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Assessment of the Effects of Autonomous Mowers on Plant Biodiversity in Urban Lawns 1-gen-2024 Gagliardi, Lorenzo; Fontanelli, Marco; Luglio, Sofia Matilde; Frasconi, Christian; Raffaelli, Michele; Peruzzi, Andrea; Caturegli, Lisa; Sciusco, Giuliano; Federighi, Tommaso; Magni, Simone; Volterrani, Marco
Comparative Analysis of the Performance of a Chain Mower and Tools That Perform Under-Row Weed Control with Tillage in the Vineyard 1-gen-2024 Gagliardi, Lorenzo; Luglio, Sofia Matilde; Peruzzi, Andrea; Fontanelli, Marco; Frasconi, Christian; Raffaelli, Michele
Smart Strategies and Technologies for Sustainability and Biodiversity in Herbaceous and Horticultural Crops 1-gen-2024 Frasconi, Christian; Fontanelli, Marco; Antichi, Daniele
A New Method for Hybrid Bermuda Grass (Cynodon dactylon × C. transvaalensis Burtt.-Davy) Vegetative Propagation 1-gen-2023 Magni, Simone; Sciusco, Giuliano; Caturegli, Lisa; Sportelli, Mino; Federighi, Tommaso; Fontanelli, Marco; Minelli, Alberto; Scott McElroy, Joseph; Volterrani, Marco
Comparison of autonomous mowers energy consumption and working capacity on a bermudagrass turf at different cutting heights 1-gen-2023 Sciusco, G.; Sportelli, M.; Caturegli, L.; Luglio, S. M.; Fontanelli, M.; Volterrani, M.; Magni, S.
Continuous Mowing for Erigeron canadensis L. Control in Vineyards 1-gen-2023 Peruzzi, A.; Gagliardi, L.; Fontanelli, M.; Frasconi, C.; Raffaelli, M.; Sportelli, M.
Current Trends for a Modern, Integrated, and Sustainable Approach to Weed Management 1-gen-2023 Peruzzi, A; Fontanelli, M; Frasconi, C
Effects of Conservation Agriculture Practices on Tomato Yield and Economic Performance 1-gen-2023 Gagliardi, L.; Sportelli, M.; Fontanelli, M.; Sbrana, M.; Luglio, S. M.; Raffaelli, M.; Peruzzi, A.
Evaluation of Sustainable Strategies for Mechanical Under-Row Weed Control in the Vineyard 1-gen-2023 Gagliardi, L; Fontanelli, M; Luglio, Sm; Frasconi, C; Peruzzi, A; Raffaelli, M
Evaluation of YOLO Object Detectors for Weed Detection in Different Turfgrass Scenarios 1-gen-2023 Sportelli, M; Apolo-Apolo, Oe; Fontanelli, M; Frasconi, C; Raffaelli, M; Peruzzi, A; Perez-Ruiz, M
Field campaign and experimental design for robot performance evaluation (ACRE 2023) 1-gen-2023 Luglio, S. M.; Sportelli, M.; Frasconi, C.; Fontanelli, M.; Matteucci, M.; Fontana, G.; Piazza, E.; Facchinetti, D.
Measuring the operative performance of autonomous mowers on slopes 1-gen-2023 Fontanelli, Marco; Chiaro, Nicola Del; Gagliardi, Lorenzo; Frasconi, Christian; Raffaelli, Michele; Peruzzi, Andrea; Sciusco, Giuliano; Luglio, Sofia Matilde
Monitoring Autonomous Mowers Operative Parameters on Low-Maintenance Warm-Season Turfgrass 1-gen-2023 Luglio, Sm; Sportelli, M; Frasconi, C; Raffaelli, M; Gagliardi, L; Peruzzi, A; Fortini, V; Volterrani, M; Magni, S; Caturegli, L; Sciusco, G; Fontanelli, M
Small autonomous machines for sustainable soil management in vegetable crops and orchards 1-gen-2023 Gagliardi, Lorenzo; Fontanelli, Marco; Frasconi, Christian; Peruzzi, Andrea; Raffaelli, Michele; Sportelli, Mino
Testing of Roller-Crimper-and-Undercutting-Blade-Equipped Prototype for Plants Termination 1-gen-2023 Sportelli, M.; Frasconi, C.; Gagliardi, L.; Fontanelli, M.; Raffaelli, M.; Sbrana, M.; Antichi, D.; Peruzzi, A.
Assessment of a Chain Mower Performance for Weed Control under Tree Rows in an Alley Cropping Farming System 1-gen-2022 Gagliardi, L; Fontanelli, M; Frasconi, C; Sportelli, M; Antichi, D; Tramacere, Lg; Rallo, G; Peruzzi, A; Raffaelli, M
Hot foam and nitrogen application to promote spring transition of “Diamond” zoysiagrass (Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr.) overseeded with perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). 1-gen-2022 Caturegli, L; Sportelli, M; Pirchio, M; Sciusco, G; Volterrani, M; Tucci, M; Magni, S; Minelli, A; Fontanelli, M; Frasconi, C; Raffaelli, M; Peruzzi, A
Innovative living mulch management strategies for organic conservation field vegetables: evaluation of continuous mowing, flaming, and tillage performances 1-gen-2022 Sportelli, M; Frasconi, C; Fontanelli, M; Pirchio, M; Gagliardi, L; Raffaelli, M; Peruzzi, A; Antichi, D
Trampling Analysis of Autonomous Mowers: Implications on Garden Designs 1-gen-2022 Sportelli, M; Luglio, Sm; Caturegli, L; Pirchio, M; Magni, S; Volterrani, M; Frasconi, C; Raffaelli, M; Peruzzi, A; Gagliardi, L; Fontanelli, M; Sciusco, G
Autonomous Mowing and Complete Floor Cover for Weed Control in Vineyards 1-gen-2021 Sportelli, M; Frasconi, C; Fontanelli, M; Pirchio, M; Raffaelli, M; Magni, S; Caturegli, L; Volterrani, M; Mainardi, M; Peruzzi, A