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How oregano essential oil can be transformed into a taste-masking controlled release solid formulation 1-gen-2024 Migone, Chiara; Piras, Anna Maria; Zambito, Ylenia; Duce, Celia; Pulidori, Elena; Guazzelli, Lorenzo; Mezzetta, Andrea; Fabiano, Angela
Ocular antibacterial chitosan-maleic acid hydrogels: In vitro and in vivo studies for a promising approach with enhanced mucoadhesion 1-gen-2024 Sanchez Armengol, E.; Grassiri, B.; Piras, A. M.; Zambito, Y.; Fabiano, A.; Laffleur, F.
Betaine- and L-Carnitine-Based Ionic Liquids as Solubilising and Stabilising Agents for the Formulation of Antimicrobial Eye Drops Containing Diacerein 1-gen-2023 Grassiri, Brunella; Mezzetta, Andrea; Maisetta, Giuseppantonio; Migone, Chiara; Fabiano, Angela; Esin, Semih; Guazzelli, Lorenzo; Zambito, Ylenia; Batoni, Giovanna; Piras, Anna Maria
Biopharmaceutical Assessment of Mesh Aerosolised Plasminogen, a Step towards ARDS Treatment 1-gen-2023 Vizzoni, Lucia; Migone, Chiara; Grassiri, Brunella; Zambito, Ylenia; Ferro, Baldassare; Roncucci, Paolo; Mori, Filippo; Salvatore, Alfonso; Ascione, Ester; Crea, Roberto; Esin, Semih; Batoni, Giovanna; Piras, Anna Maria
Bergamot Essential Oil: A Method for Introducing It in Solid Dosage Forms 1-gen-2022 Zambito, Y.; Piras, A. M.; Fabiano, A.
Comparative chemical analyses of five finger lime varieties by UHPLC-HR-ESI-MS/MS and evaluation of their in vitro antioxidant activity 1-gen-2022 Cioni, E.; Migone, C.; Piras, A. M.; Braca, A.; Pistelli, L.; De Leo, M.
Comparing Metabolomic and Essential Oil Fingerprints of Citrus australasica F. Muell (Finger Lime) Varieties and Their In Vitro Antioxidant Activity 1-gen-2022 Cioni, E.; Migone, C.; Ascrizzi, R.; Muscatello, B.; De Leo, M.; Piras, A. M.; Zambito, Y.; Flamini, G.; Pistelli, L.
Jellyfish Polysaccharides for Wound Healing Applications 1-gen-2022 Migone, C.; Scacciati, N.; Grassiri, B.; De Leo, M.; Braca, A.; Puppi, D.; Zambito, Y.; Piras, A. M.
Saffron extract self-assembled nanoparticles to prolong the precorneal residence of crocin 1-gen-2022 Fabiano, A.; De Leo, M.; Cerri, L.; Piras, A. M.; Braca, A.; Zambito, Y.
Thiolated 2-Methyl-β-Cyclodextrin as a Mucoadhesive Excipient for Poorly Soluble Drugs: Synthesis and Characterization 1-gen-2022 Grassiri, B.; Cesari, A.; Balzano, F.; Migone, C.; Kali, G.; Bernkop-Schnurch, A.; Uccello-Barretta, G.; Zambito, Y.; Piras, A. M.
Thiolated Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin: A Potential Multifunctional Excipient for Ocular Drug Delivery 1-gen-2022 Grassiri, B.; Knoll, P.; Fabiano, A.; Piras, A. M.; Zambito, Y.; Bernkop-Schnurch, A.
Antivirulence properties of a low-molecular-weight quaternized chitosan derivative against pseudomonas aeruginosa 1-gen-2021 Maisetta, G.; Piras, A. M.; Motta, V.; Braccini, S.; Mazzantini, D.; Chiellini, F.; Zambito, Y.; Esin, S.; Batoni, G.
Combination of two kinds of medicated microparticles based on hyaluronic acid or chitosan for a wound healing spray patch 1-gen-2021 Fabiano, A.; Migone, C.; Cerri, L.; Piras, A. M.; Mezzetta, A.; Maisetta, G.; Esin, S.; Batoni, G.; Di Stefano, R.; Zambito, Y.
Nanoparticles based on quaternary ammonium chitosan-methyl-β-cyclodextrin conjugate for the neuropeptide dalargin delivery to the central nervous system: An in vitro study 1-gen-2021 Migone, C.; Mattii, L.; Giannasi, M.; Moscato, S.; Cesari, A.; Zambito, Y.; Piras, A. M.
Structure and stability of δ-indomethacin 1-gen-2021 Andrusenko, Iryna; Mugnaioli, Enrico; Gemmi, Mauro; Lanza, Arianna E.; Hamilton, Victoria; Hall, Charlie L.; Potticary, Jason; Hall, Simon R.; Piras, Anna M.; Zambito, Ylenia
Structure determination, thermal stability and dissolution rate of δ-indomethacin 1-gen-2021 Andrusenko, I.; Hamilton, V.; Lanza, A. E.; Hall, C. L.; Mugnaioli, E.; Potticary, J.; Buanz, A.; Gaisford, S.; Piras, A. M.; Zambito, Y.; Hall, S. R.; Gemmi, M.
The Potential Role of Aerosolized Phosphodiesterase 3 Inhibitor Enoximone in the Management of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Hypoxemia: A Case Report 1-gen-2021 Ferro, Baldassare; Cinelli, Roberta; Vegnuti, Lara; Piras, Anna Maria; Roncucci, Paolo
2-Methyl-β-cyclodextrin grafted ammonium chitosan: synergistic effects of cyclodextrin host and polymer backbone in the interaction with amphiphilic prednisolone phosphate salt as revealed by NMR spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Cesari, A.; Piras, A. M.; Zambito, Y.; Uccello Barretta, G.; Balzano, F.
Antioxidant effect of cocoa by-product and cherry polyphenol extracts: A comparative study 1-gen-2020 Felice, F.; Fabiano, A.; De Leo, M.; Piras, A. M.; Beconcini, D.; Cesare, M. M.; Braca, A.; Zambito, Y.; Di Stefano, R.
Binding and mucoadhesion of sulfurated derivatives of quaternary ammonium-chitosans and their nanoaggregates: An NMR investigation 1-gen-2020 Cesari, A.; Fabiano, A.; Piras, A. M.; Zambito, Y.; Uccello-Barretta, G.; Balzano, F.