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High-resolution spatial analysis of temperature influence on the rainfall regime and extreme precipitation events in north-central Italy 1-gen-2023 Luppichini, Marco; Bini, Monica; Giannecchini, Roberto; Zanchetta, Giovanni
Machine learning models to complete rainfall time series databases affected by missing or anomalous data 1-gen-2023 Lupi, A.; Luppichini, M.; Barsanti, M.; Bini, M.; Giannecchini, R.
Moisture sources and climatic effects controlling precipitation stable isotope composition in a western Mediterranean island (Pianosa, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Natali, Stefano; Doveri, Marco; Franceschi, Linda; Giannecchini, Roberto; Luppichini, Marco; Menichini, Matia; Zanchetta, Giovanni
A morphotectonic approach to the study of earthquakes in Rome 1-gen-2022 Marra, F; Frepoli, A; Gioia, D; Schiattarella, M; Tertulliani, A; Bini, M; De Luca, G; Luppichini, M
CleverRiver: an open source and free Google Colab toolkit for deep-learning river-flow models 1-gen-2022 Luppichini, M; Bini, M; Giannecchini, R
Deep learning models to predict flood events in fast-flowing watersheds 1-gen-2022 Luppichini, M.; Barsanti, M.; Giannecchini, R.; Bini, M.
Insight into summer drought in southern Italy: palaeohydrological evolution of Lake Pergusa (Sicily) in the last 6700 years 1-gen-2022 Zanchetta, G.; Baneschi, I.; Magny, M.; Sadori, L.; Termine, R.; Bini, M.; Vannière, B.; Desmet, M.; Natali, S.; Lezzerini, M.; Luppichini, M.; Pasquetti, F.
Seasonal rainfall trends of a key Mediterranean area in relation to large-scale atmospheric circulation: How does current global change affect the rainfall regime? 1-gen-2022 Luppichini, M; Bini, M; Barsanti, M; Giannecchini, R; Zanchetta, G
Web Mapping and Real–Virtual Itineraries to Promote Feasible Archaeological and Environmental Tourism in Versilia (Italy) 1-gen-2022 Luppichini, M.; Noti, V.; Pavone, D.; Bonato, M.; Ghizzani Marcìa, F.; Genovesi, S.; Lemmi, F.; Rosselli, L.; Chiarenza, N.; Colombo, M.; Picchi, G.; Fontanelli, A.; Bini, M.
Beyond one-way determinism: San Frediano’s miracle and climate change in Central and Northern Italy in late antiquity 1-gen-2021 Zanchetta, G.; Bini, M.; Bloomfield, K.; Izdebski, A.; Vivoli, N.; Regattieri, E.; Isola, I.; Drysdale, R. N.; Bajo, P.; Hellstrom, J. C.; Wisniewski, R.; Fallick, A. E.; Natali, S.; Luppichini, M.
Drones for litter mapping: An inter-operator concordance test in marking beached items on aerial images 1-gen-2021 Andriolo, U.; Goncalves, G.; Rangel-Buitrago, N.; Paterni, M.; Bessa, F.; Goncalves, L. M. S.; Sobral, P.; Bini, M.; Duarte, D.; Fontan-Bouzas, A.; Goncalves, D.; Kataoka, T.; Luppichini, M.; Pinto, L.; Topouzelis, K.; Velez-Mendoza, A.; Merlino, S.
Exploring the Relationship between River Discharge and Coastal Erosion: An Integrated Approach Applied to the Pisa Coastal Plain (Italy) 1-gen-2021 Bini, Monica; Casarosa, Nicola; Luppichini, Marco
Geomorphological features of Favignana Island (SW Italy) 1-gen-2021 Pappalardo, M.; Bevilacqua, A.; Luppichini, M.; Bini, M.
Nature-based solutions to contrast climate change effects, increase resilience and biodiversity: action strategies of PHUSICOS Project in the Massaciuccoli Lake Basin (Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2021 Barsanti, M.; Bini, M.; De Nisco, D.; Del Seppia, N.; Giannecchini, R.; Grossi, N.; Lucchesi, M.; Luppichini, M.; Martinelli, A.; Mazzoncini, M.; Pasquetti, F.; Silvestri, N.
A new beach topography-based method for shoreline identification 1-gen-2020 Luppichini, M.; Bini, M.; Paterni, M.; Berton, A.; Merlino, S.