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Characterisation of natural substances in ancient polychromies In corso di stampa Andreotti, Alessia; Bonaduce, Ilaria; Colombini, MARIA PERLA; Degano, Ilaria; Anna, Lluveras; Modugno, Francesca; Ribechini, Erika
Analytical Pyrolysis: A Useful Tool to Analyze and Evaluate Consolidated Archaeological Wood 1-gen-2023 Lucejko, J. J.; Bargagli, I.; Mattonai, M.; Ribechini, E.; Colombini, M. P.; Chaumat, G.; Braovac, S.; Zborowska, M.; Modugno, F.
Low- and high-molecular weight fractions of geological ambers detected by evolved gas analysis-mass spectrometry 1-gen-2023 Mattonai, M.; Andrei, L.; Virgolici, M.; Ribechini, E.
Native lignin extraction from soft- and hardwood by green and benign sub/supercritical fluid extraction methodologies 1-gen-2023 Nardella, Federica; Prothmann, Jens; Sandahl, Margareta; Spégel, Peter; Ribechini, Erika; Turner, Charlotta
Study of the molecular compositions of ointments from the 18th baroque pharmacy of the Capuchin monastery in Hradčany (Prague, Czech Republic) 1-gen-2023 Kudlacek, K.; La Nasa, J.; Ribechini, E.; Colombini, M. P.; Nesmerak, K.
Study of thermal behavior and molecular composition of mixtures of resinous materials and beeswax found as adhesives in archaeological finds 1-gen-2023 Bertelli, I.; Mattonai, M.; La Nasa, J.; Ribechini, E.
Archaeology of the invisible: The scent of Kha and Merit 1-gen-2022 La Nasa, J.; Degano, I.; Modugno, F.; Guerrini, C.; Facchetti, F.; Turina, V.; Carretta, A.; Greco, C.; Ferraris, E.; Colombini, M. P.; Ribechini, E.
Co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic: Synergistic effects and estimation of elemental composition of pyrolysis oil by analytical pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry 1-gen-2022 Nardella, Federica; Bellavia, Simona; Mattonai, Marco; Ribechini, Erika
Development of Storage and Assessment methods suited for organic Archaeological artefacts (StAr) - JPI-CH project 1-gen-2022 Ribechini, E.; Lucejko, J. J.; Mattonai, M.; Modugno, F.; Chaumat, G.; Braovac, S.; Steindal, C. C.; Zborowska, M.; Dabrowski, H. P.; Fejfer, M.
Focusing on Volatile Organic Compounds of Natural Resins by Selected-Ion Flow Tube-Mass Spectrometry 1-gen-2022 Guerrini, Camilla; Nardella, Federica; Morganti, Annachiara; LA NASA, Jacopo; Degano, Ilaria; Ribechini, Erika
HPLC-DAD and HPLC-ESI-MS-MS profiles of hydroalcoholic extracts of Chamaemelum nobile and Mentha pulegium, and study of their antihemolytic activity against AAPH-induced hemolysis 1-gen-2022 Tacherfiout, M; Kherbachi, S; Kheniche, M; Mattonai, M; Degano, I; Ribechini, E; Khettal, B
New Parameters to Model Microwave-Assisted Deep Eutectic Solvent Extraction of Lignin Using Analytical Pyrolysis-GC/MS 1-gen-2022 Mattonai, M; Messina, Gs; Nardella, F; Ribechini, E
The organic residues of lining in transport vessels from the Red Sea coast of Eritrea: a further element to understand past commercial relations 1-gen-2022 Zerai, A; Guerrini, C; Lucejko, Jj; Ribechini, E; Piccirillo, A; Massa, S; Mandelli, C; Medin, T; Re, A; Lo Giudice, A; Davit, P; Gulmini, M
A genome sequence from a modern human skull over 45,000 years old from Zlatý kůň in Czechia 1-gen-2021 Prufer, K.; Posth, C.; Yu, H.; Stoessel, A.; Spyrou, M. A.; Deviese, T.; Mattonai, M.; Ribechini, E.; Higham, T.; Veleminsky, P.; Bruzek, J.; Krause, J.
Analytical Pyrolysis and Mass Spectrometry to Characterise Lignin in Archaeological Wood 1-gen-2021 Lucejko, JEANNETTE JACQUELINE; Tamburini, Diego; Modugno, Francesca; Ribechini, Erika; Colombini, MARIA PERLA
Analytical pyrolysis and thermal analysis to chemically characterise bitumen from Italian geological deposits and Neolithic stone tools 1-gen-2021 Nardella, F.; Duce, C.; Ribechini, E.
CHAPTER 13 Organic Residues from Archaeological Findings 1-gen-2021 Ribechini, Erika
Co-pyrolysis of wood and plastic: Evaluation of synergistic effects and kinetic data by evolved gas analysis-mass spectrometry (EGA-MS) 1-gen-2021 Nardella, F.; Bellavia, S.; Mattonai, M.; Ribechini, E.
Correction to: Investigations of the relics and altar materials relating to the apostles St James and St Philip at the Basilica dei Santi XII Apostoli in Rome (Heritage Science, (2021), 9, 1, (14), 10.1186/s40494-021-00481-9) 1-gen-2021 Rasmussen, K. L.; van der Plicht, J.; La Nasa, J.; Ribechini, E.; Colombini, M. P.; Delbey, T.; Skytte, L.; Schiavone, S.; Kjaer, U.; Grinder-Hansen, P.; Lanzillotta, L. R.
Effects of Milling and UV Pretreatment on the Pyrolytic Behavior and Thermal Stability of Softwood and Hardwood 1-gen-2021 Mattonai, M.; Nardella, F.; Zaccaroni, L.; Ribechini, E.