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A model combining structure and properties of a 160/220 bituminous binder modified with polymer/clay nanocomposites. A rheological and morphological study 1-gen-2013 Merusi, F.; Giuliani, F.; Filippi, Sara; Polacco, Giovanni
A review of the fundamentals of polymer-modified asphalts: Asphalt/polymer interactions and principles of compatibility 1-gen-2015 Polacco, Giovanni; Filippi, Sara; Merusi, Filippo; Stastna, George
A revised relationship between molecular weight and reduced angular frequency in δ-method applied to unmodified petroleum bitumens 1-gen-2020 Cuciniello, Giacomo; Filippi, Sara; Cappello, Miriam; Leandri, Pietro; Polacco, Giovanni
An insight into the interaction between functionalized thermoplastic elastomer and layered double hydroxides through rheological investigations 1-gen-2018 Arrigo, Rossella; Dintcheva, Nadka Tzankova; Tarantino, Giuseppe; Passaglia, Elisa; Coiai, Serena; Cicogna, Francesca; Filippi, Sara; Nasillo, Giorgio; Martino, Delia Chillura
Apparent Molecular Weight Distributions for Investigating Aging in Polymer-Modified Bitumen 1-gen-2021 Cappello, Miriam; Filippi, Sara; Hung, Yvong; Losa, Massimo; Polacco, Giovanni
Apparent Molecular Weight Distributions in Bituminous Binders 1-gen-2022 Polacco, Giovanni; Cappello, Miriam; Cuciniello, Giacomo; Filippi, Sara
Azidated Ether-Butadiene-Ether Block Copolymers as Binders for Solid Propellants 1-gen-2016 Cappello, Miriam; Lamia, Pietro; Mura, Claudio; Polacco, Giovanni; Filippi, Sara
Biodegradable microparticles designed to efficiently reach and act on cystic fibrosis mucus barrier 1-gen-2019 Cristallini, Caterina; Barbani, Niccoletta; Ventrelli, Letizia; Summa, Chiara; Filippi, Sara; Capelôa, Tania; Vitale, Emanuela; Albera, Carlo; Messore, Barbara; Giachino, Claudia
Caratterizzazione reologica di bitumi modificati con SBS 1-gen-2003 D., Biondi; Polacco, Giovanni; Filippi, Sara
Classification and selection of exhausted oils for rejuvenating bituminous blends 1-gen-2021 Cuciniello, G.; Mallegni, N.; Cappello, M.; Filippi, S.; Leandri, P.; Polacco, G.; Losa, M.
Compatibilization of LDPE/PA6 blends by maleic anhydride functionalized polyethylenes 1-gen-2001 J., Cuihong; Filippi, Sara; Polacco, Giovanni; Paci, Massimo; Magagnini, PIER LUIGI
Compatibilizing Efficiency of Poly(Ethylene-co-Acrylic Acid) for LDPE/PA-6 Blends 1-gen-2001 V., Chiono; Filippi, Sara; Polacco, Giovanni; Magagnini, PIER LUIGI; L., Minkova
Coupling of chiral 1-bromo-1,2-dienes with zinc-based cuprates: A new procedure for the regio and stereoselective synthesis of functionalized acetylenic compounds 1-gen-2000 Caporusso, ANNA MARIA; Filippi, Sara; Barontini, Federica; Salvadori, Piero
Effect of ageing on the morphology and creep and recovery of polymer-modified bitumens 1-gen-2018 Cuciniello, Giacomo; Leandri, Pietro; Filippi, Sara; Lo Presti, Davide; Losa, Massimo; Airey, Gordon
Effect of Nanoadditives on Bitumen Aging Resistance: A Critical Review 1-gen-2018 Filippi, Sara; Cappello, Miriam; Merce, Manuel; Polacco, Giovanni
Effect of nanoclay and conventional flame retardants on asphalt mixtures fire reaction 1-gen-2013 Bonati, A.; Merusi, F.; Bochicchio, G.; Tessadri, B.; Polacco, Giovanni; Filippi, Sara; Giuliani, F.
Effect of synthetic and functionalized waxes on bituminous binders: From the glassy state to the intermediate viscoelastic domain 1-gen-2017 Merusi, Filippo; Filippi, Sara; Polacco, Giovanni
Effectiveness of sodium chloride-based anti-icing filler in asphalt 1-gen-2012 Paci, Massimo; Filippi, Sara; Polacco, Giovanni; F., Giuliani; F., Merusi
Effects of Organoclay on Morphology and Properties of Nanocomposites Based on LDPE/PA-6 Blends Without and With SEBS-g-MA Compatibilizer 1-gen-2009 Filippi, Sara; N. T., Dintcheva; R., Scaffaro; F. P., La Mantia; Polacco, Giovanni; P., Magagnini
Effects of polymer modification on the fuel resistance of asphalt binders 1-gen-2009 F., Giuliani; F., Merusi; Filippi, Sara; D., Biondi; Finocchiaro, M. L.; Polacco, Giovanni