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The 0-fractional perimeter between fractional perimeters and Riesz potentials 1-gen-2021 De Luca, Lucia; Novaga, Matteo; Ponsiglione, Marcello
A characterization of convex calibrable sets in R^N with respect to anisotropic norms 1-gen-2008 Caselles, V; Chambolle, A; Moll, S; Novaga, Matteo
A computational approach to fractures in crystal growth 1-gen-1999 Novaga, Matteo; Paolini, Emanuele
A conjecture of De Giorgi on the squared distance function 1-gen-2007 Bellettini, G; Masala, M; Novaga, Matteo
A result on motion by mean curvature in arbitrary codimension 1-gen-1999 Bellettini, G; Novaga, Matteo
A semidiscrete scheme for a one-dimensional Cahn-Hilliard equation 1-gen-2011 Geldhauser, C; Novaga, Matteo
A stochastic selection principle in case of fattening for curvature flow 1-gen-2001 Dirr, N; Luckhaus, S; Novaga, Matteo
A symmetry result for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator 1-gen-2014 Enrico, Valdinoci; Novaga, Matteo; Annalisa, Cesaroni
An example of three dimensional fattening for linked space curves evolving by curvature 1-gen-1998 Bellettini, G; Novaga, Matteo; Paolini, M.
An introduction to Total Variation for Image Analysis 1-gen-2010 Chambolle, A; Caselles, V; Cremers, D; Novaga, Matteo; Pock, T.
Anisotropic curvature flow of immersed curves 1-gen-2019 Mercier, G.; Novaga, M.; Pozzi, P.
Anisotropic Curvature Flow of Immersed Networks 1-gen-2021 Kroner, H.; Novaga, M.; Pozzi, P.
Anisotropic mean curvature flow of Lipschitz graphs and convergence to self-similar solutions 1-gen-2021 Cesaroni, A.; Kroner, H.; Novaga, M.
Approximation and comparison for nonsmooth anisotropic motion by mean curvature in R^N 1-gen-2000 Bellettini, G; Novaga, Matteo
Approximation and relaxation of perimeter in the Wiener space 1-gen-2012 M., Goldman; Novaga, Matteo
Approximation of the anisotropic mean curvature flow 1-gen-2007 Chambolle, A; Novaga, Matteo
Approximation to driven motion by crystalline curvature in two dimensions 1-gen-2000 Bellettini, G; Goglione, R; Novaga, Matteo
Barriers for a class of geometric evolutions problems 1-gen-1997 Bellettini, G; Novaga, Matteo
Brunn-Minkowski inequality for the 1-Riesz capacity and level set convexity for the 1/2-Laplacian 1-gen-2015 Novaga, Matteo; Ruffini, B.
Bump solutions for the mesoscopic Allen-Cahn equation in periodic media 1-gen-2011 Novaga, Matteo; Valdinoci, E.