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Carta Geologica d'Italia alla scala 1/50.000, Foglio 273 Pisa In corso di stampa Carosi, R.; Montomoli, Chiara; Pertusati, P.; Sarti, Giovanni; Frassi, C.; Leoni, L.
Note illustrative della Carta Geologica d’Italia alla scala 1:50.000. Foglio Pisa In corso di stampa Carosi, R.; Montomoli, Chiara; Sarti, Giovanni; Frassi, C.; Leoni, L.
A journey of the continental crust to and from mantle depth: The P–T–t-d path of Venaco unit, Alpine Corsica (France) 1-gen-2023 DI ROSA, Maria; Sanità, E.; Frassi, C.; Lardeaux, J. M.; Corsini, M.; Marroni, M.; Pandolfi, L.
Pre-collisional architecture of the European distal margin: Inferences from the high-pressure continental units of central Corsica (France) 1-gen-2023 DI ROSA, Maria; Frassi, Chiara; Marroni, Michele; Pandolfi, Luca; Malasoma, Alessandro; Meneghini, Francesca
Structural setting and architecture of the North Cycladic Detachment System in the northeastern sectors of Mykonos Island (Greece) 1-gen-2023 Gazzola, Raffaele; Zuccari, Costantino; Frassi, Chiara; Xypolias, Paraskevas; Musumeci, Giovanni
Anatomy of a deformed upper crust fragment from western Alpine Corsica (France): insights into continental subduction processes 1-gen-2022 Frassi, Chiara; DI ROSA, Maria; Farina, Federico; Pandolfi, Luca; Marroni, Michele
Hot metamorphic complex in the Foreland Zone of the Variscan chain: insights from the Monte Filau orthogneiss (SW Sardinia), Italy 1-gen-2022 Cruciani1, Gabriele; Dulcetta, Lorenzo; Franceschelli, Marcello; Frassi, Chiara; Musumeci, Giovanni
Late Cretaceous arc magmatism in the southern Central Pontides: constraints for the closure of the northern Neotethyan branches. 1-gen-2022 Sayit, K.; Göncüoğlu, M. C.; Ellero, A.; Ottria, G.; Frassi, C.; Marroni, M.; Pandolfi, L.
Pervasive crystallization of antigorite in Northern Apennine ophiolites: the example of Montecarelli peridotites (Tuscany, central Italy) 1-gen-2022 Frassi, C.; Ghighine, G.; Mauro, D.; Biagioni, C.; Zaccarini, F.; Marroni, M.
Popularizing Structural Geology: Exemplary Structural Geosites from the Apuan Alps UNESCO Global Geopark (Northern Apennines, Italy) 1-gen-2022 Frassi, C; Amorfini, A; Bartelletti, A; Ottria, G
Trace Elements in Soil and Urban Groundwater in an Area Impacted by Metallurgical Activity: Health Risk Assessment in the Historical Barga Municipality (Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2022 Petrini, Riccardo; Ghezzi, Lisa; Arrighi, Simone; Genovesi, Lisa; Frassi, Chiara; Pandolfi, Luca
Geological, Structural and Mineralogical Approach to Investigate the Evolution of Low- and very Low-Grade Metamorphic Units from the Intra-Pontide Suture Zone, Central Pontides, Turkey 1-gen-2021 Ellero, A.; Frassi, C.; Goncuoglu, M. C.; Lezzerini, M.; Marroni, M.; Ottria, G.; Pandolfi, L.; Sayit, K.; Tamponi, M.
The Bajgan Complex revealed as a Cretaceous ophiolite-bearing subduction complex: A key to unravel the geodynamics of Makran (southeast Iran) 1-gen-2021 Pandolfi, L.; Barbero, E.; Marroni, M.; Delavari, M.; Dolati, A.; Di Rosa, M.; Frassi, C.; Langone, A.; Farina, F.; Macdonald, C. S.; Saccani, E.
Fault tectonics of the Tuscan Nappe in the eastern sector of the Apuan Alps (Italy) 1-gen-2020 Frassi, C.; Ottria, G.; Ferdeghini, A.
Metamorphic imprint of ridge subduction on the Neo-Tethyan ophiolites from the Saka Unit (Central Pontides, northern Turkey) 1-gen-2020 Frassi, C.; Rebay, G.; Marroni, M.; Sayit, K.; Goncuoglu, M. C.; Ellero, A.; Ottria, G.; Pandolfi, L.
Syn-exhumation coupling of oceanic and continental units along the western edge of the alpine corsica: A review 1-gen-2020 Di Rosa, M.; Frassi, C.; Malasoma, A.; Marroni, M.; Meneghini, F.; Pandolfi, L.
Did the “Autochthonous” European foreland of Corsica Island (France) experience Alpine subduction? 1-gen-2019 DI ROSA, Maria; Frassi, Chiara; Marroni, Michele; Meneghini, Francesca; Pandolfi, Luca
Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the European continental margin involved in the Alpine subduction: New insights from Alpine Corsica, France 1-gen-2019 Di Rosa, M.; Frassi, C.; Meneghini, F.; Marroni, M.; Pandolfi, L.; De Giorgi, A.
The coupling of high-pressure oceanic and continental units in Alpine Corsica: Evidence for syn-exhumation tectonic erosion at the roof of the plate interface 1-gen-2019 Di Rosa, Maria; Meneghini, Francesca; Marroni, Michele; Frassi, Chiara; Pandolfi, Luca
The Intra-Pontide ophiolites in Northern Turkey revisited: From birth to death of a Neotethyan oceanic domain 1-gen-2019 Marroni, Michele; Göncüoğlu, M. Cemal; Frassi, Chiara; Sayit, Kaan; Pandolfi, Luca; Ellero, Alessandro; Ottria, Giuseppe