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Antineoplastic drugs inducing cardiac and vascular toxicity – An update 1-gen-2023 Barachini, S.; Ghelardoni, S.; Varga, Z. V.; Mehanna, R. A.; Montt-Guevara, M. M.; Ferdinandy, P.; Madonna, R.
Five actions for five people: emergency cesarean section protocol 1-gen-2023 Mannella, Paolo; Pancetti, Federica; Giannini, Andrea; Russo, Eleonora; Montt-Guevara, Magdalena; Simoncini, Tommaso
Robot-assisted pelvic floor reconstructive surgery: an international Delphi study of expert users 1-gen-2023 Simoncini, Tommaso; Panattoni, Andrea; Aktas, Mustafa; Ampe, Jozef; Betschart, Cornelia; Bloemendaal, Alexander L A; Buse, Stephan; Campagna, Giuseppe; Caretto, Marta; Cervigni, Mauro; Consten, Esther C J; Davila, Hugo H; Dubuisson, Jean; Espin-Basany, Eloy; Fabiani, Bernardina; Faucheron, Jean-Luc; Giannini, Andrea; Gurland, Brooke; Hahnloser, Dieter; Joukhadar, Ralf; Mannella, Paolo; Mereu, Liliana; Martellucci, Jacopo; Meurette, Guillaume; Montt Guevara, Maria Magdalena; Ratto, Carlo; O'Reilly, Barry A; Reisenauer, Christl; Russo, Eleonora; Schraffordt Koops, Steven; Siddiqi, Shahab; Sturiale, Alessandro; Naldini, Gabriele
Music Modulates Autonomic Nervous System Activity in Human Fetuses 1-gen-2022 Massimello, Francesca; Billeci, Lucia; Canu, Alessio; Montt-Guevara, Maria Magdalena; Impastato, Gaia; Varanini, Maurizio; Giannini, Andrea; Simoncini, Tommaso; Mannella, Paolo
Impact of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity on Women’s Health 1-gen-2021 Palla, Giulia; Guevara, Maria Magdalena Montt; Giannini, Andrea; Caretto, Marta; Mannella, Paolo; Simoncini, Tommaso
Simulation training program for vacuum application to improve technical skills in vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery 1-gen-2021 Mannella, Paolo; Giordano, Mario; Guevara, Maria Magdalena Montt; Giannini, Andrea; Russo, Eleonora; Pancetti, Federica; Caretto, Marta; Simoncini, Tommaso
Perimenopause, body fat, metabolism and menopausal symptoms in relation to serum markers of adiposity, inflammation and digestive metabolism 1-gen-2020 Palla, G.; Ramirez-Moran, C.; Montt-Guevara, M. M.; Salazar-Pousada, D.; Shortrede, J.; Simoncini, T.; Grijalva-Grijalva, I.; Perez-Lopez, F. R.; Chedraui, P.
Principal surgical steps of the robotic-assisted lateral suspension for the treatment of concomitant advanced apical-anterior pelvic organ prolapse 1-gen-2020 Giannini, Andrea; Russo, Eleonora; Misasi, Giulia; Montt-Guevara, Maria Magdalena; Mannella, Paolo; Simoncini, Tommaso
Cranberry, D-mannose and anti-inflammatory agents prevent lower urinary tract symptoms in women undergoing prolapse surgery 1-gen-2019 Russo, E.; Montt Guevara, M.; Giannini, A.; Mannella, P.; Palla, G.; Caretto, M.; Pancetti, F.; Genazzani, A. D.; Simoncini, T.
Medium-term outcomes after robotic-assisted lateral suspensionwith mesh for advanced multi-compartmental prolapse 1-gen-2019 Russo, Eleonora; Giannini, Andrea; MONTT GUEVARA, MARIA MAGDALENA; Mannella, Paolo; Misasi, Giulia; Falcone, Maria; Simoncini, Tommaso
Simulation as tool for evaluating and improving technical skills in laparoscopic gynecological surgery 1-gen-2019 Mannella, P.; Malacarne, E.; Giannini, A.; Russo, E.; Caretto, M.; Papini, F.; Montt Guevara, M. M.; Pancetti, F.; Simoncini, T.
Simulation of childbirth improves clinical management capacity and self-confidence in medical students 1-gen-2018 Mannella, Paolo; Antonelli, Rachele; Montt-Guevara, María Magdalena; Caretto, Marta; Palla, Giulia; Giannini, Andrea; Pancetti, Federica; Cuttano, Armando; Simoncini, Tommaso
Ulipristal acetate interferes with actin remodeling induced by 17β-estradiol and progesterone in human endometrial stromal cells 1-gen-2018 Shortrede, JORGE EDUARDO; MONTT GUEVARA, MARIA MAGDALENA; Pennacchio, Gisela; Finiguerra, Michele; Giannini, Andrea; Genazzani, Alessandro D.; Simoncini, Tommaso
Regulatory effects of estetrol on the endothelial plasminogen pathway and endothelial cell migration 1-gen-2017 Montt-Guevara, Maria Magdalena; Palla, Giulia; Spina, Stefania; Bernacchi, Guja; Cecchi, Elena; Campelo, Adrian Esteban; Shortrede, JORGE EDUARDO; Canu, Alessio; Simoncini, Tommaso
Src and phospho-FAK kinases are activated by allopregnanolone promoting Schwann cell motility, morphology and myelination 1-gen-2017 Melfi, Simona; Montt Guevara, Maria Magdalena; Bonalume, Veronica; Ruscica, Massimiliano; Colciago, Alessandra; Simoncini, Tommaso; Magnaghi, Valerio
Androgens regulate T47D cells motility and invasion through actin cytoskeleton remodeling 1-gen-2016 MONTT GUEVARA, MARIA MAGDALENA; Shortrede, JORGE EDUARDO; Giretti, MARIA SILVIA; Giannini, Andrea; Mannella, Paolo; Russo, Eleonora; Genazzani, Alessandro David; Simoncini, Tommaso
Polymorphisms of the FTO and MTHFR genes and vascular, inflammatory and metabolic marker levels in postmenopausal women 1-gen-2016 Chedraui, P.; Pérez-López, F. R.; Escobar, G. S.; Espinoza-Caicedo, J. A.; MONTT GUEVARA, MARIA MAGDALENA; Genazzani, A. R.; Simoncini, T.
Estetrol modulates endothelial nitric oxide synthesis in human endothelial cells 1-gen-2015 MONTT GUEVARA, MARIA MAGDALENA; Giretti, MARIA SILVIA; Russo, Eleonora; Giannini, Andrea; Mannella, Paolo; Genazzani, Andrea Riccardo; Genazzani, Alessandro David; Simoncini, Tommaso
Prolactin promotes breast cancer cell migration through actin cytoskeleton remodeling 1-gen-2015 Ludovico da Silva, Priscilla; CESTARI DO AMARAL, Vinicius; Gabrielli, Valentina; Montt Guevara, Maria Magdalena; Mannella, Paolo; Baracat, Edmund Chada; Soares, Jose Maria; Simoncini, Tommaso
Prolactin promotes breast cancer cell migration through actin cytoskeleton remodeling 1-gen-2015 Da Silva, Priscilla Ludovico; Do Amaral, Vinicius Cestari; Gabrielli, Valentina; Montt Guevara, Maria Magdalena; Mannella, Paolo; Baracat, Edmund Chada; Soares, Jose Maria; Simoncini, Tommaso