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Geoarchaeology of prehistoric Cypriot architecture: integrated analyses of mudbricks from Middle Bronze Age Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou. In corso di stampa Amadio, Marialucia
Abandonment practices through the microscope lens. Microarchaeological data from Middle Bronze Age Erimi, Cyprus 1-gen-2021 Amadio, M.; Boaretto, E.; Bombardieri, L.
Appetite for destruction. Current interpretations of accidental or deliberate destructions in Bronze Age Cyprus 1-gen-2021 Bombardieri, L.; Amadio, M.
Archaeology in the smallest realm. Micro analyses and methods for the Recontruction of early societies in Cyprus 1-gen-2021 Amadio, Marialucia
Un accenno alle micro-evidenze: la micromorfologia. 1-gen-2021 Amadio, Marialucia
Abandonment processes at Middle Bronze Age Erimi: A multi-scalar approach 1-gen-2019 Amadio, M.; Bombardieri, L.
Ghost architecture. Contextualising wooden and perishable structures from Middle Bronze Age Erimi-Laonin tou Poarkou. 1-gen-2019 Amadio, Marialucia
Tracing post-depositional processes and preservation of architectural materials and deposits in the semi-arid environment of southern Cyprus: A micromorphological approach 1-gen-2019 Amadio, M.
From deposits to social practices: Integrated micromorphological analysis of floor sequences at Middle Bronze Age Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou, Cyprus 1-gen-2018 Amadio, M.
Ancient cyprus, an unexpected journey 1-gen-2017 Bombardieri, Luca; Amadio, Marialucia
Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou at the micro-scale. Integrated micro-analytical techniques for the study of architectural materials and use of space. 1-gen-2017 Amadio, Marialucia
Little Big Data. On-going Archaeological Science-based Researches at Bronze Age Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou. 1-gen-2017 Amadio, Marialucia
Strategies for Sampling Difficult Archaeological Contexts and Improving the Quality of Radiocarbon Data: The Case of Erimi Laonin Tou Porakou, Cyprus 1-gen-2017 Scire Calabrisotto, C.; Amadio, M.; Fedi, M. E.; Liccioli, L.; Bombardieri, L.
Development in building activity, materials and techniques of the Early to Middle Cyprus Architecture 1-gen-2014 Amadio, Marialucia
Working with water. Procurement, consumption and water-based working activities at Erimi- Laonin tou Porakou (EC–LC I workshop complex) 1-gen-2014 Amadio, Marialucia
From Quarrying to Dressing and Fixing. Stone features of the ECIII-LCI Workshop Complex at Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou (Cyprus). 1-gen-2013 Amadio, Marialucia