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Designed multiple ligands for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus and its complications: Discovery of (5-arylidene-4-oxo-2-thioxothiazolidin-3-yl)alkanoic acids active as novel dual-targeted PTP1B/AKR1B1 inhibitors 1-gen-2023 Maccari, Rosanna; Wolber, Gerhard; Genovese, Massimo; Sardelli, Gemma; Talagayev, Valerij; Balestri, Francesco; Luti, Simone; Santi, Alice; Moschini, Roberta; Del Corso, Antonella; Paoli, Paolo; Ottanà, Rosaria
Response of a Human Lens Epithelial Cell Line to Hyperglycemic and Oxidative Stress: The Role of Aldose Reductase 1-gen-2023 Sardelli, Gemma; Scali, Viola; Signore, Giovanni; Balestri, Francesco; Cappiello, Mario; Mura, Umberto; Del Corso, Antonella; Moschini, Roberta
Dissecting the Activity of Catechins as Incomplete Aldose Reductase Differential Inhibitors through Kinetic and Computational Approaches 1-gen-2022 Balestri, Francesco; Poli, Giulio; Piazza, Lucia; Cappiello, Mario; Moschini, Roberta; Signore, Giovanni; Tuccinardi, Tiziano; Mura, Umberto; Del Corso, Antonella
In Search of Differential Inhibitors of Aldose Reductase 1-gen-2022 Balestri, F.; Moschini, R.; Mura, U.; Cappiello, M.; Del Corso, A.
Models of enzyme inhibition and apparent dissociation constants from kinetic analysis to study the differential inhibition of aldose reductase 1-gen-2022 Balestri, Francesco; Cappiello, Mario; Moschini, Roberta; Mura, Umberto; Del-Corso, Antonella
Ribose Intake as Food Integrator: Is It a Really Convenient Practice? 1-gen-2022 Moschini, Roberta; Balestri, Francesco; Cappiello, Mario; Signore, Giovanni; Mura, Umberto; Del-Corso, Antonella
Cytosolic 5′-nucleotidase ii silencing in lung tumor cells regulates metabolism through activation of the p53/ampk signaling pathway 1-gen-2021 Pesi, R.; Allegrini, S.; Garcia-Gil, M.; Piazza, L.; Moschini, R.; Jordheim, L. P.; Camici, M.; Tozzi, M. G.
In search for multi-target ligands as potential agents for diabetes mellitus and its complications—a structure-activity relationship study on inhibitors of aldose reductase and protein tyrosine phosphatase 1b 1-gen-2021 Ottana, R.; Paoli, P.; Cappiello, M.; Nguyen, T. N.; Adornato, I.; Del Corso, A.; Genovese, M.; Nesi, I.; Moschini, R.; Nass, A.; Wolber, G.; Maccari, R.
Aldose reductase differential inhibitors in green tea 1-gen-2020 Balestri, F.; Poli, G.; Pineschi, C.; Moschini, R.; Cappiello, M.; Mura, U.; Tuccinardi, T.; Corso, A. D.
Chemical profile and nutraceutical features of Salsola soda (agretti): Anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic potential of its flavonoids 1-gen-2020 Iannuzzi, A. M.; Moschini, R.; De Leo, M.; Pineschi, C.; Balestri, F.; Cappiello, M.; Braca, A.; Del-Corso, A.
Dehydrogenase/reductase activity of human carbonyl reductase 1 with NADP(H) acting as a prosthetic group 1-gen-2020 Barracco, V; Moschini, R; Renzone, G; Cappiello, M; Balestri, F; Scaloni, A; Mura, U; Del-Corso, A
Intra-site differential inhibition of multi-specific enzymes 1-gen-2020 Cappiello, M.; Balestri, F.; Moschini, R.; Mura, U.; Del-Corso, A.
Pathways of 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal detoxification in a human astrocytoma cell line 1-gen-2020 Peroni, E.; Scali, V.; Balestri, F.; Cappiello, M.; Mura, U.; Del Corso, A.; Moschini, R.
Soyasaponins from Zolfino bean as aldose reductase differential inhibitors 1-gen-2019 Balestri, Francesco; De Leo, Marinella; Sorce, Carlo; Cappiello, Mario; Quattrini, Luca; Moschini, Roberta; Pineschi, Carlotta; Braca, Alessandra; La Motta, Concettina; Da Settimo, Federico; Del-Corso, Antonella; Mura, Umberto
Stereoselectivity of aldose reductase in the reduction of glutathionyl-hydroxynonanal adduct 1-gen-2019 Balestri, F.; Barracco, V.; Renzone, G.; Tuccinardi, T.; Pomelli, C. S.; Cappiello, M.; Lessi, M.; Rotondo, R.; Bellina, F.; Scaloni, A.; Mura, U.; Del Corso, A.; Moschini, R.
The furanosidic scaffold of d-ribose: a milestone for cell life 1-gen-2019 Del-Corso, Antonella; Cappiello, Mario; Moschini, Roberta; Balestri, Francesco; Mura, Umberto; Ipata, Piero Luigi
Acid Derivatives of Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine as Aldose Reductase Differential Inhibitors 1-gen-2018 Balestri, Francesco; Quattrini, Luca; Coviello, Vito; Sartini, Stefania; DA SETTIMO PASSETTI, Federico; Cappiello, Mario; Moschini, Roberta; DEL CORSO, Antonella; Mura, Umberto; LA MOTTA, Concettina
How the chemical features of molecules may have addressed the settlement of metabolic steps 1-gen-2018 Del-Corso, Antonella; Cappiello, Mario; Moschini, Roberta; Balestri, Francesco; Mura, Umberto
Edible vegetables as a source of aldose reductase differential inhibitors 1-gen-2017 Balestri, Francesco; Sorce, Carlo; Moschini, Roberta; Cappiello, Mario; Misuri, Livia; DEL CORSO, Antonella; Mura, Umberto
Enhancing activity and selectivity in a series of pyrrol-1-yl-1-hydroxypyrazole-based aldose reductase inhibitors: The case of trifluoroacetylation 1-gen-2017 Papastavrou, Nikolaos; Chatzopoulou, Maria; Ballekova, Jana; Cappiello, Mario; Moschini, Roberta; Balestri, Francesco; Patsilinakos, Alexandros; Ragno, Rino; Stefek, Milan; Nicolaou, Ioannis