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A case of thunderstorm phobia in a Maremma sheepdog 1-gen-2018 Ogi, Asahi
A Review on the Bioactivity of Cannabinoids on Zebrafish Models: Emphasis on Neurodevelopment 1-gen-2022 Licitra, Rosario; Marchese, Maria; Naef, Valentina; Ogi, Asahi; Martinelli, Marco; Kiferle, Claudia; Fronte, Baldassare; Santorelli, Filippo Maria
Analysis of the intraspecific visual communication in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris): a pilot study on the case of calming signals 1-gen-2017 Mariti, Chiara; Falaschi, Caterina; Zilocchi, Marcella; Fatjò, Jaume; Sighieri, Claudio; Ogi, Asahi; Gazzano, Angelo
Assessing adoptability in shelter dogs through a behavioral test 1-gen-2015 Zilocchi, Marcella; Ogi, Asahi; Bedini, Marco; Mengoli, Manuel
Attitude toward non-human animals and their welfare: do behaviorists differ from other veterinarians? 1-gen-2018 Gazzano, Angelo; Giussani, Sabrina; Gutiérrez, Jara; Ogi, Asahi; Mariti, Chiara
Behavioural modification in sheltered dogs 1-gen-2016 Cozzi, Alessandro; Mariti, Chiara; Ogi, Asahi; Sighieri, Claudio; Gazzano, Angelo
Blood Biomarker Profile Alterations in Newborn Canines: Effect of the Mother′s Weight 1-gen-2021 Reyes-Sotelo, Brenda; Mota-Rojas, Daniel; Mora-Medina, Patricia; Ogi, Asahi; Mariti, Chiara; Olmos-Hernández, Adriana; Martínez-Burnes, Julio; Hernández-Ávalos, Ismael; Sánchez-Millán, Jose; Gazzano, Angelo
Blood serotonin concentrations in phobic dogs fed a dissociated carbohydrate-based diet: A pilot study 1-gen-2019 Gazzano, A.; Ogi, A.; Macchioni, F.; Gatta, D.; Preziuso, G.; Baragli, P.; Curadi, M. C.; Giuliotti, L.; Sergi, V.; Casini, L.
Current Advances in Assessment of Dog’s Emotions, Facial Expressions, and Their Use for Clinical Recognition of Pain 1-gen-2021 Mota-Rojas, Daniel; Marcet-Rius, Míriam; Ogi, Asahi; Hernández-Ávalos, Ismael; Mariti, Chiara; Martínez-Burnes, Julio; Mora-Medina, Patricia; Casas, Alejandro; Domínguez, Adriana; Reyes, Brenda; Gazzano, Angelo
Determination of Prolactin in Canine Saliva: a validation and an experimental study using an ELISA kit 1-gen-2018 Gutiérrez, Jara; Torracca, Beatrice; Gazzano, Angelo; Ogi, Asahi; Meucci, Valentina; Mariti, Chiara
Dishabituation to the mirror in domestic dogs: A pilot study 1-gen-2020 Ogi, A.; Naef, V.; Bacci, S.; Gazzano, A.
Does attachment to man already exist in 2 months old normally raised dog puppies? A pilot study 1-gen-2020 Mariti, Chiara; Lenzini, Lorenzo; Carlone, Beatrice; Zilocchi, Marcella; Ogi, Asahi; Gazzano, Angelo
Dog attention towards the owner in two insoluble problem-solving tasks: A pilot study about the effect of skull conformation and selection to cooperate with man 1-gen-2017 Zilocchi, Marcella; Giordano, Maristella; Ogi, Asahi
Early Blood Analysis and Gas Exchange Monitoring in the Canine Neonate: Effect of Dam’s Size and Birth Order 1-gen-2022 Reyes-Sotelo, Brenda; Ogi, Asahi; Mora-Medina, Patricia; Mariti, Chiara; Olmos-Hernández, Adriana; Hernández-Ávalos, Ismael; Domínguez-Oliva, Adriana; Rosas, Marcelino Evodio; Verduzco-Mendoza, Antonio; Gazzano, Angelo
Effect of meal composition on tryptophan:large neutral amino acids ratio in dogs 1-gen-2017 Ogi, Asahi; Torracca, Beatrice; Mariti, Chiara; Casini, Lucia; Gazzano, Angelo
Effects of feeding enrichment on the behaviour and welfare of captive wolves (Canis lupus lupus) 1-gen-2018 Rggio, Giacomo; Boncompagni, C.; Corosaniti, S.; di giovanni, M.; Ogi, Asahi; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo; Thomas, R.
Effects of human-animal interaction and isolation on salivary oxytocin in 8 guide dogs 1-gen-2018 Ogi, Asahi; Torracca, Beatrice; Gutierrez, Jara; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo
Efficient neuroprotective rescue of sacsin-related disease phenotypes in zebrafish 1-gen-2021 Naef, V.; Marchese, M.; Ogi, A.; Fichi, G.; Galatolo, D.; Licitra, R.; Doccini, S.; Verri, T.; Argenton, F.; Morani, F.; Santorelli, F. M.
Feeding Enrichment in a Captive Pack of European Wolves (Canis Lupus Lupus): Assessing the Effects on Welfare and on a Zoo's Recreational, Educational and Conservational Role 1-gen-2019 Riggio, Giacomo; Mariti, Chiara; Boncompagni, Chiara; Corosaniti, Simone; Di Giovanni, Massimiliano; Ogi, Asahi; Gazzano, Angelo; Thomas, Robert
Influence of the familiarity with the handler on the dog's paw preference 1-gen-2017 Ogi, A.; Fortunato, D.