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A descending chain condition for groups definable in o-minimal structures 1-gen-2005 Berarducci, Alessandro; M., Otero; Y., Peterzil; A., Pillay
A note on coding techniques in bounded arithmetic 1-gen-1991 Berarducci, Alessandro; Benedetto, Intrigila
A recursive nonstandard model of Normal Open Induction 1-gen-1996 Berarducci, Alessandro; Otero, M.
A self-interpreter of lambda calculus having a normal form 1-gen-1993 Berarducci, Alessandro; Bohm, C.
An additive measure in o-minimal expansions of fields 1-gen-2004 Berarducci, Alessandro; Otero, M.
An additivity theorem for uniformly continuous functions 1-gen-2005 Berarducci, Alessandro; Dikranjan, D; Pelant, J.
An effective version of Wilkie's theorem of the complement and some effective o-minimality results 1-gen-2004 Berarducci, Alessandro; Servi, Tamara
Asymptotic analysis of Skolem's exponential functions 1-gen-2020 Berarducci, Alessandro; Mamino, Marcello
Automatic Synthesis of Typed Lambda-Programs on Term Algebras 1-gen-1985 Berarducci, Alessandro; Bohm, C.
Cardinal invariants and independence results in the poset of precompact group topologies 1-gen-1998 Berarducci, Alessandro; Dikranjan, D.; Forti, Marco; Watson, S.
Cartan subgroups and regular points of o‐minimal groups 1-gen-2019 Baro, Elías; Berarducci, Alessandro; Otero, Margarita
Church-Rosser lambda-theories, infinite lambda-terms and consistency problems 1-gen-1996 Berarducci, Alessandro; Intrigila, B.
Cohomology of groups in o-minimal structures: acyclicity of the infinitesimal subgroup 1-gen-2009 Berarducci, Alessandro
Combinatorial principles in elementary number theory 1-gen-1991 Berarducci, Alessandro; Intrigila, B.
Corrigendum to ``Transfer methods for o-minimal topology'' 1-gen-2007 Berarducci, Alessandro; Edmundo, M; Otero, M.
DELTA-ZERO COMPLEXITY OF THE RELATION y = Pi_{i leq n} F(i) 1-gen-1995 Berarducci, Alessandro; D'Aquino, P.
Discrete subgroups of locally definable groups 1-gen-2013 Berarducci, Alessandro; Edmundo, Mário; Mamino, Marcello
Discrete subgroups of locally definable groups 1-gen-2013 Berarducci, Alessandro; Mario, Edmundo; Mamino, Marcello
Exponential fields and Conway’s omega-map In corso di stampa Berarducci, Alessandro; Kuhlmann, Salma; Mantova, Vincenzo; Matusinski, Mickael
Factorization in generalized power series 1-gen-1999 Berarducci, Alessandro