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Battery lifetime of electric vehicles by novel rainflow-counting algorithm with temperature and C-rate dynamics: Effects of fast charging, user habits, vehicle-to-grid and climate zones 1-gen-2023 Fioriti, Davide; Scarpelli, Claudio; Pellegrino, Luigi; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Micolano, Enrica; Salamone, Sara
Neural network for the estimation of LFP battery SOH cycled at different power levels 1-gen-2023 Scarpelli, C.; Gazzarri, J.; Huria, T.; Lutzemberger, G.; Ceraolo, M.
Renewable Electricity for Decarbonisation of Road Transport: Batteries or E-Fuels? 1-gen-2023 Pasini, G.; Lutzemberger, G.; Ferrari, L.
Voltage-current based algorithm for the on-line estimation of equivalent internal resistance of Lithium-Cobalt-Oxide cells at different aging levels 1-gen-2023 Ceraolo, M.; Lutzemberger, G.; Scarpelli, C.; Andrenacci, N.; Pasquali, M.
An Electro-Thermal Model for LFP Cells: Calibration Procedure and Validation 1-gen-2022 Barbieri, M.; Ceraolo, M.; Lutzemberger, G.; Scarpelli, C.
Calibration and Validation of Equivalent Circuit and Physics-Based Models for Li-ion Battery 1-gen-2022 Lagnoni, Marco; Scarpelli, Claudio; Barontini, Federica; Bertei, Antonio; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Puccini, Monica
Enhanced reliability in AC/DC hybrid networks by predictive Energy Management System 1-gen-2022 Fioriti, D.; Lutzemberger, G.; Poli, D.; Ricca, A.
Experimental validation of energy management strategies in AC/DC hybrid networks during failure events 1-gen-2022 Adinolfi, G.; Sorrentino, V.; Ricca, A.; Ciavarella, R.; Valenti, M.; Graditi, G.; Fioriti, D.; Lutzemberger, G.
Optimal sizing of residential battery systems with multi-year dynamics and a novel rainflow-based model of storage degradation: An extensive Italian case study 1-gen-2022 Fioriti, D.; Pellegrino, L.; Lutzemberger, G.; Micolano, E.; Poli, D.
Technical and economic analysis of EV high-power recharging pools equipped with storage 1-gen-2022 Ceraolo, M.; Colzi, F.; Lutzemberger, G.; Mauri, G.; Salamone, S.
Coupling economic multi-objective optimization and multiple design options: A business-oriented approach to size an off-grid hybrid microgrid 1-gen-2021 Fioriti, D.; Lutzemberger, G.; Poli, D.; Duenas-Martinez, P.; Micangeli, A.
Design and realization of an inductive power transfer for shuttles in automated warehouses 1-gen-2021 Ceraolo, M.; Consolo, V.; Di Monaco, M.; Lutzemberger, G.; Musolino, A.; Rizzo, R.; Tomasso, G.
Design of a wireless charging system for online battery spectroscopy 1-gen-2021 Locorotondo, E.; Corti, F.; Pugi, L.; Berzi, L.; Reatti, A.; Lutzemberger, G.
Development of a battery real-time state of health diagnosis based on fast impedance measurements 1-gen-2021 Locorotondo, E.; Cultrera, V.; Pugi, L.; Berzi, L.; Pierini, M.; Lutzemberger, G.
Development of an Energy Management System for AC/DC hybrid networks: From abstract functional requirements to the flexible tool 1-gen-2021 Fioriti, D.; Lutzemberger, G.; Poli, D.
Experimental evaluation of aging indicators for lithium–iron–phosphate cells 1-gen-2021 Ceraolo, M.; Lutzemberger, G.; Poli, D.; Scarpelli, C.
Heavy-duty hybrid transportation systems: Design, modeling, and energy management 1-gen-2021 Ceraolo, M.; Lutzemberger, G.
Model Parameter Evaluation for Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt Cells: An Examination and Verification of Various Approaches 1-gen-2021 Ceraolo, M.; Lutzemberger, G.; Poli, D.; Scarpelli, C.
Modelling urban EV charging stations with PV generation and energy storage 1-gen-2021 Barbieri, M.; Ceraolo, M.; Lutzemberger, G.; Poli, D.
Numerical Analysis of Electrically Assisted Turbocharger Application on Hybrid Vehicle 1-gen-2021 Eggimann, Francesco; Frigo, Stefano; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Pasini, Gianluca; Marmorini, Luca