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Aluminium 8-Hydroxyquinolinate N-Oxide as a Precursor to Heterometallic Aluminium–Lanthanide Complexes 1-gen-2024 Gallo, Elisa; Bellucci, Luca; Carlotto, Silvia; Bottaro, Gregorio; Babetto, Luca; Giordano, Luca; Marchetti, Fabio; Samaritani, Simona; Armelao, Lidia; Labella, Luca
Mononuclear Rare-Earth Metalloligands Exploiting a Divergent Ligand 1-gen-2024 Bazi, Marco; Bracciotti, Edoardo; Fioravanti, Lorenzo; Marchetti, Fabio; Rancan, Marzio; Armelao, Lidia; Samaritani, Simona; Labella, Luca
Competing excitation paths in luminescent heterobimetallic Ln-Al complexes: Unraveling interactions via experimental and theoretical investigations 1-gen-2023 Bellucci, Luca; Carlotto, Silvia; Bottaro, Gregorio; Babetto, Luca; Labella, Luca; Gallo, Elisa; Marchetti, Fabio; Samaritani, Simona; Armelao, Lidia
Dibromo- and dichlorotriphenylphosphino N-acyclic carbene complexes of platinum(II)—Synthesis and cytotoxicity 1-gen-2023 Farasat, Anna; Labella, Luca; Luisa Di Paolo, Maria; Dalla Via, Lisa; Samaritani, Simona
Dibromo-Isonitrile and N-acyclic Carbene Complexes of Platinum(II): Synthesis and Reactivity 1-gen-2023 Farasat, A; Nerli, F; Labella, L; Taddei, M; Samaritani, S
Heterometallic [Ln(hfac)3Cu(acac)2] complexes with late 4f ions 1-gen-2023 Bellucci, L; Giordano, L; Carlotto, S; Poneti, G; Rancan, M; Samaritani, S; Armelao, L; Labella, L
Addition of aliphatic, secondary amines to coordinated isonitriles. N-acyclic carbene (NAC) platinum(II) complexes from trans-[Pt(mu-Cl)Cl(PPh3)](2) 1-gen-2022 Farasat, A; Labella, L; Marchetti, F; Samaritani, S
Preliminary Screening of Catalytic Beds for Hydrogen Peroxide with Thrust Level Lower Than 0.5 N 1-gen-2022 Shaik, Rawoof; Bellucci, Luca; Labella, Luca; Calatafimi, Stefano; Puccinelli, Elia; Pasini, Angelo
Size Selectivity in Heterolanthanide Molecular Complexes with a Ditopic Ligand 1-gen-2022 Bellucci, Luca; Fioravanti, Lorenzo; Armelao, Lidia; Bottaro, Gregorio; Marchetti, Fabio; Pineider, Francesco; Poneti, Giordano; Samaritani, Simona; Labella, Luca
Stoichiometrically Controlled Assembly of Lanthanide Molecular Complexes of the Heteroditopic Divergent Ligand 4′-(4-Pyridyl)-2,2′:6′,2″-terpyridine N-Oxide in Hypodentate or Bridging Coordination Modes. Structural, Magnetic, and Photoluminescence Studies 1-gen-2022 Fioravanti, L.; Bellucci, L.; Armelao, L.; Bottaro, G.; Marchetti, F.; Pineider, F.; Poneti, G.; Samaritani, S.; Labella, L.
trans-Dichloro(triphenylarsino)(N,N-dialkylamino)platinum(II) Complexes: In Search of New Scaffolds to Circumvent Cisplatin Resistance 1-gen-2022 Hyeraci, M.; Agnarelli, L.; Labella, L.; Marchetti, F.; Di Paolo, M. L.; Samaritani, S.; Via, L. D.
1d-zigzag eu3+/tb3+ coordination chains as luminescent ratiometric thermometers endowed with multicolor emission 1-gen-2021 Bellucci, L.; Bottaro, G.; Labella, L.; Marchetti, F.; Samaritani, S.; Belli Dell'amico, D.; Armelao, L.
Cytotoxicity and DNA interaction in a series of aryl terminated iminopyridine Pt(II) complexes 1-gen-2021 Bondi, Riccardo; Via, Lisa Dalla; Hyeraci, Mariafrancesca; Pagot, Gioele; Labella, Luca; Marchetti, Fabio; Samaritani, Simona
Facile nucleophilic substitution of coordinated acetonitrile in trans-[PtCl4(NCMe)(PPh3)] 1-gen-2021 Agnarelli, Laura; Fioco, David; Belli Dell' Amico, Daniela; Labella, Luca; Marchetti, Fabio; Samaritani, Simona
Magnetic relaxation in dysprosium and terbium 1D-zigzag coordination chains having only 4,4′-bipyridine as connector 1-gen-2021 Bellucci, Luca; Labella, Luca; Marchetti, Fabio; Pineider, Francesco; Poneti, Giordano; Samaritani, Simona
New platinum(II) complexes affecting different biomolecular targets in resistant ovarian carcinoma cells 1-gen-2021 Hyeraci, Mariafrancesca; Scalcon, Valeria; Folda, Alessandra; Labella, Luca; Marchetti, Fabio; Samaritani, Simona; Rigobello, Maria Pia; Dalla Via, Lisa
Composition–Thermometric Properties Correlations in Homodinuclear Eu3+ Luminescent Complexes 1-gen-2020 Bellucci, Luca; Bottaro, Gregorio; Labella, Luca; Causin, Valerio; Marchetti, Fabio; Samaritani, Simona; Belli, Daniela; Armelao, Lidia
DNA interaction of a fluorescent, cytotoxic pyridinimino platinum(II) complex 1-gen-2020 Bondi, R.; Biver, T.; Dalla Via, L.; Guarra, F.; Hyeraci, M.; Sissi, C.; Labella, L.; Marchetti, F.; Samaritani, S.
Insights into the Redox Activity of Platinum(II) Complexes Bearing a Mitochondriotropic Ligand in Cisplatin-resistant Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines 1-gen-2020 Scalcon, Valeria; Hyeraci, Mariafrancesca; Folda, Alessandra; Labella, Luca; Samaritani, Simona; Via, Lisa Dalla; Rigobello, Maria Pia
Platinum(II) Complexes Bearing Triphenylphosphine and Chelating Oximes: Antiproliferative Effect and Biological Profile in Resistant Cells 1-gen-2020 Hyeraci, M.; Colalillo, M.; Labella, L.; Marchetti, F.; Samaritani, S.; Scalcon, V.; Rigobello, M. P.; Dalla Via, L.