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A New Ciboria sp. for Soil Mycoremediation and the Bacterial Contribution to the Depletion of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons 1-gen-2021 Becarelli, S.; Chicca, I.; La China, S.; Siracusa, G.; Bardi, A.; Gullo, M.; Petroni, G.; Levin, D. B.; Di Gregorio, S.
A new Thioalkalivibrio sp. strain isolated from petroleum-contaminated brackish estuary sediments: A new candidate for bio-based application for sulfide oxidation in halo-alkaline conditions 1-gen-2020 Becarelli, S.; China, S. L.; Lapidus, A.; Prijibelski, A.; Polev, D.; Petroni, G.; Di Gregorio, S.
An integrated approach to highlight biological responses of Pisum sativum root to nano-TiO2 exposure in a biosolid-amended agricultural soil 1-gen-2019 Giorgetti, Lucia; Spanò, Carmelina; Muccifora, Simonetta; Bellani, Lorenza; Tassi, Eliana; Bottega, Stefania; DI GREGORIO, Simona; Siracusa, Giovanna; SANITA' di TOPPI, Luigi; RUFFINI CASTIGLIONE, Monica
Anaerobic Digestion of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste in Plug-Flow Reactors: Focus on Bacterial Community Metabolic Pathways 1-gen-2022 Rossi, E.; Becarelli, S.; Pecorini, I.; Di Gregorio, S.; Iannelli, R.
Biostimulation of the autochthonous microbial community for the depletion of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in contaminated sediments 1-gen-2013 DI GREGORIO, Simona; Hassan, Azaizeh; Lorenzi, Roberto
Comparing carriers as a support media of white-rot fungi in natural tannins removal 1-gen-2022 Bardi, A.; Ciummei, Y.; Spennati, F.; Moga, I. C.; di Gregorio, S.; Petroni, G.; Munz, G.
Degradation of BTEX mixture by a new Pseudomonas putida strain: role of the quorum sensing in the modulation of the upper BTEX oxidative pathway 1-gen-2020 Chicca, I.; Becarelli, S.; Dartiahl, C.; La China, S.; De Kievit, T.; Petroni, G.; Di Gregorio, S.; Levin, D. B.
Effect of cellulose as co-substrate on old landfill leachate treatment using white-rot fungi 1-gen-2017 Bardi, A.; Yuan, Q.; Siracusa, G.; Chicca, I.; Islam, M.; Spennati, F.; Tigini, V.; Di Gregorio, S.; Levin, D. B.; Petroni, G.; Munz, G.
Exploring K2G30 genome: A high bacterial cellulose producing strain in glucose and mannitol based media 1-gen-2019 Gullo, M.; La China, S.; Petroni, G.; Di Gregorio, S.; Giudici, P.
Genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of K1G4: a new Komagataeibacter strain producing bacterial cellulose from different carbon sources 1-gen-2020 La China, S.; Bezzecchi, A.; Moya, F.; Petroni, G.; Di Gregorio, S.; Gullo, M.
Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) flour: an active ingredient for the formulation of nutritious, flavorful and affordable foods. 1-gen-2018 Quattrini, Luca; Salvini, Chiara; Becarelli, Simone; DI GREGORIO, Simona; LA MOTTA, Concettina
Hydrocarbonoclastic Ascomycetes to enhance co-composting of total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) contaminated dredged sediments and lignocellulosic matrices 1-gen-2019 Becarelli, S.; Chicca, I.; Siracusa, G.; LA CHINA, Salvatore; Gentini, A.; Lorenzi, R.; Munz, G.; Petroni, G.; Levin, D. B.; Di Gregorio, S.
Isolation and characterization of a hydrocarbonoclastic bacterial enrichment from total petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated sediments: potential candidates for bioaugmentation in bio-based processes 1-gen-2016 Di Gregorio, Simona; Siracusa, Giovanna; Becarelli, Simone; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Gentini, Alessandro; Lorenzi, Roberto
Mineral nutrients in soil and pea plants after exposition to TiO2 nanoparticles through a biosolid-amended soil 1-gen-2018 Ruffini Castiglione, M; Muccifora, S; Bellani, L; Di Gregorio, S; Siracusa, G; Spanò, C; Bottega, S; Giorgetti, L; Tassi, E
Mycoremediation of old and intermediate landfill leachates with an ascomycete fungal isolate, Lambertella sp 1-gen-2020 Siracusa, G.; Yuan, Q.; Chicca, I.; Bardi, A.; Spennati, F.; Becarelli, S.; Levin, D. B.; Munz, G.; Petroni, G.; di Gregorio, S.
PCB in the environment: bio-based processes for soil decontamination and management of waste from the industrial production of Pleurotus ostreatus 1-gen-2017 Siracusa, G.; Becarelli, S.; Lorenzi, R.; Gentin, i. A.; Di Gregorio, S.
Phytoremediation for improving the quality of effluents from a conventional tannery wastewater treatment plant 1-gen-2015 DI GREGORIO, Simona; Giorgetti, Lucia; RUFFINI CASTIGLIONE, Monica; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Lorenzi, Roberto
Pleurotus ostreatus spent mushroom substrate for the degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: the case study of a pilot dynamic biopile for the decontamination of a historically contaminated soil 1-gen-2016 DI GREGORIO, Simona; Becarelli, Simone; Siracusa, Giovanna; RUFFINI CASTIGLIONE, Monica; Petroni, Giulio; Masini, Gualtiero; Gentini, Alessandro; de Lima Silva, Mara Rubia; Lorenzi, Roberto
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated soils: bioaugmentation of autochthonous bacteria and toxicological assessment of the bioremediation process by means of Vicia faba L. 1-gen-2016 RUFFINI CASTIGLIONE, Monica; Giorgetti, Lucia; Becarelli, Simone; Siracusa, Giovanna; Lorenzi, Roberto; DI GREGORIO, Simona
Recalcitrant compounds removal in raw leachate and synthetic effluents using the white-rot fungus Bjerkandera adusta 1-gen-2017 Bardi, Alessandra; Yuan, Qiyuan; Tigini, Valeria; Spina, Federica; Varese, Giovanna Cristina; Spennati, Francesco; Becarelli, Simone; Di Gregorio, Simona; Petroni, Giulio; Munz, Giulio