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Design model of an IEEE 802.11ad infrastructure for TSN-based industrial applications 1-gen-2023 Garroppo, R. G.; Scutella, M. G.
Experimental comparison of migration strategies for MEC-assisted 5G-V2X applications 1-gen-2023 Hathibelagal, M. A.; Garroppo, R. G.; Nencioni, G.
Experimental Evaluation of Handover Strategies in 5G-MEC Scenario by using AdvantEDGE 1-gen-2022 Garroppo, R. G.; Volpi, M.; Nencioni, G.; Wadatkar, P. V.
MEC Application Migration by using AdvantEDGE 1-gen-2022 Vinod Wadatkar, Prachi; Garroppo, Rosario G.; Nencioni, Gianfranco
Optimal Access Point Power Management for Green IEEE 802.11 Networks 1-gen-2021 Garroppo, Rosario G.; Nencioni, Gianfranco; Tavanti, Luca; Gendron, Bernard; Scutella', MARIA GRAZIA
A streaming approach to reveal crowded events from cellular data 1-gen-2020 Garroppo, R. G.; Procissi, G.
Energy-efficient resource allocation in wireless LANs under non-linear capacity constraints 1-gen-2020 Garroppo, R. G.; Nencioni, G.; Tavanti, L.; Gendron, B.; Scutella, M. G.
Increasing the reliability of IEEE 802.11ad for industrial applications 1-gen-2020 Garroppo, R. G.; Scutella, M. G.
Prediction of mobile networks traffic: Enhancement of the NMLS technique 1-gen-2020 Garroppo, R. G.; Callegari, C.
Robust green Wireless Local Area Networks: A matheuristic approach 1-gen-2020 Garroppo, R. G.; Scutella, M. G.; D'Andreagiovanni, F.
A Vocabulary for Growth: Topic Modeling of Content Popularity Evolution 1-gen-2018 Garroppo, Rosario Giuseppe; Ahmed, Mohamed; Niccolini, Saverio; Dusi, Maurizio
Anomaly detection mechanisms to find social events using cellular traffic data 1-gen-2018 Garroppo, Rosario G.; Niccolini, Saverio
Experimental Analysis of ViLTE Service 1-gen-2018 Callegari, Christian; Garroppo, Rosario Giuseppe; Giordano, Stefano; Labrozzo, Calogero Carlo; Procissi, Gregorio; Minissale, Giovanni; Topazzi, Simone
Green Design of Wireless Local Area Networks by Multiband Robust Optimization 1-gen-2018 D'Andreagiovanni, Fabio; Garroppo, Rosario Giuseppe; Scutella', Maria Grazia
Orchestration and Control in Software-Defined 5G Networks: Research Challenges 1-gen-2018 Nencioni, Gianfranco; Garroppo, Rosario G.; Gonzalez, Andres J.; Helvik, Bjarne E.; Procissi, Gregorio
Energy efficiency and traffic offloading in wireless mesh networks with delay bounds 1-gen-2017 Garroppo, ROSARIO GIUSEPPE; Gendron, Bernard; Nencioni, Gianfranco; Tavanti, Luca
Inferring social information on foreign people from mobile traffic data 1-gen-2017 Callegari, Christian; Garroppo, Rosario G.; Giordano, Stefano
Power savings with data rate guarantee in dense WLANs 1-gen-2017 D'Andreagiovanni, Fabio; Garroppo, Rosario G.; Scutella, Maria Grazia
A branch-and-Benders-cut method for nonlinear power design in green wireless local area networks 1-gen-2016 Gendron, Bernard; Scutella', MARIA GRAZIA; Garroppo, ROSARIO GIUSEPPE; Nencioni, Gianfranco; Tavanti, Luca
Antennas and photovoltaic panels: Toward a green Internet of Things 1-gen-2016 Caso, Roberto; Garroppo, ROSARIO GIUSEPPE; Giordano, Stefano; Manara, Giuliano; Michel, Andrea; Nepa, Paolo; Tavanti, Luca; Magnarosa, M.; Nenna, G.