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A 3D LTE antenna for vehicular applications 1-gen-2017 Franchina, V.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.; Parolari, R.; Moro, I.; Filisan, A. Polo; Zamberlan, D.
Accuracy of a Multiprobe Conformal Sensor in Estimating the Dielectric Constant in Deep Biological Tissues 1-gen-2015 Michel, Andrea; Karathanasis, Konstantinos; Nepa, Paolo; Volakis, John L.
An array of meander Travelling Wave Antennas for near-field UHF-RFID readers 1-gen-2013 Michel, Andrea; Caso, Roberto; Buffi, Alice; Nepa, Paolo; G., Isola
Analysis of wearable ungrounded antennas for UHF RFIDs with respect to the coupling with human-body 1-gen-2016 Casula, G. A.; Montisci, G.; Michel, Andrea; Nepa, Paolo
Antennas and photovoltaic panels: Toward a green Internet of Things 1-gen-2016 Caso, Roberto; Garroppo, ROSARIO GIUSEPPE; Giordano, Stefano; Manara, Giuliano; Michel, Andrea; Nepa, Paolo; Tavanti, Luca; Magnarosa, M.; Nenna, G.
Antennas for UHF-RFID printer-encoders 1-gen-2015 Michel, Andrea; Buffi, Alice; Nepa, Paolo; Manara, Giuliano
Circularly polarized antenna in 3d printing technology to feed a wearable fully-integrated WiFi-RFID reader for biomedical applications 1-gen-2020 Colella, R.; Catarinucci, L.; Michel, A.
Compact 3-D-Printed Circularly Polarized Antenna for Handheld UHF RFID Readers 1-gen-2018 Colella, Riccardo; Michel, Andrea; Catarinucci, Luca
A compact 3D antenna for automotive LTE MIMO applications 1-gen-2017 Franchina, V.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.; Gallo, M.; Parolari, R.; Filisan, A. Polo; Zamberlan, D.
Compact and Wearable Yagi-Like Textile Antennas for Near-Field UHF-RFID Readers 1-gen-2021 Singh, Rajesh Kumar; Michel, Andrea; Nepa, Paolo; Salvatore, Alfredo; Terraroli, Maria; Perego, Paolo
A Compact and Wideband Vehicular Antenna for LTE/5G Applications 1-gen-2021 Singh, R. K.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.
Compact Dual Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna with High Ports Isolation for MIMO WLAN Application 1-gen-2020 Zhang, E.; Qiu, J.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.
Compact Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Stacked Patch Antenna for Microwave-Radio-Frequency Identification Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Application 1-gen-2021 Zhang, E.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.; Qiu, J.
Compact In-metal UHF RFID Tag for Manufactured Metallic Components 1-gen-2018 Franchina, Vittorio; Michel, Andrea; Nepa, Paolo; Salvatore, Alfredo
Compact Quasi-Yagi Reader Antenna for UHF RFID Smart-Glove 1-gen-2020 Singh, R. K.; Michel, A.; Nepa, P.; Salvatore, A.
A compact UHF RFID ceramic tag for higherature applications 1-gen-2019 Franchina, V.; Ria, A.; Michel, A.; Bruschi, P.; Nepa, P.; Salvatore, A.
Considering High-Performance Near-Field Reader Antennas: Comparisons of Proposed Antenna Layouts for Ultrahigh-Frequency Near-Field Radio-Frequency Identification 1-gen-2018 Michel, Andrea; Nepa, Paolo; Qing, Xianming; Chen, Zhi Ning
A Curved 3-D Printed Microstrip Patch Antenna Layout for Bandwidth Enhancement and Size Reduction 1-gen-2020 Muntoni, G.; Montisci, G.; Casula, G. A.; Chietera, F. P.; Michel, A.; Colella, R.; Catarinucci, L.; Mazzarella, G.
Design and Performance Analysis of a Slot Antenna Integrated in a Photovoltaic Panel 1-gen-2012 Michel, Andrea; Caso, Roberto; Tavanti, Luca; Gazzarrini, Loris; Garroppo, ROSARIO GIUSEPPE; Nepa, Paolo
Design and Performance of an Integrated Antenna for a 433MHz Car Park Monitoring System 1-gen-2012 Caso, R; Michel, A; Nepa, Paolo; Manara, Giuliano; Massini, R.