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Biosecurity of kiwifruit plants: effects of internal microchip implants on vines for monitoring plant health status In corso di stampa Luvisi, A; Panattoni, Alessandra; Bandinelli, R; Rinaldelli, E; Pagano, M; Triolo, Enrico
Ultra-High Frequency transponders in grapevine: A tool for traceability of plants and treatments in viticulture In corso di stampa Luvisi, A; Panattoni, Alessandra; Bandinelli, R; Rinaldelli, E; Pagano, M; Triolo, Enrico
Occurrence of fig mosaic disease in Tuscany, Central Italy: Characterization of new fig mosaic virus isolates, and elucidation of physiochemical responses of infected common fig cv. Dottato 1-gen-2023 Pedrelli, Athos; Panattoni, Alessandra; Nali, Cristina; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo
Physiological and Biochemical Responses Induced by Plum Pox Virus and Plum Bark Necrosis Steam Pitting Associated Virus in Tuscany Autochthonous Plum cv. Coscia di Monaca 1-gen-2023 Pedrelli, A.; Ricci, G. P.; Panattoni, A.; Nali, C.; Cotrozzi, L.
Biochemical changes in leaves of Vitis vinifera cv. sangiovese infected by bois noir phytoplasma 1-gen-2020 Negro, C.; Sabella, E.; Nicoli, F.; Pierro, R.; Materazzi, A.; Panattoni, A.; Aprile, A.; Nutricati, E.; Vergine, M.; Miceli, A.; De Bellis, L.; Luvisi, A.
Multilocus genotyping reveals new molecular markers for differentiating distinct genetic lineages among “candidatus phytoplasma solani” strains associated with grapevine bois noir 1-gen-2020 Passera, A.; Zhao, Y.; Murolo, S.; Pierro, R.; Arsov, E.; Mori, N.; Moussa, A.; Silletti, M. R.; Casati, P.; Panattoni, A.; Wei, W.; Mitrev, S.; Materazzi, A.; Luvisi, A.; Romanazzi, G.; Bianco, P. A.; Davis, R. E.; Quaglino, F.
Proposal of a new bois noir epidemiological pattern related to ‘Candidatus phytoplasma solani’ strains characterized by a possible moderate virulence in tuscany 1-gen-2020 Pierro, R.; Panattoni, A.; Passera, A.; Materazzi, A.; Luvisi, A.; Loni, A.; Ginanni, M.; Lucchi, A.; Bianco, P. A.; Quaglino, F.
Vision-based system for detecting grapevine yellow diseases using artificial intelligence 1-gen-2020 Ampatzidis, Y.; Cruz, A.; Pierro, R.; Materazzi, A.; Panattoni, A.; de Bellis, L.; Luvisi, A.
Automatic diagnosis of olive quick decline syndrome and grapevine yellows for the agriculture industry 1-gen-2019 Cruz, A. C.; Ampatzidis, Y.; De Bellis, L.; Pierro, R.; Panattoni, A.; Materazzi, A.; Luvisi, A.
Detection of grapevine yellows symptoms in Vitis vinifera L. with artificial intelligence 1-gen-2019 Cruz, A.; Ampatzidis, Y.; Pierro, R.; Materazzi, A.; Panattoni, A.; De Bellis, L.; Luvisi, A.
New insights on “bois noir” epidemiology in the Chianti Classico area, Tuscany 1-gen-2019 Pierro, R.; Materazzi, A.; Luvisi, A.; Quaglino, F.; Loni, A.; Lucchi, A.; Panattoni, A.
Electronic identification systems for reducing diagnostic workloads after disease outbreak 1-gen-2018 Panattoni, A.; Rinaldelli, E.; Materazzi, A.; Bandinelli, R.; De Bellis, L.; Luvisi, A.
Phylogenetic analysis of viruses in tuscan vitis vinifera sylvestris (Gmeli) hegi 1-gen-2018 Sabella, Erika; Pierro, Roberto; Luvisi, Andrea; Panattoni, Alessandra; D’Onofrio, Claudio; Scalabrelli, Giancarlo; Nutricati, Eliana; Aprile, Alessio; De Bellis, Luigi; Materazzi, Alberto
The occurrence of viruses and viroids in ornamental citrus mother plants in Tuscany (Central Italy) 1-gen-2017 Rizzo, Domenico; Materazzi, Alberto; Stefani, Luciana; Panattoni, Alessandra; Pierro, Roberto; De Bellis, Luigi; Luvisi, Andrea
Distribution of regulated viruses in cv. Sangiovese vineyards in Tuscany 1-gen-2015 Rizzo, D; Materazzi, Alberto; Stefani, L.; Farina, P.; Vanarelli, S.; Panattoni, Alessandra; Luvisi, A.
Modulation of viral infection in plants by exogenous guanosine 1-gen-2015 Panattoni, Alessandra; Rinaldelli, Enrico; Materazzi, Alberto; Luvisi, Andrea
Occurrence of different phytoplasma infections in wild herbaceous dicots growing in vineyards affected by bois noir in Tuscany (Italy) 1-gen-2015 Marchi, Guido; Cinelli, Tamara; Rizzo, Domenico; Stefani, Luciana; Emanuele, Goti; Bartola, Michele DELLA; Luvisi, Andrea; Panattoni, Alessandra; Materazzi, Alberto
Synthesis of PAMAM Dendrimers Loaded with Mycophenolic Acid to be studied as New Potential Immunosuppressants 1-gen-2015 Guazzelli, Lorenzo; D'Andrea, Felicia; Giorgelli, Francesco; Catelani, Giorgio; Panattoni, Alessandra; Luvisi, A.
First report of Grapevine leafroll associated virus-4 strain 5 in Italy 1-gen-2014 D., Rizzo; A., Luvisi; L., Stefani; M., Paoli; G., Marchi; Panattoni, Alessandra; Materazzi, Alberto
Heat treatments for sustainable control of soil viruses 1-gen-2014 A., Luvisi; Panattoni, Alessandra; Materazzi, Alberto