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Immune Responses of Octopus vulgaris (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) exposed to Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles 1-gen-2013 Anna Maria, Grimaldi; Belcari, Paola; Ester, Pagano; Franco, Cacialli; Lisa, Locatello
Todaropsis eblanae 1-gen-2013 Guerra, A.; Belcari, Paola; Gonzalez, A.
What does the giant squid Architeuthis dux eat? 1-gen-2013 Regueira, M.; Belcari, Paola; Guerra, A.
Development of the Hectocotylus in Illex coindetii (Verany, 1837) (Cephalopoda; Ommastrephidae) 1-gen-2012 Zecchini, F.; Vecchione, M.; Belcari, Paola; Roper, C.
Age estimation and growth of european hake, Merlucius merlucius (Linaeus, 1758), in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea 1-gen-2011 A., Ligas; C., Pierattini; C., Viva; D., Bertolini; Belcari, Paola
Evaluating Age in Octopus vulgaris: Estimation, Validation and Seasonal Differences 1-gen-2011 Canali, E.; Ponte, G.; Belcari, Paola; Rocha, F.; Fiorito, G.
Toothed whales in the northwestern Mediterranean: Insight into their feeding ecology using chemical tracers 1-gen-2011 Praca, E.; Laran, S.; Lepoint, G.; Thomé, J. P.; Quetglas, A.; Belcari, Paola; Sartor, P.; Dhermain, F.; Ody, D.; Tapie, N.; Budzinski, H.; Das, K.
Analysis of the time series of landing and trawl survey data from the Tyrrhenian sea (NW Mediterranean) 1-gen-2010 Ligas, A.; DE RANIERI, Stefano; Micheli, D.; Reale, B.; Sartor, P.; Sbrana, M.; Belcari, Paola
Biology and ecology of cephalopod species commercially exploited in Europe 1-gen-2010 Jereb, P; Piatkowski, U; Allcock, L; Belcari, Paola; GARCIA TASENDE, M.
Biology and ecology of cephalopod species commercially exploited in Europe 1-gen-2010 Jereb, P.; Piatkowski, U.; Allcock, L.; Belcari, Paola; Garcia Tasende, M.; Gonzalez, A.
Temporal evolution of demersal species abundance in the northern Tyrrhenian sea 1-gen-2010 Ligas, A.; Belcari, Paola; Bertolini, D.; DE RANIERI, Stefano; Micheli, D.; Reale, B.; Sartini, M.; Sartor, P.; Sbrana, M.
The future of cephalopod populations, fisheries, culture and research in Europe 1-gen-2010 Graham, P.; Belcari, Paola; Bustamante, P.; Challier, L.; Cherel, Y.; Gonzalez, A.
Opistotheuthis calypso (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) collected on bathyal bottoms of the northern Tyrrhenian sea (western Mediterranean). 1-gen-2009 Sartor, P; Belcari, Paola
Analisi di serie temporali di sbarcato commerciale nel Mar Tirreno settentrionale 1-gen-2008 Ligas, A; Belcari, Paola; Bertolini, D; Micheli, D; Reale, B; Sartor, P.
Notes on a large specimen of Thysanoteuthis rhombus Troschel, 1857 (Cephalopoda, Thysanoteuthidae) caught in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea 1-gen-2008 Sartor, P; Ligas, A; Sbrana, M; Belcari, Paola
Spawning pattern and batch fecundity of the European hake Merluccius merluccius (Linnaeus, 1758) in the western Mediterranean. 1-gen-2008 Recanses, L; Chiericoni, V; Belcari, Paola
Accrescimento di Trachurus mediterraneus (Steindachner, 1868) nel mar Tirreno Settentrionale. 1-gen-2007 Belcari, Paola; Viva, C; Bertolini, D; Mercedi, S; Ligas, A.
Comparison of the catches of European Hake (Merluccius merluccius, L. 1758) taken with experimental gillnets of different mesh sizes in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea (western Mediterranean) 1-gen-2007 Sbrana, M; Belcari, Paola; DE RANIERI, Stefano; Sartor, P; Viva, C.
Selectivity of two diamone mesh size cod-ends in the trawl fishery of the northern Tyrrhenian sea (Western Mediterranean) 1-gen-2007 Belcari, Paola; DE RANIERI, Stefano; Ligas, A.; Reale, B.; Sartor, P.; Viva, C.
Age determination and growth of juveniles of the European hake, Merluccius merluccius (L., 1758), in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea (NW Mediterranean). 1-gen-2006 Belcari, Paola; Ligas, A.; Viva, C.