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Effect of amino acid enriched diets on hemolymph amino acid composition in honey bees 1-gen-2024 Tafi, Elena; Sagona, Simona; Meucci, Valentina; Bortolotti, Laura; Galloni, Marta; Bogo, Gherardo; Gatta, Domenico; Casini, Lucia; Barberis, Marta; Nepi, Massimo; Felicioli, Antonio
Effects of Virgin Coconut Oil-Enriched Diet on Immune and Antioxidant Enzymatic Activity, Fat and Vitellogenin Contents in Newly Emerged and Forager Bees (Apis mellifera L.) Reared in Cages 1-gen-2023 Sagona, S.; Coppola, F.; Tafi, E.; Orlando, C.; D'Onofrio, C.; Boni, C. B.; Casini, L.; Palego, L.; Betti, L.; Giannaccini, G.; Felicioli, A.
The colors of Tuscan bee pollen: phytochemical profile and antioxidant activity 1-gen-2023 Capparelli, Sonia; Pieracci, Ylenia; Coppola, Francesca; Marchioni, Ilaria; Sagona, Simona; Felicioli, Antonio; Pistelli, Luisa; Pistelli, Laura
Variation of Circulating Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in Depression: Relationships with Inflammatory Indices, Metabolic Status and Patients’ Clinical Features 1-gen-2023 Falaschi, V.; Palego, L.; Marazziti, D.; Betti, L.; Musetti, L.; Maglio, A.; Dell'Oste, V.; Sagona, S.; Felicioli, A.; Carpita, B.; Brogi, A.; Mucci, F.; Massimetti, E.; Dell'Osso, L.; Giannaccini, G.
Detection and pH-Thermal Characterization of Proteinases Exclusive of Honeybee Worker-Fate Larvae (Apis mellifera L.) 1-gen-2022 Sagona, S.; D'Onofrio, C.; Miragliotta, V.; Felicioli, A.
Effects of Two Commercial Protein Diets on the Health of Two Imago Ages of Apis mellifera L. Reared in Laboratory 1-gen-2022 Sagona, S.; Coppola, F.; Nanetti, A.; Tafi, E.; Palego, L.; Betti, L.; Giannaccini, G.; Felicioli, A.
Impact of Different Storage Temperature on the Enzymatic Activity of Apis mellifera Royal Jelly 1-gen-2022 Sagona, S.; Coppola, F.; Giannaccini, G.; Betti, L.; Palego, L.; Tafi, E.; Casini, L.; Piana, L.; Dall'Olio, R.; Felicioli, A.
Preliminary investigation on enzymatic activity in saliva of Hystrix cristata L., 1758 1-gen-2022 Coppola, F.; Sagona, S.; Betti, L.; Palego, L.; Casini, L.; Giannaccini, G.; Felicioli, A.
Queen Caging and Oxalic Acid Treatment: Combined Effect on Vitellogenin Content and Enzyme Activities in the First Post-Treatment Workers and Drones, Apis mellifera L 1-gen-2022 Sagona, S.; Coppola, F.; Nanetti, A.; Cardaio, I.; Tafi, E.; Palego, L.; Betti, L.; Giannaccini, G.; Felicioli, A.
Bee-pollen retailed in Tuscany (Italy): Labelling, palynological, microbiological, and mycotoxicological profile 1-gen-2021 Nuvoloni, R.; Meucci, V.; Turchi, B.; Sagona, S.; Fratini, F.; Felicioli, A.; Cerri, D.; Pedonese, F.
Effect of honey and syrup diets enriched with 1,3-1,6 β-glucans on honeybee survival rate and phenoloxidase activity (Apis mellifera l. 1758) 1-gen-2021 Sagona, S.; Fronte, B.; Coppola, F.; Tafi, E.; Giusti, M.; Palego, L.; Betti, L.; Giannaccini, G.; Guglielminetti, L.; Felicioli, A.
Fishmeal replacement with hermetia illucens meal in aquafeeds: Effects on zebrafish growth performances, intestinal morphometry, and enzymology 1-gen-2021 Fronte, B.; Licitra, R.; Bibbiani, C.; Casini, L.; De Zoysa, M.; Miragliotta, V.; Sagona, S.; Coppola, F.; Brogi, L.; Abramo, F.
Antibacterial activity of honey samples from Ukraine 1-gen-2020 Cilia, G.; Fratini, F.; Marchi, M.; Sagona, S.; Turchi, B.; Adamchuk, L.; Felicioli, A.; Kacaniova, M.
Antioxidant enzymes activity during age polyethism in Apis mellifera L., 1758 1-gen-2020 Sagona, S.; Betti, L.; Casini, L.; Palego, L.; Giannaccini, G.; Felicioli, A.
Changes of Western honey bee Apis mellifera ligustica (Spinola, 1806) ventriculus microbial profile related to their in-hive tasks 1-gen-2020 Cilia, G.; Fratini, F.; Tafi, E.; Mancini, S.; Turchi, B.; Sagona, S.; Cerri, D.; Felicioli, A.; Nanetti, A.
Effect of oral administration of 1,3-1,6 β-glucans in DWV naturally infected newly emerged bees (apis mellifera L.) 1-gen-2020 Felicioli, A.; Forzan, M.; Sagona, S.; D'Agostino, P.; Baido, D.; Fronte, B.; Mazzei, M.
Field chemical immobilization of free-ranging crested porcupines with zoletil®: A reviewed dosage 1-gen-2020 Coppola, F.; D'Addio, E.; Casini, L.; Sagona, S.; Felicioli, A.
Hematological and serum biochemistry values in free-ranging crested porcupine 1-gen-2020 Coppola, F.; D'Addio, E.; Casini, L.; Sagona, S.; Aloisi, M.; Felicioli, A.
Microbial profile of the ventriculum of honey bee (apis mellifera ligustica spinola, 1806) fed with veterinary drugs, dietary supplements and non-protein amino acids 1-gen-2020 Cilia, G.; Fratini, F.; Tafi, E.; Turchi, B.; Mancini, S.; Sagona, S.; Nanetti, A.; Cerri, D.; Felicioli, A.
Serological Survey on Bacterial and Viral Pathogens in Wild Boars Hunted in Tuscany 1-gen-2020 Bertelloni, F.; Mazzei, M.; Cilia, G.; Forzan, M.; Felicioli, A.; Sagona, S.; Bandecchi, P.; Turchi, B.; Cerri, D.; Fratini, F.