb Movements in the Cartesian Domain 1-gen-2022 Baracca, M.; Bonifati, P.; Nistico, Y.; Catrambone, V.; Valenza, G.; Bicchi, A.; Averta, G.; Bianchi, M.
Optimal Reconstruction of Human Motion From Scarce Multimodal Data 1-gen-2022 Averta, G; Iuculano, M; Salaris, P; Bianchi, M
Deep learning techniques for modelling human manipulation and its translation for autonomous robotic grasping with soft end-effectors 1-gen-2021 Arapi, V.; Zhang, Y.; Averta, G.; Santina, C. D.; Bianchi, M.
Editorial: On the Planning, Control, and Perception of Soft Robotic End-Effectors 1-gen-2021 Averta, G.; Della Santina, C.; Ficuciello, F.; Roa, M. A.; Bianchi, M.
Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) Technologies for Reducing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Diseases in Industry 4.0 1-gen-2021 Ranavolo, A.; Chini, G.; Draicchio, F.; Silvetti, A.; Varrecchia, T.; Fiori, L.; Tatarelli, A.; Rosen, P. H.; Wischniewski, S.; Albrecht, P.; Vogt, L.; Bianchi, M.; Averta, G.; Cherubini, A.; Fritzsche, L.; Sartori, M.; Vanderborght, B.; Govaerts, R.; Ajoudani, A.
Learning to Prevent Grasp Failure with Soft Hands: From Online Prediction to Dual‐Arm Grasp Recovery 1-gen-2021 Averta, Giuseppe; Barontini, Federica; Valdambrini, Irene; Cheli, Paolo; Bacciu, Davide; Bianchi, Matteo
Modeling Human Motor Skills to Enhance Robots’ Physical Interaction 1-gen-2021 Averta, Giuseppe; Arapi, Visar; Bicchi, Antonio; Santina, Cosimo della; Bianchi, Matteo
Toward brain-heart computer interfaces: A study on the classification of upper limb movements using multisystem directional estimates 1-gen-2021 Catrambone, V.; Averta, G.; Bianchi, M.; Valenza, G.
Understanding Human Manipulation with the Environment: A Novel Taxonomy for Video Labelling 1-gen-2021 Arapi, V.; Della Santina, C.; Averta, G.; Bicchi, A.; Bianchi, M.
A technical framework for human-like motion generation with autonomous anthropomorphic redundant manipulators 1-gen-2020 Averta, G.; Caporale, D.; Santina, C. D.; Bicchi, A.; Bianchi, M.
Design and Validation of the Readable Device: a single-cell Electromagnetic Refreshable Braille Display 1-gen-2020 Bettelani, Gemma Carolina; Averta, Giuseppe; Catalano, Manuel Giuseppe; Leporini, Barbara; Bianchi, Matteo
Exploiting upper-limb functional principal components for human-like motion generation of anthropomorphic robots 1-gen-2020 Averta, G.; Della Santina, C.; Valenza, G.; Bicchi, A.; Bianchi, M.
Kineto-dynamic modeling of human upper limb for robotic manipulators and assistive applications 1-gen-2020 Averta, G.; Bettelani, G. C.; Santina, C. D.; Bianchi, M.
Modeling Previous Trial Effect in Human Manipulation through Iterative Learning Control 1-gen-2020 Cenceschi, Lorenzo; Della Santina, Cosimo; Averta, Giuseppe; Garabini, Manolo; Fu, Qiushi; Santello, Marco; Bianchi, Matteo; Bicchi, Antonio
To grasp or not to grasp: An end-to-end deep-learning approach for predicting grasping failures in soft hands 1-gen-2020 Arapi, V.; Zhang, Y.; Averta, G.; Catalano, M. G.; Rus, D.; Santina, C. D.; Bianchi, M.
A Synergistic Behavior Underpins Human Hand Grasping Force Control During Environmental Constraint Exploitation 1-gen-2019 Averta, Giuseppe; Battaglia, Edoardo; Della Santina, Cosimo; Catalano, Manuel G.; Bianchi, Matteo
Learning from humans how to grasp: a data-driven architecture for autonomous grasping with anthropomorphic soft hands 1-gen-2019 Della Santina, Cosimo; Arapi, Visar; Averta, Giuseppe; Damiani, Francesca; Fiore, Gaia; Settimi, Alessandro; Catalano, Manuel Giuseppe; Bacciu, Davide; Bicchi, Antonio; Bianchi, Matteo
On the Time-Invariance Properties of Upper Limb Synergies 1-gen-2019 Averta, Giuseppe; Valenza, Gaetano; Catrambone, Vincenzo; Barontini, Federica; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale; Bicchi, Antonio; Bianchi, Matteo
Predicting object-mediated gestures from brain activity: an EEG study on gender differences 1-gen-2019 Catrambone, Vincenzo; Greco, Alberto; Averta, Giuseppe; Bianchi, Matteo; Valenza, Gaetano; Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale