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A Brief Compendium of Correlations and Analytical Formulae for the Thermal Field Generated by a Heat Source Embedded in a Porous Medium 1-gen-2017 Conti, Paolo; Testi, Daniele; Grassi, Walter
A brief compendium of correlations and analytical formulae for the thermal field generated by a heat source embedded in porous and purely-conductive media 1-gen-2017 Conti, P.; Testi, D.; Grassi, W.
A comprehensive methodology for the integrated optimal sizing and operation of cogeneration systems with thermal energy storage 1-gen-2019 Urbanucci, Luca; D’Ettorre, Francesco; Testi, Daniele
A design methodology for thermal storages in heat pump systems to reduce partial-load losses 1-gen-2022 Conti, P; Franco, A; Bartoli, C; Testi, D
A Fast Analytical Method for the Dynamic Energy Simulation of Energy Piles With Short Time Resolution 1-gen-2021 Grassi, Walter; Conti, Paolo; Schito, Eva; Testi, Daniele
A method for optimal operation of HVAC with heat pumps for reducing the energy demand of large-scale non residential buildings 1-gen-2021 Franco, A.; Miserocchi, L.; Testi, D.
A multi-objective methodology for evaluating the investment in building-integrated hybrid renewable energy systems 1-gen-2021 Aloini, D.; Dulmin, R.; Mininno, V.; Raugi, M.; Schito, E.; Testi, D.; Tucci, M.; Zerbino, P.
A new hydrodynamic approach for jet impingement boiling CHF 1-gen-2019 Grassi, Walter; Testi, Daniele
A New Simplified Dynamic Algorithm for Energy Estimation in Buildings: Description and Validation 1-gen-2019 Testi, Daniele; Barbieri, Michele; Schito, Eva; Conti, Paolo; Signoretti, Paolo
A new simplified dynamic algorithm for energy estimation in buildings: Description and validation 1-gen-2019 Testi, D.; Barbieri, M.; Schito, E.; Conti, P.; Signoretti, P.
A Novel Correlation for Azimuthal and Longitudinal Distributions of Heat Transfer Coefficients in Developing Horizontal Pipe Flow Under Transitional Mixed Convection 1-gen-2013 Testi, Daniele
A procedure for identifying chemical and biological risks for books in historic libraries based on microclimate analysis 1-gen-2019 Schito, Eva; Dias Pereira, Luisa; Testi, Daniele; Gameiro da Silva, Manuel
A Proposal for New Microclimate Indexes for the Evaluation of Indoor Air Quality in Museums 1-gen-2016 Schito, Eva; Testi, Daniele; Grassi, Walter
A visitors’ presence model for a museum environment: Description and validation 1-gen-2017 Schito, Eva; Testi, Daniele
An Open Access Tool for Building Energy Audits Harmonizing European Standards 1-gen-2013 Testi, Daniele; E., Menchetti; Schito, Eva; Grassi, W.
An operational optimization method for a complex polygeneration plant based on real-time measurements 1-gen-2018 Urbanucci, Luca; Testi, Daniele; Bruno, Joan-Carles
Analysis of Monitoring Data and Simulation of Seasonal Energy Performance of the GS-GAHP System Installed in the Kindergarten Building of Oulx, Turin 1-gen-2015 Ghisleni, Massimo; Pellegrini, Giulio; Conti, Paolo; Testi, Daniele; Grassi, Walter
Analysis of thermodynamic losses in ground source heat pumps and their influence on overall system performance 1-gen-2014 Casarosa, Claudio; Conti, Paolo; Franco, Alessandro; Grassi, Walter; Testi, Daniele
Analysis of Thermodynamic Losses in Ground Source Heat Pumps and Their Influence on Overall System Performance 1-gen-2014 Casarosa, Claudio; Conti, Paolo; Franco, Alessandro; Grassi, Walter; Testi, Daniele
Augmentation of Heat Transfer on the Downward Surface of a Heated Plate by Ion Injection 1-gen-2006 Grassi, Walter; Testi, Daniele; DELLA VISTA, D; Torelli, G.