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Cell-Free Massive MIMO for URLLC: A Finite-Blocklength Analysis 1-gen-2023 Lancho, Alejandro; Durisi, Giuseppe; Sanguinetti, Luca
Cooperative Hybrid Networks with Active Relays and RISs for B5G: Applications, Challenges, and Research Directions 1-gen-2023 Abdullah, Zaid; Kisseleff, Steven; Alves Martins, Wallace; Chen, Gaojie; Sanguinetti, Luca; Ntontin, Konstantinos; Papazafeiropoulos, Anastasios; Chatzinotas, Symeon; Ottersten, Bjorn
DFT-based channel estimation for holographic MIMO 1-gen-2023 D'Amico, ANTONIO ALBERTO; Bacci, Giacomo; Sanguinetti, Luca
Formation-of-Arrays Antenna Technology for High-Throughput Mobile Non-Terrestrial Networks 1-gen-2023 Bacci, G.; De Gaudenzi, R.; Luise, M.; Sanguinetti, L.; Sebastiani, E.
Mega antenna formation of satellite arrays 1-gen-2023 Angeletti, Piero; Bacci, Giacomo; de Gaudenzi, Riccardo; Luise, Marco; Sanguinetti, Luca; Sebastiani, Elena
Mitigating Intra-Cell Pilot Contamination in Massive MIMO: A Rate Splitting Approach 1-gen-2023 Mishra, Anup; Mao, Yijie; Thomas, Christo Kurisummoottil; Sanguinetti, Luca; Clerckx, Bruno
Performance evaluation of electromagnetically large antenna arrays for 6G communications 1-gen-2023 Bacci, Giacomo; Sanguinetti, Luca
Spherical Wavefronts Improve MU-MIMO Spectral Efficiency When Using Electrically Large Arrays 1-gen-2023 Bacci, Giacomo; Sanguinetti, Luca; Björnson, Emil
Wavenumber-Division Multiplexing in Line-of-Sight Holographic MIMO Communications 1-gen-2023 Sanguinetti, L; D'Amico, Aa; Debbah, M
Channel Modeling and Channel Estimation for Holographic Massive MIMO With Planar Arrays 1-gen-2022 Demir, O. T.; Bjornson, E.; Sanguinetti, L.
Cramer-Rao Bounds for Holographic Positioning 1-gen-2022 D'Amico, Antonio A.; DE JESUS TORRES, Andrea; Sanguinetti, Luca; Win, Moe
Electromagnetic Interference in RIS-Aided Communications 1-gen-2022 De Jesus Torres, A.; Sanguinetti, L.; Bjornson, E.
Exploiting Array Geometry for Reduced-Subspace Channel Estimation in RIS-Aided Communications 1-gen-2022 Demir, Ot; Bjornson, E; Sanguinetti, L
Formation-of-Arrays Multi-Satellite High-Gain Spaceborne Antenna for (B)5G Communications 1-gen-2022 Bacci, G.; De Gaudenzi, R.; Luise, M.; Sanguinetti, L.; Sebastiani, E.
Fourier Plane-Wave Series Expansion for Holographic MIMO Communications 1-gen-2022 Pizzo, A.; Sanguinetti, L.; Marzetta, T. L.
Intelligent Reconfigurable Surfaces vs. Decode-and-Forward: What is the Impact of Electromagnetic Interference? 1-gen-2022 Torres, Ad; Sanguinetti, L; Bjornson, E
Nyquist Sampling and Degrees of Freedom of Electromagnetic Fields 1-gen-2022 Pizzo, A.; Torres, A. D. J.; Sanguinetti, L.; Marzetta, T. L.
On the Energy Efficiency Maximization of NOMA-Aided Downlink Networks With Dynamic User Pairing 1-gen-2022 Nguyen, K. -H.; Nguyen, H. V.; Le, M. T. P.; Sanguinetti, L.; Shin, O. -S.
Performance analysis of WDM in LoS communications with arbitrary orientation and position 1-gen-2022 D'Amico, A. A.; Sanguinetti, L.; Debbah, M.
Rate-Splitting Assisted Massive Machine-Type Communications in Cell-Free Massive MIMO 1-gen-2022 Mishra, A.; Mao, Y.; Sanguinetti, L.; Clerckx, B.