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Nome #
Pleurotus ostreatus spent mushroom substrate for the degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: the case study of a pilot dynamic biopile for the decontamination of a historically contaminated soil, file e0d6c92b-9158-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 326
Genetic Codes with No Dedicated Stop Codon: Context-Dependent Translation Termination, file e0d6c928-357f-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 188
Rare Freshwater Ciliate Paramecium chlorelligerum Kahl, 1935 and Its Macronuclear Symbiotic Bacterium "Candidatus Holospora parva", file e0d6c929-3579-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 188
Microbial Consortium Associated with the Antarctic Marine Ciliate Euplotes focardii: An Investigation from Genomic Sequences, file e0d6c926-9c9a-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 163
"Candidatus Fokinia solitaria", a novel "stand-Alone" symbiotic lineage of Midichloriaceae (Rickettsiales), file e0d6c928-3699-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 151
null, file e0d6c92a-e4b8-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 146
"Candidatus Gortzia shahrazadis", a Novel Endosymbiont of Paramecium multimicronucleatum and a Revision of the Biogeographical Distribution of Holospora-Like Bacteria, file e0d6c928-369f-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 144
A new obligate bacterial symbiont colonizing the ciliate Euplotes in brackish and freshwater: "Candidatus Protistobacter heckmanni", file e0d6c926-457e-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 141
Flagellar Movement in Two Bacteria of the Family Rickettsiaceae: A Re-Evaluation of Motility in an Evolutionary Perspective, file e0d6c926-4378-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 134
"Candidatus Megaira polyxenophila" gen. nov., sp. nov.: Considerations on Evolutionary History, Host Range and Shift of Early Divergent Rickettsiae, file e0d6c926-495b-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 134
Morphology, ultrastructure, and molecular phylogeny of the ciliate Sonderia vorax with insights into the systematics of order Plagiopylida., file e0d6c926-18b2-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 128
Disentangling the Taxonomy of Rickettsiales and Description of Two Novel Symbionts ("Candidatus Bealeia paramacronuclearis" and "Candidatus Fokinia cryptica") Sharing the Cytoplasm of the Ciliate Protist Paramecium biaurelia, file e0d6c928-369b-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 126
Bacterial communities in polluted seabed sediments: a molecular biology assay in Leghorn harbor, file e0d6c926-45b3-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 123
The Genome Sequence of "Candidatus Fokinia solitaria": Insights on Reductive Evolution in Rickettsiales, file e0d6c92a-ed3b-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 119
Polynucleobacter necessarius, a model for genome reduction in both free-living and symbiotic bacteria, file e0d6c926-4376-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 114
Free-living ciliates as potential reservoirs for eukaryotic parasites: Occurrence of a trypanosomatid in the macronucleus of Euplotes encysticus, file e0d6c926-9d11-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 106
Fitness Impact of Obligate Intranuclear Bacterial Symbionts Depends on Host Growth Phase, file e0d6c928-6a38-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 100
Rediscovering the genus Lyticum, multiflagellated symbionts of the order Rickettsiales, file e0d6c926-4097-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 94
Recalcitrant compounds removal in raw leachate and synthetic effluents using the white-rot fungus Bjerkandera adusta, file e0d6c929-f6b4-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 88
Exploring K2G30 genome: A high bacterial cellulose producing strain in glucose and mannitol based media, file e0d6c92d-665d-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 42
Diversity and environmental distribution of the cosmopolitan endosymbiont “Candidatus Megaira”, file e0d6c92c-5150-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 39
I protisti ciliati come possibile serbatoio naturale di batteri Rickettsia-simili, file e0d6c92a-799a-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 33
Large-scale phylogenomic analysis reveals the phylogenetic position of the problematic taxon Protocruzia and unravels the deep phylogenetic affinities of the ciliate lineages, file e0d6c92b-87a6-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 25
Bacterial Community Characterization in Paper Mill White Water, file e0d6c926-4085-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 24
Incorporating mitogenome sequencing into integrative taxonomy: the multidisciplinary redescription of the ciliate Thuricola similis (Peritrichia, Vaginicolidae) provides new insights into the evolutionary relationships among Oligohymenophorea subclasses, file e0d6c930-3c92-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 23
Phylogeny of Neobursaridium reshapes the systematics of Paramecium (Oligohymenophorea, Ciliophora), file e0d6c930-5291-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 23
Symbiont replacement between bacteria of different classes reveals additional layers of complexity in the evolution of symbiosis in the ciliate Euplotes, file e0d6c92a-738e-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 20
Characterization and evolution of cell division and cell wall synthesis genes in the bacterial phyla Verrucomicrobia, Lentisphaerae, Chlamydiae and Planctomycetes and phylogenetic comparison with rRNA genes, file e0d6c928-32b6-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 17
"Candidatus Defluviella procrastinata" and Candidatus Cyrtobacter zxanobii", two novel ciliate endosymbionts belonging to the"Midichloria clade", file e0d6c926-3b1e-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 14
A House for Two—Double Bacterial Infection in Euplotes woodruffi Sq1 (Ciliophora, Euplotia) Sampled in Southeastern Brazil, file e0d6c928-279a-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 12
Strengths and Biases of High-Throughput Sequencing Data in the Characterization of Freshwater Ciliate Microbiomes, file e0d6c929-fc82-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 10
“Candidatus Hafkinia simulans” gen. nov., sp. nov., a Novel Holospora-Like Bacterium from the Macronucleus of the Rare Brackish Water Ciliate Frontonia salmastra (Oligohymenophorea, Ciliophora): Multidisciplinary Characterization of the New Endosymbiont and Its Host, file e0d6c92b-a866-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 10
Critical revision of the family Plagiopylidae (Ciliophora: Plagiopylea), including the description of two novel species, Plagiopyla ramani and Plagiopyla narasimhamurtii, and redescription of Plagiopyla nasuta Stein, 1860 from India, file e0d6c92d-4440-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 10
Parablepharisma (Ciliophora) is not a Heterotrich: A Phylogenetic and Morphological Study with the Proposal of New Taxa, file e0d6c92e-a78f-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 10
Morphological, ultrastructural, and molecular characterization of Euplotidium rosati n.sp. (Ciliophora, Euplotida) from Guam, file e0d6c926-3798-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 9
Characterization and Comparison of Bacterial Communities Selected in Conventional Activated Sludge and Membrane Bioreactor Pilot Plants: A Focus on Nitrospira and Planctomycetes Bacterial Phyla, file e0d6c928-3ff5-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 9
Ciliate communities and hidden biodiversity in freshwater biotopes of the Pistoia province (Tuscany, Italy), file e0d6c928-2558-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 8
Focusing on genera to improve species identification: Revised systematics of the ciliate Spirostomum, file e0d6c926-4a7f-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 7
Biological Sulfur-Oxidizing Potential of Primary and Biological Sludge in a Tannery Wastewater Treatment Plant, file e0d6c928-3da1-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 7
Nitrifying biomass characterization and monitoring during bioaugmentation in a membrane bioreactor, file e0d6c928-33a4-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 6
The Hidden World of Rickettsiales Symbionts: “Candidatus Spectririckettsia obscura,” a Novel Bacterium Found in Brazilian and Indian Paramecium caudatum, file e0d6c92b-0b2a-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 6
Large-scale phylogenomic analysis reveals the phylogenetic position of the problematic taxon Protocruzia and unravels the deep phylogenetic affinities of the ciliate lineages, file e0d6c926-44f1-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 5
Characterization of bacterial operons consisting of two tubulins and a kinesin-like gene by the novel Two-Step Gene Walking method, file e0d6c928-3bed-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 5
High degree of specificity in the association between symbiotic betaproteobacteria and the host Euplotes (Ciliophora,Euplotia), file e0d6c929-2e4f-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 5
Critical revision of the family Plagiopylidae (Ciliophora: Plagiopylea), including the description of two novel species, Plagiopyla ramani and Plagiopyla narasimhamurtii, and redescription of Plagiopyla nasuta Stein, 1860 from India, file e0d6c92d-5ef7-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 5
Bacterial communities in polluted seabed sediments: a molecular biology assay in Leghorn harbor, file e0d6c926-4968-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 4
Molecularr systematics and ultrastructural characterization of a forgotten species: Chattonidium setense (Ciliophora, Heterotrichea), file e0d6c928-3284-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 4
“Candidatus Trichorickettsia mobilis”, a Rickettsiales bacterium, can be transiently transferred from the unicellular eukaryote Paramecium to the planarian Dugesia japonica, file e0d6c92e-c81e-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 4
Morphology, ultrastructure, genomics, and phylogeny of Euplotes vanleeuwenhoeki sp. nov. and its ultra-reduced endosymbiont “Candidatus Pinguicoccus supinus” sp. nov, file e0d6c930-1463-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 4
Preliminary data on the distribution, morphology and genetics of white-clawed crayfish and on their ectosymbionts in Lunigiana (Tuscany, Italy), file e0d6c930-2dbd-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 4
Mycoremediation of old and intermediate landfill leachates with an ascomycete fungal isolate, Lambertella sp, file e0d6c930-427c-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 4
Response of the bacterial symbiont Holospora caryophila to different growth conditions of its host, file e0d6c925-e4fb-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
null, file e0d6c926-1190-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
The Passive yet Successful Way of Planktonic Life: Genomic and Experimental Analysis of the Ecology of a Free-Living Polynucleobacter Population., file e0d6c926-1241-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
Bacterial Community Characterization in Paper Mill White Water, file e0d6c926-4084-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
Detection of a Novel Subspecies of Francisella noatunensis as Endosymbiont of the Ciliate Euplotes raikovi, file e0d6c928-3218-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
Genes for the cytoskeletal protein tubulin in the bacterial genus Prosthecobacter, file e0d6c928-3cf5-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
Evaluation of Enrichment Protocols for Bacterial Endosymbionts of Ciliates by Real-Time PCR, file e0d6c928-3d8b-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
Candidatus Anadelfobacter veles" and "Candidatus Cyrtobacter comes," Two New Rickettsiales Species Hosted by the Protist Ciliate Euplotes harpa (Ciliophora, Spirotrichea), file e0d6c928-3d97-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
Harmful Effect of Rheinheimera sp. EpRS3 (Gammaproteobacteria) Against the Protist Euplotes aediculatus (Ciliophora, Spirotrichea): Insights Into the Ecological Role of Antimicrobial Compounds From Environmental Bacterial Strains, file e0d6c92c-728a-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
Deianiraea, an extracellular bacterium associated with the ciliate Paramecium, suggests an alternative scenario for the evolution of Rickettsiales, file e0d6c92d-7630-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
A New Ciboria sp. for Soil Mycoremediation and the Bacterial Contribution to the Depletion of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, file e0d6c931-b404-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 3
Molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of four Remanella species (Protozoa, Ciliophora): A flagship genus of karyorelictean ciliates, with descriptions of two new species, file 9854d586-0bd1-48d1-8dfc-1ec1d9975bf7 2
Microtubules in Bacteria: Ancient Tubulins Build a Five-Protofilament Homolog of the Eukaryotic Cytoskeleton, file e0d6c926-0d14-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
"Candidatus Midichloriaceae" fam. nov. (Rickettsiales), an Ecologically Widespread Clade of Intracellular Alphaproteobacteria, file e0d6c926-495c-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
The Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP): Illuminating the Functional Diversity of Eukaryotic Life in the Oceans through Transcriptome Sequencing, file e0d6c926-9d0d-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
Survey of Paramecium duboscqui using three markers and assessment of the molecular variability in the genus Paramecium., file e0d6c928-3216-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
Transmission of Members of the “Candidatus Midichloriaceae” Family to Vertebrates and Possible Involvement in Disease Pathogenesis, file e0d6c929-c12a-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
null, file e0d6c92a-0d85-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
null, file e0d6c92a-2203-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
Revised systematics of Holospora-like bacteria and characterization of “Candidatus Gortzia infectiva”, a novel macronuclear symbiont of Paramecium jenningsi, file e0d6c92a-7103-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
Complex life cycle, broad host range and adaptation strategy of the intranuclear Paramecium symbiont Preeria caryophila comb. nov, file e0d6c92b-7069-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
SeqDeχ: A Sequence Deconvolution Tool for Genome Separation of Endosymbionts From Mixed Sequencing Samples, file e0d6c92e-8a32-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
Documentation of a new hypotrich species in the family Amphisiellidae, Lamtostyla gui n. sp. (Protista, Ciliophora) using a multidisciplinary approach, file e0d6c92f-3799-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
The Obligate Symbiont “Candidatus Megaira polyxenophila” Has Variable Effects on the Growth of Different Host Species, file e0d6c930-295a-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
A new Thioalkalivibrio sp. strain isolated from petroleum-contaminated brackish estuary sediments: A new candidate for bio-based application for sulfide oxidation in halo-alkaline conditions, file e0d6c930-3a1f-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
The neotypification of Frontonia vernalis (Ehrenberg, 1833) Ehrenberg, 1838 and the description of Frontonia paravernalis sp. nov. trigger a critical revision of frontoniid systematics, file e0d6c930-a305-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
The azurin coding gene: Origin and phylogenetic distribution, file e0d6c931-cdea-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
The core microbiome of sessile ciliate Stentor coeruleus is not shaped by the environment, file e0d6c932-101b-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 2
Characterization of a Pseudokeronopsis Strain (Ciliophora, Urostylida) and Its Bacterial Endosymbiont “Candidatus Trichorickettsia” (Alphaproteobacteria, Rickettsiales), file 53bd5177-136e-4d65-b8fa-e501f64295e1 1
Doublets of the unicellular organism Euplotes vannus (Alveolata, Ciliophora, Euplotida): the morphogenetic patterns of the ciliary and nuclear apparatuses associated with cell division, file db89a1bd-dd49-47c8-8dbe-4a94231dbf69 1
Characterization of "Candidatus nebulobacter yamunensis" from the cytoplasm of Euplotes aediculatus (Ciliophora, Spirotrichea) and emended description of the family Francisellaceae, file e0d6c926-3821-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Biofouling of reverse osmosis membranes used in river water purification for drinking purposes: analysis of microbial populations., file e0d6c926-3d4e-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
‘‘Candidatus Cryptoprodotis polytropus,’’ A Novel Rickettsia-Like Organism in the Ciliated Protist Pseudomicrothorax dubius (Ciliophora, Nassophorea)., file e0d6c928-3836-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Trichites of Strombidium (Ciliata Oligotrichita) are extrusomes, file e0d6c928-3b19-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Biodiversity of “Non-model” Rickettsiales and Their Association with Aquatic Organisms, file e0d6c929-afd7-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
null, file e0d6c92a-91e2-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
null, file e0d6c92a-a40e-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Host and symbiont intraspecific variability: The case of Paramecium calkinsi and "Candidatus Trichorickettsia mobilis", file e0d6c92b-0b21-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
null, file e0d6c92b-1578-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Diversity, environmental distribution, and molecular variability of the bacterial endosymbiont "Candidatus Megaira" widespread in ciliates and other protists, file e0d6c92b-172b-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
Role of bacterivorous organisms on fungal-based systems for natural tannin degradation, file e0d6c92e-a3cc-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
‘Candidatus Sarmatiella mevalonica’ endosymbiont of the ciliate Paramecium provides insights on evolutionary plasticity among Rickettsiales, file e0d6c930-4fde-fcf8-e053-d805fe0aa794 1
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