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Gromov’s theory of multicomplexes with applications to bounded cohomology and simplicial volume 1-gen-2023 Frigerio, Roberto; Moraschini, Marco
Amenable covers and l^1-invisibility 1-gen-2022 Frigerio, Roberto
The simplicial volume of contractible 3-manifolds 1-gen-2022 Bargagnati, G.; Frigerio, R.
A remark on the double complex of a covering for singular cohomology 1-gen-2021 Frigerio, Roberto; Maffei, Andrea
Ideal Simplicial Volume of Manifolds with Boundary 1-gen-2021 Frigerio, Roberto; Marco, Moraschini
On volumes of truncated tetrahedra with constrained edge lengths 1-gen-2019 Frigerio, R.; Moraschini, Marco
The zero norm subspace of bounded cohomology of acylindrically hyperbolic groups 1-gen-2019 Franceschini, Federico; Frigerio, Roberto; Pozzetti, Maria Beatrice; Sisto, Alessandro
Quasi-isometric Rigidity of Piecewise Geometric Manifolds 1-gen-2018 Frigerio, Roberto
Bounded Cohomology of Discrete Groups 1-gen-2017 Frigerio, R.
A note on semi-conjugacy for circle actions 1-gen-2016 Bucher, M.; Frigerio, Roberto; Hartnick, T.
Integral Foliated Simplicial Volume of Aspherical Manifolds 1-gen-2016 Frigerio, Roberto; Loeh, C.; Pagliantini, C.; Sauer, R.
Projective Geometry: solved problems and theory review. 1-gen-2016 Fortuna, Elisabetta; Frigerio, Roberto; Pardini, Rita
A quantitative version of a theorem by Jungreis 1-gen-2015 Bucher, M.; Frigerio, Roberto; Pagliantini, C.
Extending higher-dimensional quasi-cocycles 1-gen-2015 Frigerio, Roberto; Pozzetti, M. B.; Sisto, A.
Rigidity of high dimensional graph manifolds 1-gen-2015 Frigerio, Roberto; J. F., Lafont; A., Sisto
The simplicial volume of 3-manifolds with boundary 1-gen-2015 Bucher, M; Frigerio, Roberto; Pagliantini, C.
A note on measure homology 1-gen-2014 Frigerio, Roberto
Isometric embeddings in bounded cohomology 1-gen-2014 Bucher, M.; Burger, M.; Frigerio, Roberto; Iozzi, A.; Pagliantini, C.; Pozzetti, M. B.
Levels of knotting of spatial handlebodies 1-gen-2013 Benedetti, Riccardo; Frigerio, Roberto
Alexander quandle lower bounds for link genera 1-gen-2012 Benedetti, Riccardo; Frigerio, Roberto