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By land and by sea. A history of South Arabia before Islam recounted from inscriptions. 1-gen-2016 Avanzini, Alessandra
From South to North in Ancient Arabia 1-gen-2016 Avanzini, Alessandra
Is Still Arabia at the margins of digital Epigraphy? Challenges in the digitization of the pre-Islamic inscriptions in the project DASI 1-gen-2016 Avanzini, Alessandra; De Santis, Annamaria; Marotta, Daniele; Rossi, Irene
Ancient South Arabian within Semitic, and Sabaic within Ancient South Arabian 1-gen-2015 Avanzini, Alessandra
In the heart of Oman. The castle of Salut 1-gen-2015 Avanzini, Alessandra
Qatabanian jars in the port of Sumhuram: notes on the trade by sea in South Arabia 1-gen-2015 Avanzini, Alessandra
Between Harmonization and Peculiarities of the Scientific Domains: Digitizing the epigraphic heritage of pre-Islamic Arabia in the project DASI 1-gen-2014 Avanzini, Alessandra; DE SANTIS, Annamaria; Marotta, Daniele; Rossi, Irene
From inscriptions to grammar: notes on the grammar of non-Sabaic languages 1-gen-2014 Avanzini, Alessandra
Review of M. Mouton & J. Schiettecatte, In the desert margins. The Settlement Process in Ancient South and East Arabia (Roma, 2014; Arabia Antica, 9) 1-gen-2014 Avanzini, Alessandra
The Digital Archive for the Study of Pre-Islamic Arabian Inscriptions: An ERC Project 1-gen-2014 Avanzini, Alessandra; Prioletta, Alessia; Rossi, Irene
Un port d'Arabie entre Rome et l'Inde 1-gen-2014 Avanzini, Alessandra
Arabia Antica. History and Culture of pre-Islamic Arabia 1-gen-2013 Avanzini, Alessandra
DASI - Digital Archive for the Study of pre-Islamic Arabian Inscriptions 1-gen-2013 Avanzini, Alessandra
Digital collections, online Exhibitions and Virtual Museums in the MEDINA Project: Communicating the Ancient Near East Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean Basin 1-gen-2013 Avanzini, Alessandra; DE SANTIS, Annamaria
Inscriptions from museums in the region of Dhamār : Qatabanians in Baynūn and the goddess Athirat (ʾṯrtn) 1-gen-2013 Avanzini, Alessandra
Old South Arabic Inscriptions on Metal 1-gen-2012 Avanzini, Alessandra
Oman il paese di Sindbad il marinaio 1-gen-2012 Avanzini, Alessandra
The Sabaean Presence in Jawf in the Eighth-Seventh Centuries BC Notes on the Oldest Phase of Ancient South Arabian Culture and Its Relationship with Mesopotamia 1-gen-2012 Avanzini, Alessandra
Along the aroma and spice routes : the harbour of Sumhuram, its territory and the trade between the Mediterranean, Arabia and India 1-gen-2011 Avanzini, Alessandra
Le materiel 1-gen-2011 Breton, J. F.; Avanzini, Alessandra