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An adaptive stigmergy-based system for evaluating technological indicator dynamics in the context of smart specialization 1-gen-2016 Alfeo, A. L.; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Cimino, MARIO GIOVANNI COSIMO ANTONIO; Lazzeri, Alessandro; Martini, Antonella; Vaglini, Gigliola
Social conduct, learning and innovation: an abductive study of the dark side of agile software development 1-gen-2016 Annosi, Maria Carmela; Magnusson, Mats; Martini, Antonella; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO
Academics as Orchestrators of Continuous Innovation Ecosystems: Towards a Fourth Generation of CI Initiatives 1-gen-2015 Gastaldi, L.; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Martini, Antonella; Corso, M.
Characterizing the Knowledge Base in the Middle-earth: a Longitudinal Patent-based Analysis of the Bioinformatics Industry 1-gen-2015 Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Apreda, Riccardo; Fantoni, Gualtiero; Martini, Antonella
Knowledge Sources and Value Creation in Emerging Technologies: the Case of Graphene 1-gen-2015 Cesaroni, F.; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Baglieri, D.; Martini, Antonella
Patent Portfolio Diversity and Firm Profitability: a Study on the Form of the Relationship 1-gen-2015 Tuveri, A.; DE LUCA, L. M.; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Martini, Antonella; Morgan, R.
Scientific Inspiration, Technological Perspiration: a Longitudinal Patent-Based Analysis of the Bioinformatics Industry 1-gen-2015 Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Martini, Antonella; Apreda, Riccardo; Fantoni, Gualtiero
Technological Specialization: a Pathway to Wealth Creation? 1-gen-2015 Peretti, A.; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Callaert, J.; Martini, Antonella; Van, LOOY B.
The Interplay of Science and Technology in shaping the Patenting Activity of Top Companies in the Nanotech Industry 1-gen-2015 Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Baglieri, D.; Cesaroni, F.; Martini, Antonella
To Change Work is to Change Twice: an Empirical Investigation of New Working Configurations 1-gen-2015 Gastaldi, L.; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Raguseo, E.; Neirotti, P.; Martini, Antonella; Corso, M.; Paolucci, E.
At the Roots of an Interdisciplinary Radical Innovation: Preliminary Insights from the Patenting Activity in the Bioinformatics Industry 1-gen-2014 Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Apreda, R.; Fantoni, Gualtiero; Martini, Antonella
Chasing Radical Innovations: Insights from a Multiple-Case Study of Italian Companies 1-gen-2014 Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Martini, Antonella
Pushing the Efficiency Frontier out: how Italian Healthcare is Evolving towards Organizational Ambidexterity through IT/IS 1-gen-2014 Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Corso, M.; Gastaldi, L.; Martini, Antonella
Some Inventions are More Equal Than Others: Assessing and Developing Patent Indicators that Signal Radical Inventions 1-gen-2014 Arts, S.; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Bakker, J.; Gigena, M.; Van Looy, B.; Verhoeven, D.; Veugelers, R.
Visualizing the structure and bridges of the intellectual property management and strategy literature: a document co-citation analysis 1-gen-2014 Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Fabrizio, Cesaroni; Alberto Di, Minin
What can we Learn from the DNA discovery? Lessons for the Innovation Management 1-gen-2014 Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; VAN LOOY, B.; Martini, Antonella
An inquiry on managers use of decision-making tools in the core front end of the innovation process 1-gen-2013 Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Sofiane, Achiche; Tim C., Mcaloone; Thomas J., Howard
Fuzzy decision support for tools selection in the core front end activities of new product development 1-gen-2013 Sofiane, Achiche; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Tim C., Mcaloone; Alberto Di, Minin
Inventions shaping technological trajectories: do existing patent indicators provide a comprehensive picture? 1-gen-2013 Sam, Arts; Appio, FRANCESCO PAOLO; Bart Van, Looy