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A General Tool for Circuit Analysis Based on Wavelet Transform 1-gen-2000 Barmada, Sami; Raugi, Marco
A new approach for model order reduction of complex circuits 1-gen-2012 Barmada, Sami; Musolino, Antonino
A Numerical Procedure for the Evaluation of the Radiated Susceptibility of Non-Uniform Wire Bundles 1-gen-2003 Barmada, Sami; F., Maradei; Raugi, Marco
A Sensitivity Approach to Determine the Response Bounds of Transmission Lines with Random Parameters 1-gen-2004 Barmada, Sami; Becherini, G.; Musolino, Antonino; Raugi, Marco
A Wavelet Based Solver for Simulations of Fast Transients in Signal Data Lines 1-gen-2002 Barmada, Sami; Becherini, G.; Caniggia, S.; Maradei, F.; Raugi, Marco
An Accurate Equivalent Circuit Model of Metasurface-Based Wireless Power Transfer Systems 1-gen-2020 Brizi, Danilo; Fontana, Nunzia; Barmada, Sami; Monorchio, Agostino
Advanced Image Processing Techniques for the Discrimination of Buried Objects 1-gen-2011 Barmada, Sami; Araneo, R.
Algebraic Solution of Time Domain Nonuniform Transmission Lines Equations by 2D Wavelet Transform 1-gen-2002 Barmada, Sami
Analysis and Classification of Pantograph Catenary System Recorded Signals 1-gen-2013 Barmada, Sami; Tucci, Mauro
Analysis of a Homopolar Disk Generator via Equivalent Network 1-gen-2003 Barmada, Sami; Musolino, Antonino; Raugi, Marco; Rizzo, Rocco
Analysis of Equivalent Circuit Sensitivity on Extraction Procedure 1-gen-2010 Barmada, Sami; Araneo, R; Musolino, Antonino
Analysis of Integrated Circuit Systems by an Innovative Wavelet Based Scattering Matrix Approach 1-gen-2007 Barmada, Sami; Raugi, Marco; Musolino, Antonino
Analysis of noise in in-home channels for narrowband power line communications 1-gen-2017 Tucci, Mauro; Raugi, Marco; Bai, Li; Barmada, Sami; Zheng, Tao
Analysis of Nonliner Electrostatic Devices by a Hybrid FEM MOM Formulation 1-gen-2000 Barmada, Sami; Musolino, Antonino; Nencioni, Franco; Rizzo, Rocco; Tellini, Andrea
Analysis of Parameters’ Uncertainty Effects on Equivalent Circuits Macromodels 1-gen-2005 Barmada, Sami; Raugi, Marco
Analysis of PCB Discontinuities Using FD-TD and Wavelets 1-gen-2002 Araneo, R.; Celozzi, S.; Barmada, Sami; Raugi, Marco
Analysis of Power Line Communications Channels On Board a Fully Electric Vehicle 1-gen-2010 Barmada, Sami; Raugi, Marco; Tucci, Mauro
Analysis of Power Lines Uncertain Parameter Influence on Power Line Communications 1-gen-2007 Barmada, Sami; Musolino, Antonino; Raugi, Marco; Tucci, Mauro
Analysis of Power-Line Communication Channels in Ships 1-gen-2010 Barmada, Sami; Bellanti, Lisa; Raugi, Marco; Tucci, Mauro
Analysis of Scattering Problems by MOM with Intervallic Wavelets and Operators 1-gen-2003 Barmada, Sami; Raugi, Marco