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A morphosyntactic and morphosemantic analysis of English slang suffixoids In corso di stampa Mattiello, Elisa
From Covid-free to coronapocalypse: Trendy neologisms and nonce words of the Covid-19 pandemic In corso di stampa Mattiello, Elisa
Text and pragmatics in Natural Linguistics In corso di stampa Mattiello, Elisa; WOLFGANG U., Dressler
The Morphosemantic Transparency/Opacity of Novel English Analogical Compounds and Compound Families In corso di stampa Mattiello, Elisa; Ulrich Dressler, Wolfgang
A contrastive analysis of English deverbal -er synthetic compounds and their Italian equivalents 1-gen-2024 Mattiello, Elisa
Morphological richness and priority of pragmatics over semantics in Italian, Arabic, German, and English diminutives 1-gen-2024 Mattiello, Elisa; Dressler, Wolfgang U.; Ritt-Benmimoun, Veronika
Formal, semantic and pragmatic motivations for blending in English 1-gen-2023 Mattiello, Elisa
Human and machine translation of occasionalisms in literary texts: Johann Nestroy’s Talisman and its English translations 1-gen-2023 Mattiello, Elisa; Kolb, Waltraud; Dressler, WOLFGANG U.
Metaphor and framing in cognition and discourse: ‘War’ and ‘Journey’ metaphors for COVID-19 1-gen-2023 Mattiello, Elisa
Slang and verbal aggression: A morphopragmatic analysis of the compound families X-ass, X-brain, X-face, and X-head 1-gen-2023 Mattiello, Elisa
The Development of ESP Lexicon Through New Combining Forms 1-gen-2023 Mattiello, Elisa
Blend recognisability in English as a Foreign Language: An experiment 1-gen-2022 Mattiello, Elisa
Communication with diminutives to young children vs. pets in German, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, and English 1-gen-2022 U., DRESSLER WOLFGANG; Mattiello, Elisa; KORECKY-KRÖLL, Katharina; Noccetti, Sabrina; Dabasinskiene, Ineta; KAMANDULYTE-MERFELDIENE, Laura; Kazakovskaya, VICTORIA V.
Derivational paradigms: The case of English combining forms 1-gen-2022 Mattiello, Elisa
Dualism and superposition in the analysis of English synthetic compounds ending in -er 1-gen-2022 Mattiello, Elisa; WOLFGANG U., Dressler
Language aggression in English slang: The case of the -o suffix 1-gen-2022 Mattiello, Elisa
Linguistic Innovation in the Covid-19 Pandemic 1-gen-2022 Mattiello, Elisa
Transitional Morphology: Combining Forms in Modern English 1-gen-2022 Mattiello, Elisa
Underwear as overwear: Spatial particles in English fashion compounds 1-gen-2022 Mattiello, Elisa
Using Google Talks in ESP educational settings: A multimodal approach 1-gen-2022 Mattiello, Elisa