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13C NMR study of orientational ordering in smectic A phase of chiral liquid crystals 1-gen-2007 J., Zhang; Domenici, Valentina; R. Y., Dong
15N–13C Dipole Couplings in Smectic Mesophase of a Thermotropic Ionic Liquid 1-gen-2018 Cifelli, Mario; Domenici, Valentina; Chizhik, V. I.; Dvinskikh, S. V.
1H NMR Relaxometric Study of Molecular Dynamics in a “de Vries” Liquid Crystal 1-gen-2016 Gradisek, A; Domenici, Valentina; Apih, T; Novotna, V; Sebastiao, S.
1H NMR relaxometry in the TGBA* and TGBC* phases 1-gen-2016 Domenici, Valentina; Gradisek, A.; Apih, T.; Hamplova, V.; Novotna, V.; Sebastiao, P. J.
1H NMR Relaxometry Study of a Rod-Like Chiral Liquid Crystal in Its Isotropic, Cholesteric, TGBA*, and TGBC* Phases 1-gen-2010 Domenici, Valentina; Apih, T; Gradisek, A; Vilfan, M; Sebastiao, P; Hamplova, V; Kaspar, M.
2H NMR orientational study of a probe dissolved in nematic solution and, used as crosslinker, in a liquid crystalline elastomer 1-gen-2012 Abbandonato, Gerardo; Catalano, DONATA INES MARIA; Domenici, Valentina; Zalar, Bostjan
2H NMR spectroscopy of liquid crystals: structure and orientational order of a chiral smectogen as a model compound of side-group LC polymers 1-gen-2002 Catalano, DONATA INES MARIA; L., Chiezzi; Domenici, Valentina; Geppi, Marco; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO; R. Y., Dong; K., Fodorcsorba
2H NMR studies of liquid crystal elastomers: Macroscopic vs. molecular properties 1-gen-2012 Domenici, Valentina
2H NMR Study of a Deuterium Labelled Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystalline Polysiloxane 1-gen-2003 Catalano, DONATA INES MARIA; L., Chiezzi; Domenici, Valentina; Galli, Giancarlo; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO
2H-NMR and SAXS of a ferroelectric liquid crystal: unwinding of a ferroelectric chiral helix by high magnetic fields 1-gen-2001 Catalano, DONATA INES MARIA; M., Cifelli; Domenici, Valentina; K., FODOR CSORBA; R., Richardson; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO
Activity for kids about "food chemistry" at Bright 2015 (night of researchers) 1-gen-2016 Domenici, Valentina
Actuation of Gold-Coated Liquid Crystal Elastomers 1-gen-2013 Zupancic, B; Zalar, B; Remskar, M.; Domenici, Valentina
Analysis of Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Two Italian Regions by Means of Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation and Relaxometry Measurements 1-gen-2021 Gradišek, Anton; Cifelli, Mario; Ancora, Donatella; Sepe, Ana; Zalar, Bostjan; Apih, Tomaz; Domenici, Valentina
Antioxidant, Nutraceutical Properties, and Fluorescence Spectral Profiles of Bee Pollen Samples from Different Botanical Origins 1-gen-2020 Daniele, Barbieri; Morena, Gabriele; Summa, Martina; Raffaele, Colosimo; Donatella, Leonardi; Pucci, Laura; Domenici, Valentina
Attività didattica sul DNA. Parte I. 1-gen-2014 Domenici, Valentina; Chiara, Gerardi; Erica, Parri; Alessandro, Lenzi
Attività Didattica sul DNA. Parte II 1-gen-2014 Chiara, Gerardi; Erica, Parri; Pedro Henrique, Maraglia; Izadora Aparecida Ramos, Lima; Kelly Suellen Lima, Silva; Liliane Viera, Oliveira; Nawa Leite Ferreira, Tavares; Giada, Tuci; Cosimo, Micheletti; Domenici, Valentina
Attività Didattica sul DNA. Parte III 1-gen-2015 Chiara, Gerardi; Erica, Parri; Giada, Tuci; Alessandro, Lenzi; Domenici, Valentina
Banana-shaped molecules peculiarly oriented in a magnetic field: 2H NMR spectroscopy and Quantum Mechanical calculations 1-gen-2007 Domenici, Valentina; CARLO ALBERTO, Veracini; KATALIN FODOR, Csorba; Giacomo, Prampolini; Cacelli, Ivo; Andrjia, Lebar; Bostjan, Zalar
Bending actuation of a composite liquid crystal elastomer via direct Joule heating 1-gen-2012 Greco, F; Domenici, Valentina; Assaf, T; Romiti, S; Mattoli, V.
A Brief Overview of H-2 NMR Experiments Used to Study the Phase Biaxiality in Nematic Liquid Crystals 1-gen-2012 Domenici, Valentina