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A comparative study of wear laws for soft-on-hard hip implants using a mathematical wear model 1-gen-2013 Mattei, Lorenza; DI PUCCIO, Francesca; Ciulli, Enrico
A digital image processing method for geometry modeling of a EHL contact 1-gen-2003 Bassani, Roberto; Ciulli, Enrico; Squarcini, R.
A Model for Scuffing Prediction 1-gen-2010 Ciulli, Enrico; I., Bartilotta; A., Polacco; S., Manconi; D., Vela; F. S., GUERRIERI PALEOTTI
A Model for the Prediction of Frictional Power Losses in Hypoid Gears 1-gen-2022 Grabovic, E.; Ciulli, E.; Artoni, A.; Gabiccini, M.
A new methodology for 3D surface analysis of machine elements 1-gen-2004 Bassani, Roberto; Ciulli, Enrico; DI PUCCIO, Francesca; P., Narducci; M., Prandtl
A New Methodology for the Experimental Study of Scuffing on Gears for Advanced Applications 1-gen-2014 Bartilotta, Ida; Marco, Strambi; Ciulli, Enrico; Michele, Gravina
A novel experimental apparatus for friction measurements 1-gen-2016 Ciulli, Enrico; DI PUCCIO, Francesca; Mattei, Lorenza; Mancino, Marco
A novel instrumentation for contact force measurement in cam-follower pairs 1-gen-2012 Fazzolari, F; Ciulli, Enrico; Vela, D.
A novel test rig for the dynamic characterization of large size tilting pad journal bearings 1-gen-2016 Forte, Paola; Ciulli, Enrico; Saba, Diego
A review of internal combustion engine losses - Part 1: specific studies on the motion of pistons, valves and bearings 1-gen-1992 Ciulli, Enrico
A review of internal combustion engine losses - Part 2: studies for global evaluations 1-gen-1993 Ciulli, Enrico
A Simple Modular Test Rig for Measuring Static and Dynamic Friction 1-gen-2021 Ciulli, Enrico; DI PUCCIO, Francesca; Mattei, Lorenza
AITC 2004. 4th AIMETA International Tribology Conference 1-gen-2004 Bassani, Roberto; N. P., Belfiore; Ciulli, Enrico
AITC-AIT 2006 - 5th International Conference of Tribology 1-gen-2006 E., Prati; Bassani, Roberto; T., Raparelli; Ciulli, Enrico; A., Tasora; M., Silvestri
Altezza del meato in contatti elastoidrodinamici 1-gen-1996 Bassani, Roberto; Ciulli, Enrico
An automated digital image processing for film thickness measurements of EHL point contacts using white light interferometry 1-gen-2007 Ciulli, Enrico; T., Draexl; K., Stadler
An Experimental Investigation on Aerospace Quality Gears Operating in Loss of Lubrication Condition 1-gen-2012 Bartilotta, Ida; Ciulli, Enrico; Manconi, S; Toson, E.
An experimental investigation on scuffing in spur gears 1-gen-2011 Ciulli, Enrico; Guerrieri Paleotti, F. S.; Bartilotta, Ida; Manconi, S.; Facchini, M.
An Investigation on thrust bearing tilting pads 1-gen-1998 Bassani, Roberto; Ciulli, Enrico; Forte, Paola
An investigation on thrust bearing tilting pads 1-gen-1997 Bassani, Roberto; Ciulli, Enrico; Forte, Paola