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Aging evaluation of high power lithium cells subjected to micro-cycles 1-gen-2016 Ceraolo, Massimo; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Poli, Davide
The AMLEV technology applied to low speed urban transportation systems 1-gen-2017 Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Musolino, Antonino; Rizzo, Rocco; Sani, Luca
APU con accumulo di idrogeno per imbarcazione da diporto 1-gen-2012 Giglioli, Romano; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Mati, R.; Sani, Luca
Automated People Mover: a comparison between conventional and maglev systems 1-gen-2016 Bassani, Roberto; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Rizzo, Rocco; Musolino, Antonino
Automated people mover: A comparison between conventional and permanent magnets MAGLEV systems 1-gen-2017 Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Musolino, Antonino; Rizzo, Rocco
Auxiliary Power Units for pleasure boats 1-gen-2017 Desideri, Umberto; Giglioli, Romano; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Pasini, Gianluca; Poli, Davide
Comparison among deterministic methods to design rural mini-grids: Effect of operating strategies 1-gen-2019 Fioriti, D.; Poli, D.; Cherubini, P.; Lutzemberger, G.; Micangeli, A.; Duenas-Martinez, P.
Comparison of SC and high-power batteries for use in hybrid vehicles 1-gen-2009 Barsali, Stefano; Ceraolo, Massimo; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Marracci, Mirko
A comparison of supercapacitors and high-power lithium batteries 1-gen-2010 Ceraolo, Massimo; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Musolino, V.; Tironi, E.
Control Strategies and Real Time Operation of Storage Systems Integrated with MV Photovoltaic Plants 1-gen-2015 Barsali, Stefano; Giglioli, Romano; Giuntoli, Marco; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Poli, Davide
Cost effective storage for energy saving in feeding systems of tramways 1-gen-2014 Ceraolo, Massimo; Giglioli, Romano; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; A., Bechini
Coupling economic multi-objective optimization and multiple design options: A business-oriented approach to size an off-grid hybrid microgrid 1-gen-2021 Fioriti, D.; Lutzemberger, G.; Poli, D.; Duenas-Martinez, P.; Micangeli, A.
Cyber-Physical Modelling of Railroad Vehicle Systems using Modelica Simulation Language 1-gen-2014 Barsali, Stefano; Bolognesi, Paolo; Ceraolo, Massimo; M., Funaioli; Lutzemberger, Giovanni
Cycle life evaluation of lithium cells subjected to micro-cycles 1-gen-2015 Lutzemberger, Giovanni
Design and realization of an inductive power transfer for shuttles in automated warehouses 1-gen-2021 Ceraolo, M.; Consolo, V.; Di Monaco, M.; Lutzemberger, G.; Musolino, A.; Rizzo, R.; Tomasso, G.
Design of a hydraulic servo-actuation fed by a regenerative braking system 1-gen-2017 Pugi, L; Pagliai, M.; Nocentini, A.; Lutzemberger, Giovanni; Pretto, A.
Design of a wireless charging system for online battery spectroscopy 1-gen-2021 Locorotondo, E.; Corti, F.; Pugi, L.; Berzi, L.; Reatti, A.; Lutzemberger, G.
Development of a battery real-time state of health diagnosis based on fast impedance measurements 1-gen-2021 Locorotondo, E.; Cultrera, V.; Pugi, L.; Berzi, L.; Pierini, M.; Lutzemberger, G.
Development of an Energy Management System for AC/DC hybrid networks: From abstract functional requirements to the flexible tool 1-gen-2021 Fioriti, D.; Lutzemberger, G.; Poli, D.
Development of an hybrid skid loader through modelling 1-gen-2012 Bertini, A; Ceraolo, Massimo; Lutzemberger, Giovanni