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Integrating the Italian and Uzbek higher education system in Geosciences: the example of the preparatory year at the Branch of the University of Pisa in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 1-gen-2023 Fornasaro, S.; Giacomoni, P. P.; Gioncada, A.; Meneghini, F.; Pandolfi, L.; Ribolini, A.; Rocchi, S.
CO2 storage in the Antarctica Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle as revealed by intra- and inter-granular fluids 1-gen-2022 Casetta, Federico; Rizzo, Andrea L.; Faccini, Barbara; Ntaflos, Theodoros; Abart, Rainer; Lanzafame, Gabriele; Faccincani, Luca; Mancini, Lucia; Giacomoni, Pier Paolo; Coltorti, Massimo
Degassing, Crystallization and Rheology of Hawaiitic Lava Flows: the Case of the 1669 AD Eruption of MountEtna(Italy) 1-gen-2022 Lanzafame, Gabriele; Giacomoni, PIER PAOLO; Casetta, Federico; Mancini, Lucia; Iezzi, Gianluca; Coltorti, Massimo; Ferlito, Carmelo
Magma recharge and mush rejuvenation drive paroxysmal activity at Stromboli volcano 1-gen-2022 Maria Petrone, Chiara; Silviomollo, ; Gertisser, Ralf; Buret, Yannick; Scarlato, Piergiorgio; Del Bello, Elisabetta; Andronico, Daniele; Benellis, ; Pontesilli, Alessio; De Astis, Gianfilippo; Giacomoni, PIER PAOLO; Coltorti, Massimo; Reagan, Mark
Physical constraints and magma dynamics of Mt. Etna rift systems 1-gen-2022 Giacomoni, Pier Paolo; Masotta, Matteo; Costa, Simone; Lanzafame, Gabriele; Coltorti, Massimo
Nature and evolution of the northern Victoria Land Lithospheric Mantle (Antarctica) as revealed by ultramafic xenoliths 1-gen-2021 Coltorti, Massimo; Bonadiman, Costanza; Casetta, Federico; Faccini, Barbara; Giacomoni, Pier Paolo; Pelorosso, Beatrice; Perinelli, Cristina
The rare trachyandesitic lavas at mount etna: A case study to investigate eruptive process and propose a new interpretation for magma genesis 1-gen-2021 Lanzafame, G.; Casetta, F.; Giacomoni, P. P.; Coltorti, M.; Ferlito, C.
The Variscan subduction inheritance in the Southern Alps Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle: Clues from the Middle Triassic shoshonitic magmatism of the Dolomites (NE Italy) 1-gen-2021 Casetta, F.; Ickert, R. B.; Mark, D. F.; Giacomoni, P. P.; Bonadiman, C.; Ntaflos, T.; Zanetti, A.; Coltorti, M.
Thermo-barometric constraints on the Mt. Etna 2015 eruptive event 1-gen-2021 Giacomoni, P. P.; Casetta, F.; Valenti, V.; Ferlito, C.; Lanzafame, G.; Nazzari, M; Coltorti, M.
Geochemistry of basic magmatism of Western Antarctic Rift: implications for volatiles storage and recycling in the mantle 1-gen-2020 Giacomoni, PIER PAOLO; Ferlito, Carmelo; Bonadiman, Costanza; Casetta, Federico; Ottolini, Luisa; Zanetti, Alberto; Coltorti, Massimo
How to reconstruct the geometry of a Middle Triassic feeding system: clues from clinopyroxene textures in lava flows from Cima Pape (Southern Alps, Italy) 1-gen-2020 Casetta, F.; Giacomoni, P.; Nardini, N.; Coltorti, M
Long-term storage of subduction-related volatiles in Northern Victoria Land lithospheric mantle: Insight from olivine-hosted melt inclusions from McMurdo basic lavas (Antarctica) 1-gen-2020 Giacomoni, P. P.; Bonadiman, F.; Casetta, F.; Faccini, B.; Ferlito, C.; Ottolini, L.; Zanetti, A.; Coltorti, M.
The evolution of the mantle source beneath Mt. Etna (Sicily, Italy): from the 600 ka tholeiites to the recent trachybasaltic magmas 1-gen-2020 Casetta, Federico; Giacomoni, Pier Paolo; Ferlito, Carmelo; Bonadiman, Costanza; Coltorti, Massimo
The Skaros effusive sequence at Santorini (Greece): Petrological and geochemical constraints on an interplinian cycle 1-gen-2020 Lanzafame, Gabriele; Casetta, Federico; Giacomoni, Pier Paolo; Donato, Sandro; Mancini, Lucia; Coltorti, Massimo; Ntaflos, Theodoros; Ferlito, Carmelo
Volatile-rich melts as markers of the asthenospheric influx prior to rifting events: the case of the alkaline-carbonatitic lamprophyres of the Dolomitic Area (Southern Alps, Italy) 1-gen-2020 Casetta, Federico; Ickert, Ryan B.; Mark, Darren F.; Bonadiman, Costanza; Giacomoni, PIER PAOLO; Ntaflos, Theodoros; Coltorti, Massimo
From the 600 ka tholeiites to the recent trachybasaltic magmas at Mt. Etna: evolution of a lherzolitic mantle 1-gen-2019 Casetta, F.; Giacomoni, P. P.; Ferlito, C.; Bonadiman, C.; Coltorti, M.
High-Nb hawaiite-mugearite and high-Mg calc-alkaline lavas from northeastern Iran: Oligo-Miocene melts from modified mantle wedge 1-gen-2019 Ahmadi, Parham; Reza Ghorbani, Mohammad; Coltorti, Massimo; Kuritani, Takeshi; Cai, Yue; Maria Fioretti, Anna; Braschi, Eleonora; Giacomoni, PIER PAOLO; Aghabazaz, Farzaneh; Babazadeh, Shahrouz; Sandro, Conticelli
Lamprohyres as precursors of the alpine tethys opening: a late triassic alkaline-carbonatitic magmatic episode in he Dolomitic area (Southern Alps) 1-gen-2019 Casetta, F.; Ickert, R. B.; Mark, D. F.; Bonadiman, C.; Giacomoni, P.; Ntaflos, T.; Coltorti, M.
Petrological features of clinopyroxene in lava flows from Cima Pape (Dolomitic Area, Southern Alps): how to unravel the feeding system of a Middle Triassic volcano 1-gen-2019 Casetta, F.; Giacomoni, P. P.; Nardini, N.; Coltorti, M.
Subduction-related volatiles involved in the genesis of Cenozoic primary alkaline melts in Northern Victoria Land 1-gen-2019 Giacomoni, P. P.; Coltorti, M.; Bonadiman, C.; Ferlito, C.; Casetta, F.; Zanetti, A.; Ottolini, L.