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Time to safely omit bladder cuff removal for low risk upper tract urothelial carcinoma 1-gen-2021 Abrate, A; Vella, M; Mogorovich, A; Giaimo, R; Serretta, V; Pavone, C; Bartoletti, R; Simonato, A
Clinical reappraisal and state of the art of nephropexy 1-gen-2018 Mogorovich, Andrea; Selli, Cesare; DE MARIA, Maurizio; Manassero, Francesca; Durante, Jacopo; Lucio, Urbani
Intravesical migration of female urethral dilator: a new urologic emergency in the era of e-commerce. 1-gen-2018 Mogorovich, A; Selli, C Tognarelli A; Manassero, F; De Maria, M
Combined bladder neck preservation and posterior musculofascial reconstruction during robotic assisted radical prostatectomy: effects on early and long term continence recovery. 1-gen-2017 Bartoletti, Riccardo; Mogorovich, Andrea; Francesca, Francesco; Pomara, Giorgio; Selli, Cesare
Early and late ureteral complications after renal transplant 1-gen-2017 Manassero, Francesca; Vistoli, Fabio; Mogorovich, Andrea; De Maria, Maurizio; Boggi, Ugo; Selli, Cesare
Urinary continence outcomes after posterior urethral suspension (PUS) and bladder neck sparing (BNS) during robot assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RALP). Results from a case control study. 1-gen-2017 Durante, Jacopo; Francesca, F.; Bartoletti, R.; Pomara, G.; Mogorovich, A.; Bracchitta, Damiano; DI VICO, Tommaso; Selli, C.
A congenital anterior urethrocutaneous fistula in a boy whose mother was exposed to ionizing radiations: a case report and literature review 1-gen-2013 Spinelli, Claudio; V., Pucci; C., Menchini; I., Buti; Fregoli, Lorenzo; Spisni, Roberto; Mogorovich, Andrea
Combination of perianal-intrarectal lidocaine-prilocaine cream and periprostatic nerve block for pain control during transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy: a randomized, controlled trial 1-gen-2009 Giannarini, G; Autorino, R; Valent, F; Mogorovich, Andrea; Manassero, Francesca; De Maria, M; Morelli, Girolamo; Barbone, F; Di Lorenzo, G; Selli, Cesare
COMBINED ANESTHESIA WITH PERIANAL-INTRARECTAL LIDOCAINE-PRILOCAINE CREAM AND PERIPROSTATIC NERVE BLOCK DURING TRANSRECTAL ULTRASOUND-GUIDED PROSTATE BIOPSY: A RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL 1-gen-2009 Giannarini, Gianluca; Autorino, Riccardo; Valent, Francesca; Mogorovich, Andrea; Manassero, Francesca; Maria, Maurizio De; Morelli, Girolamo; Barbone, Fabio; Lorenzo, Giuseppe Di; Selli, Cesare
Isolated polyarteritis nodosa of the genitourinary tract presenting with severe erectile dysfunction: a case report with long-term follow-up 1-gen-2009 Giannarini, Gianluca; Pomara, Giorgio; Moro, Umberto; Mogorovich, Andrea; MENCHINI FABRIS, Filippo; Morelli, Girolamo; SCOTT CATHRYN, Ann; Selli, Cesare
Lymphatic sparing microscopic varicocelectomy: esperienza chirurgica su 93 pazienti in età pediatrica 1-gen-2008 Spinelli, Claudio; Di Giacomo, M; Mogorovich, Andrea
Continuing or discontinuing low-dose aspirin before transrectal prostate biopsy: results of a prospective randomized trial 1-gen-2007 Giannarini, G; Mogorovich, Andrea; Valent, F; Morelli, Girolamo; DE MARIA, M; Manassero, Francesca; Barbone, F; Selli, Cesare
Long-term follow-up after testis-sparing surgery for Leydig cell tumors: a single center experience 1-gen-2007 Giannarini, Gianluca; Mogorovich, Andrea; MENCHINI FABRIS, Filippo; DE MARIA, Massimiliano; Morelli, Girolamo; Manassero, Francesca; Loggini, Barbara; Pingitore, Raffaele; Cavazzana, Andrea; Poggini, Barbara; Selli, Cesare
Long-term follow-up and clinical characteristics of testicular Leydig cell tumor: experience with 24 cases. 1-gen-2007 Giannarini, G; MENCHINI FABRIS, Filippo; Mogorovich, Andrea; Morelli, Girolamo
Prulifloxacin versus levofloxacin in the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis: a prospective, randomized, double-blind trial. 1-gen-2007 Giannarini, G; Mogorovich, Andrea; Valent, F; Morelli, Girolamo; De Maria, M; Manassero, Francesca; Barbone, F; Selli, Cesare