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A distributed approach to Complex Event Processing in RFID-enabled hospitals 1-gen-2014 Zappia, I.; Ciofi, L.; Paganelli, F.; Iadanza, E.; Gherardelli, M.; Giuli, D.
SITMar Project: an Integrated Platform for Goods Monitoring in Multimodal Transport 1-gen-2014 Zappia, I.; Cianchi, P.; Adembri, G.; Gherardelli, M.; Giuli, D.; Paganelli, F.
An information-centric and REST-based approach for EPC Information Services 1-gen-2013 Paganelli, F.; Turchi, S.; Bianchi, L.; Ciofi, L.; Pettenati, M. C.; Pirri, F.; Giuli, D.
ANN-based Appliance Recognition from Low-frequency Energy Monitoring Data 1-gen-2013 Paradiso, F.; Paganelli, F.; Luchetta, A.; Giuli, D.; Castrogiovanni, P.
GEMOM Middleware Self-healing and Fault-tolerance: a Highway Tolling Case Study 1-gen-2011 Paganelli, F.; Vannuccini, G.; Parlanti, D.; Giuli, D.; Cianchi, P.
Integrated Infomobility Systems: Experimenting an Open Technical and Cooperative Approach to Support Continuous Innovation and Evolution 1-gen-2011 Giuli, D.; Paganelli, F.; Neri, P.
A Scalable Grid and Service-Oriented Middleware for Distributed Heterogeneous Data and System Integration in Context-Awareness Oriented Domains 1-gen-2010 Parlanti, D.; Paganelli, F.; Giuli, D.
A Service-Oriented Framework for distributed heterogeneous Data and System Integration for Continuous Care Networks 1-gen-2010 Paganelli, F.; Parlanti, D.; Giuli, D.
Experiencing a SOA approach for network-centric data integration in the maritime surveillance domain 1-gen-2010 Parlanti, D.; Paganelli, F.; Giuli, D.; Longo, A.
Telep@b project: towards a model for eParticipation and a case study in participatory budgeting 1-gen-2010 Paganelli, F.; Giuli, D.
A SOA-based Mobile Guide to augment tourists' experiences with user-generated content and third-party services 1-gen-2009 Paganelli, F.; Parlanti, D.; Francini, N.; Giuli, D.
A Metadata Model and Related Framework for Unstructured Document Management in Organizations 1-gen-2008 Paganelli, F.; Pettenati, M. C.; Giuli, D.
ERMHAN: a context-aware service platform to support continuous care networks for home-based assistance" 1-gen-2008 Paganelli, F.; Spinicci, E.; Giuli, D.
A Context Model for Context-aware System Design towards the Ambient Intelligence Vision: Experiences in the eTourism Domain 1-gen-2007 Paganelli, F.; Bianchi, G.; Giuli, D.
An Ontology-based Context Model for Home Health Monitoring and Alerting in Chronic Patient Care Networks 1-gen-2007 Paganelli, F.; Giuli, D.
A Model-driven Method for the Design and Deployment of Web-based Document Management Systems 1-gen-2005 Paganelli, Federica; Pettenati, MARIA CHIARA; Giuli, Dino
Document Management and Sharing Markup Language 1-gen-2004 Paganelli, Federica; Khaled, O. A. b. o. u.; Pettenati, MARIA CHIARA; Giuli, Dino