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Electromagnetically characterized gelatinous-based phantoms for breast microwave imaging 1-gen-2021 Monacelli, Giulia; Canicattì, Eliana; Monorchio, Agostino; Vispa, Alessandro; Sani, Lorenzo; Tiberi, Gianluigi
Assessment of ultra-high-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging safety via temperature increase monitoring with Magnetic Resonance Thermometry 1-gen-2020 Biagi, L.; Gagliardi, V.; Retico, A.; Marletta, M.; Aringhieri, G.; Tiberi, G.; Campanella, F.; Tosetti, M.
Design of a 7 T Spiral Resonator-Based Filter for MRI Planar Array Coupling Reduction 1-gen-2020 Brizi, D.; Fontana, N.; Costa, F.; Tiberi, G.; Galante, A.; Alecci, M.; Monorchio, A.
Dielectric Characterization of Biological Samples by Using an Open-ended Coaxial Probe 1-gen-2020 Canicatti, E.; Brizi, D.; Monorchio, A.; Fontana, N.; Tiberi, G.
On the decoupling robustness of distributed magnetic traps in biological loaded dual tuned MR coils 1-gen-2019 Fontana, N.; Brizi, D.; Costa, F.; Tiberi, G.; Monorchio, A.
252. Prediction of subject-specific SAR distribution in MSK MR exam at 7 T 1-gen-2018 Gagliardi, V.; Tiberi, G.; Biagi, L.; Retico, A.; Symms, M. R.; Stara, R.; Aringhieri, G.; Zampa, V.; Tosetti, M.
Decoupling of dual-tuned MRI coils by using distributed magnetic traps 1-gen-2018 Fontana, Nunzia; Costa, Filippo; Brizi, Danilo; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Galante, Angelo; Alecci, Marcello; Monorchio, Agostino
On the Optimization of Distributed Magnetic Traps in MRI Coils Decoupling 1-gen-2018 Brizi, D.; Fontana, N.; Costa, F.; Tiberi, G.; Monorchio, A.
Radiofrequency planar surface coil for magnetic resonance: When the use of a circular wire gives a noticeable advantage with respect to a flat strip conductor? 1-gen-2018 Giovannetti, Giulio; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Tosetti, Michela; Monorchio, Agostino; Fontana, Nunzia
A Degenerate Birdcage with Integrated Tx/Rx Switches and Butler Matrix for the Human Limbs at 7 T 1-gen-2017 Stara, Riccardo; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Morsani, Fabio; Symms, Mark; Fantacci, MARIA EVELINA; Marletta, Massimo; Zampa, Virna; Pendse, Mihir; Retico, Alessandra; Rutt, BRIAN KEITH; Tosetti, Michela
Distributed trap FSS filter for dual tuned RF MRI coil decoupling at 7.0T 1-gen-2017 Fontana, N.; Costa, F.; Tiberi, G.; Nigro, L.; Monorchio, A.
Estimation of losses in strip and circular wire conductors of radiofrequency planar surface coil by using the finite element method 1-gen-2017 Giovannetti, Giulio; Fontana, Nunzia; Monorchio, Agostino; Tosetti, Michela; Tiberi, Gianluigi
Evaluation of temperature increase during Magnetic Resonance examinations by combining electromagnetic/thermal simulations and B1 maps 1-gen-2017 Fontana, Nunzia; Symms, M. R.; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Tosetti, Michela; Costagli, Mauro; Monorchio, Agostino
Analytical theory, circuit and numerical simulations to design a splittable degenerate birdcage for MSK applications 1-gen-2016 Stara, Riccardo; Morsani, F; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Fantacci, MARIA EVELINA; Marletta, M; Zampa, V; Rutt, B; Retico, A; Tosetti, Michela
Magnetic resonance imaging at 7 Tesla with dedicated radiofrequency coils :Application to cervical cord and knee 1-gen-2016 Fantacci, MARIA EVELINA; Biagi, Laura; Cosottini, Mirco; Costagli, Mauro; Marletta, Massimo; Retico, Alessandra; Stara, Riccardo; Symms, Mark; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Zampa, Virna; Tosetti, Michela
MRI OF HUMAN KNEE AT 7 T WITH DEDICATED RADIOFREQUENCY COILS 1-gen-2016 Retico, A.; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Fantacci, MARIA EVELINA; Biagi, L.; Cosottini, Mirco; Marletta, M.; Stara, Riccardo; Costagli, Mauro; Symms, M. R.; Buonincontri, G.; Aringhieri, Giacomo; Zampa, V.; Tosetti, Michela
SAR prediction in adults and children by combining measured B1+ maps and simulations at 7.0 Tesla 1-gen-2016 Tiberi, Gianluigi; Costagli, Mauro; Biagi, Laura; Ciantis, Alessio De; Fontana, Nunzia; Stara, Riccardo; Symms, Mark Roger; Cosottini, Mirco; Guerrini, Renzo; Tosetti, Michela
A 7T double-tuned (¹H/³¹P) microstrip surface RF coil for the Imago7 MR Scanner 1-gen-2015 Retico, Alessandra; Vitacolonna, Assunta; Galante, Angelo; Florio, Tiziana M.; Cimini, Annamaria; Stara, Riccardo; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Tosetti, Michela; Fontana, Nunzia; Manara, Giuliano; Monorchio, Agostino; Alecci, Marcello
Evaluation of 3D radio-frequency electromagnetic fields for any matching and coupling conditions by the use of basis functions 1-gen-2015 Tiberi, Gianluigi; Fontana, Nunzia; Monorchio, Agostino; Stara, Riccardo; Retico, Alessandra; Tosetti, Michela
Non-invasive assessment of Neuromuscular Disorders by 7 tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy: Dedicated radio-frequency coil development 1-gen-2015 Retico, Alessandra; Stara, Riccardo; Fantacci, MARIA EVELINA; Toncelli, Alessandra; Galante, Angelo; Florio, Tiziana M.; Alecci, Marcello; Cosottini, Mirco; Astrea, Guja; Battini, Roberta; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Costagli, Mauro; Tosetti, Michela