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Application of Post Occupancy Evaluation method on urban lighting design on case studies 1-gen-2023 Bonomolo, M.; Rocca, M.; Castiglia, V.; Salvadori, G.; Prizzi, G.; Leccese, F.; Petyx, G. M.; Beccali, M.
Balancing Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings of Desert Areas: Impact of Passive Strategies 1-gen-2023 Khechiba, A.; Djaghrouri, D.; Benabbas, M.; Leccese, F.; Rocca, M.; Salvadori, G.
Broadband radiometers for the assessment of workers' exposure to UV radiation: Comparison of measurement results obtained with different devices 1-gen-2023 Bisegna, F.; Burattini, C.; Pompei, L.; Rocca, M.; Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.; Borra, M.; Militello, A.
Experimental test of the thermal performance of a nanotechnology material for energy efficient building applications 1-gen-2023 Salvadori, G.; Rocca, M.; Leccese, F.; Fantozzi, F.
Acoustic comfort requirements and classifications: Buildings vs. yachts 1-gen-2022 Rocca, Michele; Puccio, Francesca Di; Forte, Paola; Leccese, Francesco
Indoor environmental quality in sterilization units: the case of Pisa University Hospital 1-gen-2021 Rocca, Michele; Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo; Escati, Fabio; Ceccanti, Giovanni
Laptop displays performance: Compliance assessment with visual ergonomics requirements 1-gen-2021 Leccese, F.; Rocca, M.; Salvadori, G.; Oner, M.; Burattini, C.; Bisegna, F.
Towards a holistic approach to indoor environmental quality assessment: Weighting schemes to combine effects of multiple environmental factors 1-gen-2021 Leccese, F.; Rocca, M.; Salvadori, G.; Belloni, E.; Buratti, C.
A method to assess lighting quality in educational rooms using analytic hierarchy process 1-gen-2020 Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.; Rocca, M.; Buratti, C.; Belloni, E.
Assessment of Reverberation Times in University Classroom: Comparison between Analytic Formulae, Software Simulations and Measurements 1-gen-2020 Fantozzi, F; Rocca, M; Spinelli, N
An Extensive Collection of Evaluation Indicators to Assess Occupants’ Health and Comfort in Indoor Environment 1-gen-2019 Fantozzi, Fabio; Rocca, Michele
Use of automated control systems and advanced energy simulations in the design of climate responsive educational building for mediterranean area 1-gen-2019 Fantozzi, F.; Hamdi, Hassan; Rocca, M.; Vegnuti, Stefano
Human Response to the Indoor Environment a Collection of Literature Models 1-gen-2018 Rocca, M.
Simplified Assessment of Blue Light Emissions based on Photometric Measurements 1-gen-2018 Fantozzi, F.; Rocca, M.; Burattini, C.; Gugliermetti, L.
Critical analysis of the energy performance indicators for road lighting systems in historical towns of central Italy 1-gen-2017 Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo; Rocca, Michele
Criticalities in the NZEB retrofit of scholastic buildings: Analysis of a secondary school in Centre Italy 1-gen-2017 Testi, Daniele; Rocca, Michele; Menchetti, Elena; Comelato, Simona
Criticalities in the NZEB retrofit of scholastic buildings: analysis of a secondary school in Centre Italy 1-gen-2017 Testi, Daniele; Rocca, Michele; Menchetti, Elena; Comelato, Simona
General lighting in offices building: Techno-economic considerations on the fluorescent tubes replacement with LED tubes 1-gen-2017 Fantozzi, Fabio; Le Bail, Lucien; Leccese, Francesco; Rocca, Michele; Salvadori, Giacomo
Health and well-being in indoor work environments: A review of literature 1-gen-2017 Rocca, M.
High Performance Strategies for House Design: a Mine in the Atacama Desert 1-gen-2017 Mattoccia, Alessandro; Bevilacqua, MARCO GIORGIO; Leccese, Francesco; Rocca, Michele; Rubio, Rodrigo