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Post-fire dietary adaptation by red foxes in a Mediterranean area during the warm season: a small mammals’ selection study. 1-gen-2024 Baldeschi, Benedetta; Tomassini, Orlando; Bedini, Gianni; Petroni, Giulio; Giunchi, Dimitri; Massolo, Alessandro
Some like it burnt: species differences in small mammal assemblage in a Mediterranean-basin nearly 3 years after a major fire 1-gen-2024 Tomassini, Orlando; Aghemo, Anna; Baldeschi, Benedetta; Bedini, Gianni; Petroni, Giulio; Giunchi, Dimitri; Massolo, Alessandro
Holospora-like bacteria "Candidatus Gortzia yakutica" and Preeria caryophila: Ultrastructure, promiscuity, and biogeography of the symbionts 1-gen-2023 Fokin, Sergei I; Lebedeva, Natalia A; Potekhin, Alexey; Gammuto, Leandro; Petroni, Giulio; Serra, Valentina
Multidisciplinary characterization of the new species Copemetopus mystakophoros and its symbionts with a proposal for the new class Copemetopea (Alveolata: Ciliophora) 1-gen-2023 Fokin, Sergei I; Serra, Valentina; Gammuto, Leandro; Allievi, Alessandro; Petroni, Giulio; Modeo, Letizia
Red mark syndrome: Is the aquaculture water microbiome a keystone for understanding the disease aetiology? 1-gen-2023 Bruno, A.; Cafiso, A.; Sandionigi, A.; Galimberti, A.; Magnani, D.; Manfrin, A.; Petroni, G.; Casiraghi, M.; Bazzocchi, C.
Characterization of a Pseudokeronopsis Strain (Ciliophora, Urostylida) and Its Bacterial Endosymbiont “Candidatus Trichorickettsia” (Alphaproteobacteria, Rickettsiales) 1-gen-2022 Castelli, Michele; Serra, Valentina; Gammuto, Leandro; Senra, Marcus V. X.; Modeo, Letizia; Petroni, Giulio
Comparing carriers as a support media of white-rot fungi in natural tannins removal 1-gen-2022 Bardi, A.; Ciummei, Y.; Spennati, F.; Moga, I. C.; di Gregorio, S.; Petroni, G.; Munz, G.
Cryptic Diversity in Paramecium multimicronucleatum Revealed with a Polyphasic Approach 1-gen-2022 Melekhin, M.; Yakovleva, Y.; Lebedeva, N.; Nekrasova, I.; Nikitashina, L.; Castelli, M.; Mayen-Estrada, R.; Romanovich, A. E.; Petroni, G.; Potekhin, A.
Doublets of the unicellular organism Euplotes vannus (Alveolata, Ciliophora, Euplotida): the morphogenetic patterns of the ciliary and nuclear apparatuses associated with cell division 1-gen-2022 Fu, J.; Chi, Y.; Lu, X.; Gao, F.; Al-Farraj, S. A.; Petroni, G.; Jiang, J.
Identification of the bacteria associated to the phycosphere of the Chlorella-like strain SEC_LI_ChL_1 1-gen-2022 Serra, V; Gammuto, L; Petroni, G; Ciurli, A; Chiellini, C
Molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of four Remanella species (Protozoa, Ciliophora): A flagship genus of karyorelictean ciliates, with descriptions of two new species 1-gen-2022 Ma, M. -Z.; Liu, Y. -J.; Xu, Y.; Lu, B. -R.; Li, Y. -Q.; AL-Farraj, S. A.; Petroni, G.; Song, W. -B.; Yan, Y.
Phylogeny of a new ciliate family Clampidae fam. nov. (Protista: Ciliophora), with notes on morphology and morphogenesis 1-gen-2022 Xu, Wx; Ma, Jy; Li, Y; Bourland, Wa; Petroni, G; Luo, Xt; Song, Wb
The azurin coding gene: Origin and phylogenetic distribution 1-gen-2022 Gammuto, L.; Chiellini, C.; Iozzo, M.; Fani, R.; Petroni, G.
‘Candidatus Gromoviella agglomerans’, a novel intracellular Holosporaceae parasite of the ciliate Paramecium showing marked genome reduction 1-gen-2022 Castelli, M.; Lanzoni, O.; Giovannini, M.; Lebedeva, N.; Gammuto, L.; Sassera, D.; Melekhin, M.; Potekhin, A.; Fokin, S.; Petroni, G.
A New Ciboria sp. for Soil Mycoremediation and the Bacterial Contribution to the Depletion of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons 1-gen-2021 Becarelli, S.; Chicca, I.; La China, S.; Siracusa, G.; Bardi, A.; Gullo, M.; Petroni, G.; Levin, D. B.; Di Gregorio, S.
Double trouble: could Ichthyophthirius multifiliis be a vehicle for the bacterium associated with red mark syndrome in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss? 1-gen-2021 Pasqualetti, C.; Schmidt, J. G.; Cafiso, A.; Gammuto, L.; Lanzoni, O.; Sepulveda, D.; Manfrin, A.; Benedetti Cecchi, L.; Olesen, N. J.; Bazzocchi, C.; Petroni, G.
Incorporating mitogenome sequencing into integrative taxonomy: the multidisciplinary redescription of the ciliate Thuricola similis (Peritrichia, Vaginicolidae) provides new insights into the evolutionary relationships among Oligohymenophorea subclasses 1-gen-2021 Liao, Wanying; Henrique Campello-Nunes, Pedro; Gammuto, Leandro; Abreu Viana, Tiago; de Oliveira Marchesini, Roberto; da Silva Paiva, Thiago; Domingos da Silva-Neto, Inácio; Modeo, Letizia; Petroni, Giulio
Phylogeny of Neobursaridium reshapes the systematics of Paramecium (Oligohymenophorea, Ciliophora) 1-gen-2021 Serra, Valentina; Fokin, Sergei I.; Gammuto, Leandro; Nitla, Venkatamahesh; Castelli, Michele; Basuri, Charan Kumar; Satyaveni, Adireddy; Sandeep, Bhagavatula Venkata; Modeo, Letizia; Petroni, Giulio
The neotypification of Frontonia vernalis (Ehrenberg, 1833) Ehrenberg, 1838 and the description of Frontonia paravernalis sp. nov. trigger a critical revision of frontoniid systematics 1-gen-2021 Serra, Valentina; D’Alessandro, Aldo; Nitla, Venkatamahesh; Gammuto, Leandro; Modeo, Letizia; Petroni, Giulio; Fokin, Sergei I.
‘Candidatus Sarmatiella mevalonica’ endosymbiont of the ciliate Paramecium provides insights on evolutionary plasticity among Rickettsiales 1-gen-2021 Castelli, M.; Lanzoni, O.; Nardi, T.; Lometto, S.; Modeo, L.; Potekhin, A.; Sassera, D.; Petroni, G.