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Evidence for discrete modes of YAP1 signaling via mRNA splice isoforms in development and disease 1-gen-2021 Vrbsky, J; Vinarsky, V; Perestrelo, A R; De La Cruz, J O; Martino, F; Pompeiano, A; Izzi, V; Hlinomaz, O; Rotrekl, V; Sudol, M; Pagliari, S; Forte, G
Targeted volatolomics of human monocytes: Comparison of 2D-GC/TOF-MS and 1D-GC/Orbitrap-MS methods 1-gen-2021 Zemánková, K; Pavelicová, K; Pompeiano, A; Mravcová, L; Černý, M; Bendíčková, K; Hortová Kohoutková, M; Dryahina, K; Vaculovičová, M; Frič, J; Vaníčková, L
Terpenoid profiles of resin in the genus Dracaena are species specific 1-gen-2020 Vaníčková, ; Pompeiano, A; P., Madě ra; T. J., Massad; And, P. Vahalík.
YAP–TEAD1 control of cytoskeleton dynamics and intracellular tension guides human pluripotent stem cell mesoderm specification 1-gen-2020 Pagliari, S; Vinarsky, V; Martino, F; Perestrelo, A R; De La Cruz, J O; Caluori, G; Vrbsky, J; Mozetic, P; Pompeiano, A; Zancla, A; Ranjani, S G; Skladal, P; Kytyr, D; Zdráhal, Z; Grassi, G; Sampaolesi, M; Rainer, A; Forte, G
Calcineurin inhibitors reduce NFAT‐dependent expression of antifungal pentraxin‐3 by human monocytes 1-gen-2019 Bendíčková, ; F., Tidu; M., De Zuani; M., Hortová Kohoutková; Pompeiano, A; S., Bělášková; T., Zelante; And, J. Frič.
Photosynthetic and growth responses of Arundo donax L. under different oxygen deficiency stresses and re-oxygenation 1-gen-2019 Pompeiano, Antonio; HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Moles, Tommaso M.; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Scartazza, Andrea
Physiological responses of Lepidium meyenii plants to ultraviolet-B radiation challenge 1-gen-2019 HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Scartazza, Andrea; Pompeiano, Antonio; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
Salinity in Autumn-Winter Season and Fruit Quality of Tomato Landraces 1-gen-2019 Moles, Tommaso Michele; de Brito Francisco, Rita; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Pompeiano, Antonio; Lupini, Antonio; Incrocci, Luca; Carmassi, Giulia; Scartazza, Andrea; Pistelli, Laura; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Pardossi, Alberto; Sunseri, Francesco; Hörtensteiner, Stefan; Santelia, Diana
Substrate mechanics controls adipogenesis through YAP phosphorylation by T dictating cell spreading 1-gen-2019 De La, Cruz; J., O.; G., Nardone; J., Vrbsky; Pompeiano, A; A. R., Perestrelo; F., Capradossi; K., Melajová; P., Filipensky; And, G. Forte.
Temperature alters susceptibility of Picea abies seedlings to airborne pollutants: the case of CdO nanoparticles 1-gen-2019 Večeřová, ; Z., Večeřa; P., Mikuška; P., Coufalík; M., Oravec; B., Dočekal; K., Novotná; B., Veselá; Pompeiano, A; And, O. Urban.
Use of soil enzyme activities to assess the recovery of soil functions in abandoned coppice forest systems. . 1-gen-2019 Ananbeh, ; M., Stojanović; Pompeiano, A; S., Voběrková; And, C. Trasar-Cepeda.
Allocation pattern, ion partitioning, and chlorophyll a fluorescence in Arundo donax L. in responses to salinity stress 1-gen-2017 Antonio, Pompeiano; Landi, Marco; Giulia, Meloni; Federico, Vita; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Guidi, Lucia
Epicuticular chemistry reinforces the new taxonomic classification of the Bactrocera dorsalis species complex (Diptera: Tephritidae, Dacinae) 1-gen-2017 Vaníčková, ; R., Nagy; Pompeiano, A; And, B. Kalinová.
Growth and physiological response of Arundo donax L. to controlled drought stress and recovery 1-gen-2017 Pompeiano, Antonio; Remorini, Damiano; Vita, Federico; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Miele, Sergio; Morini, Stefano
Growth and root architecture responses of zoysiagrass to changes in fertilizer nitrate : urea ratio 1-gen-2017 Pompeiano, A; Patton, A. J.
Zoysiagrass (Zoysia spp. Willd.) for European Lawns: a Review 1-gen-2017 Magni, Simone; Pompeiano, Antonio; Gaetani, Monica; Caturegli, Lisa; Grossi, Nicola; Minelli, Alberto; Volterrani, Marco
Zoysiagrass Use and Culture in Europe 1-gen-2017 Magni, Simone; Pompeiano, Antonio; Volterrani, Marco
Changes of primary and secondary metabolites in barley plants exposed to CdO nanoparticles 1-gen-2016 Večeřová, ; Z., Večeřa; B., Dočekal; M., Oravec; Pompeiano, A; J., Tříska; and O., Urban
GERMINATION OF TALL FESCUE CARYOPSES EXPOSED FOR LONG TERM AT LOW TEMPERATURE 1-gen-2016 Pompeiano, Antonio; Damiani, Cr; Stefanini, S; Vernieri, Paolo; Volterrani, Marco; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
Growth responses and physiological traits of seashore paspalum subjected to short-term salinity stress and recovery 1-gen-2016 Pompeiano, Antonio; Di Patrizio, E.; Volterrani, Marco; Scartazza, A.; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo