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Corrosion effects of RC bridges considering the climate change impact 1-gen-2023 Zucca, M.; Puppio, M. L.; Mistretta, F.; Landi, F.; Formichi, P.; Croce, P.
Graphical methods, kinematic and finite element analysis of the Premilcuore masonry bridge 1-gen-2021 Giresini, Linda; DE PAOLA, Daniela; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO; Buratti, Giovanni
Experimental pull-out tests and design indications for strength anchors installed in masonry walls 1-gen-2020 Giresini, Linda; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO; Taddei, Francesca
Estimation of tensile mechanical parameters of existing masonry through the analysis of the collapse of Volterra’s urban walls 1-gen-2019 Puppio, Ml; Giresini, L
Structural irregularity: The analysis of two reinforced concrete (r.c.) buildings 1-gen-2019 Puppio, Mario Lucio; Giresini, Linda; Doveri, Fabio; Sassu, Mauro
Effect of material variability and mechanical eccentricity on the seismic vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete buildings 1-gen-2017 Pellegrino, M.; Puppio, M. L.; Giresini, L.; Sassu, M.
Experimental Analyses and Numerical Models of CLT Shear Walls under Cyclic Loading 1-gen-2017 V., Awad; Giresini, Linda; M., Koshihara; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO; M., Sassu
Failure scenarios of small bridges in case of extreme rainstorms 1-gen-2017 Sassu, Mauro; Giresini, Linda; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO
Collapse of corrugated metal culvert in Northern Sardinia: analysis and numerical simulations 1-gen-2016 Giresini, Linda; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO; Sassu, Mauro
On the Use of Vibro-Compressed Units with Bio-Natural Aggregate 1-gen-2016 Sassu, Mauro; Giresini, Linda; Bonannini, Elisa; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO
Rocking and kinematic analysis of two masonry church façades 1-gen-2016 Giresini, Linda; Lourenço, P. B.; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO; Sassu, M.
Structural protection after landslide: a case study in Northern Italy 1-gen-2016 Sassu, Mauro; Andreini, Marco; DE FALCO, Anna; Giresini, Linda; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO
Structural Solutions for Low-Cost Bamboo Frames: Experimental Tests and Constructive Assessments 1-gen-2016 Sassu, Mauro; DE FALCO, Anna; Giresini, Linda; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO
Analysis of seismic risk on existing dams. Part I: an example of masonry structure 1-gen-2015 Giresini, Linda; Puppio, MARIO LUCIO; Sassu, Mauro
Analysis of seismic risk on existing dams. Part II: an example of concrete structure 1-gen-2015 Puppio, MARIO LUCIO; Giresini, Linda; Sassu, Mauro