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A CASE REPORT OF ACUTE BILATERAL BULLOUS KERATOPATHY IN A SEPTIC CALF. 1-gen-2023 Bonelli, F.; Degl’Innocenti, S.; Nocera, I.; Cantile, C.; Barsotti, G.
Respiratory sinus arrhythmia magnitude quantification as a potential marker of stress and pain in cows and sheep 1-gen-2023 Orsetti, C.; Vitale, V.; Mortola, J.; Sgorbini, M.; Bonelli, F.
Body Condition Score Is Not Correlated to Gastric Ulcers in Non-Athlete Horses 1-gen-2022 Busechian, S.; Turini, L.; Sgorbini, M.; Bonelli, F.; Pisello, L.; Pieramati, C.; Orvieto, S.; Rueca, F.
Can Procalcitonin Be Dosed in Bovine Milk Using a Commercial ELISA Kit? 1-gen-2022 Meucci, Valentina; Orsetti, Chiara; Sgorbini, Micaela; Battaglia, Federica; Cresci, Marta; Bonelli, Francesca
Critical points assessment of hoof lesion manifestation in dairy cows: a preliminary study of a new scoring system 1-gen-2022 Turini, Luca; Madrigali, Alessio; Sgorbini, Micaela; Orsetti, Chiara; Rizk, Awad; Bonelli, Francesca
Differences of the Plasma Total Lipid Fraction from Pre-Foaling to Post-Foaling Period in Donkeys 1-gen-2022 Lisuzzo, Anastasia; Bonelli, Francesca; Sgorbini, Micaela; Nocera, Irene; Cento, Giulia; Mazzotta, Elisa; Turini, Luca; Martini, Mina; Salari, Federica; Morgante, Massimo; Badon, Tamara; Fiore, Enrico
Effect of a Phytogenic Feed Additive in Preventing Calves’ Diarrhea 1-gen-2022 Turini, Luca; Mantino, Alberto; Tozzi, Beatrice; Bonelli, Francesca; Silvi, Alina; Mele, Marcello; Sgorbini, Micaela; Meucci, Valentina; Minieri, Sara
Evaluation of Ultrasound Measurement of Subcutaneous Fat Thickness in Dairy Jennies during the Periparturient Period 1-gen-2022 Nocera, I.; Bonelli, F.; Turini, L.; Madrigali, A.; Aliboni, B.; Sgorbini, M.
Molecularly imprinted polymers as effective capturing receptors in a pseudo-ELISA immunoassay for procalcitonin detection in veterinary species 1-gen-2022 Battaglia, Federica; Bonelli, Francesca; Sgorbini, Micaela; Intorre, Luigi; Minunni, Maria; Scarano, Simona; Meucci, Valentina
Novel Board Game versus Active Case-Based Discussion to Teach Final-Year Veterinary Students the Diagnostic Approach to Clinical Cases 1-gen-2022 Vitale, Valentina; Bonelli, Francesca; Conte, Giuseppe; Orsetti, Chiara; Van Galen, Gaby; Verwilghen, Denis; Sgorbini, Micaela
Relationship between Blood Parameters and Outcome in Rescued Roe Deer 1-gen-2022 Pacini, Maria Irene; Bonelli, Francesca; Lubas, George; Sgorbini, Micaela
The Correlation between Play Behavior, Serum Cortisol and Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio in Welfare Assessment of Dairy Calves within the First Month of Life 1-gen-2022 Ogi, Asahi; Campera, Marco; Ienco, Sara; Bonelli, Francesca; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo
Validation of a new smart textiles biotechnology for heart rate variability monitoring in sheep 1-gen-2022 Turini, L.; Bonelli, F.; Lanata, A.; Vitale, V.; Nocera, I.; Sgorbini, M.; Mele, M.
Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cytological findings in healthy Amiata donkeys 1-gen-2021 Vitale, V.; Bonelli, F.; Briganti, A.; Sgorbini, M.
Corrigendum: Wildlife Ungulate Rescue and Emergency Services in the Pisa Area (Tuscany, Italy): Evaluation of a 9-Years Period (2010–2018) (Frontiers in Veterinary Science, (2020), 7, (626), 10.3389/fvets.2020.00626) 1-gen-2021 Pacini, Mi; Bonelli, F; Briganti, A; Citi, S; Perrucci, S; Papini, Ra; Sgorbini, M
Designing statistical models for holstein rearing heifers’ weight estimation from birth to 15 months old using body measurements 1-gen-2021 Turini, Luca; Conte, Giuseppe; Bonelli, Francesca; Madrigali, Alessio; Marani, Brenno; Sgorbini, Micaela; Mele, Marcello
Evaluation of different methods to estimate the transfer of immunity in donkey foals fed with colostrum of good IgG quality: A preliminary study 1-gen-2021 Turini, L; Bonelli, F; Nocera, I; Meucci, V; Conte, G; Sgorbini, M
Evaluation of oral administration of chestnut tannins in preventing calf diarrhoea 1-gen-2021 Bonelli, Francesca; Turini, Luca; Paganelli, Aurora; Conte, Giuseppe; Meucci, Valentina; Sgorbini, Micaela; Buccioni, Arianna; Mele, Marcello
Evaluation of plasmatic procalcitonin in healthy, and in systemic inflammatory response syndrome (Sirs) negative or positive colic horses 1-gen-2021 Nocera, Irene; Bonelli, Francesca; Vitale, Valentina; Meucci, Valentina; Conte, Giuseppe; Jose-Cunilleras, Eduard; Alfond Gracia-Calvo, Luis; Sgorbini, Micaela
Maternal and neonatal evaluation of derived reactive oxygen metabolites and biological antioxidant potential in donkey mares and foals 1-gen-2021 Sgorbini, M.; Bonelli, F.; Percacini, G.; Pasquini, A.; Rota, A.