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André permutations, left to right and right to left minima 1-gen-2014 Disanto, Filippo
Asymptotic properties of the number of matching coalescent histories for caterpillar-like families of species trees 1-gen-2016 Disanto, Filippo; Rosenberg, Na
Catalan lattices on series parallel interval orders 1-gen-2012 Disanto, Filippo; Ferrari, L; Pinzani, R; Rinaldi, S.
Catalan pairs: a relational-theoretic approach to Catalan numbers 1-gen-2010 Disanto, Filippo; Ferrari, L; Pinzani, R; Rinaldi, S.
Catalan structures and Catalan pairs 1-gen-2013 Bilotta, S; Disanto, Filippo; Pinzani, R; Rinaldi, S.
A closed formula for the number of convex permutominoes 1-gen-2007 Disanto, Filippo; A., Frosini; R., Pinzani; S., Rinaldi
Coalescent histories for lodgepole species trees 1-gen-2015 Disanto, Filippo; Rosenberg, Na
Combinatorial properties of Catalan pairs 1-gen-2009 Disanto, Filippo; Rinaldi, S; Ferrari, L; Pinzani, R.
The combinatorics of convex permutominoes 1-gen-2008 Disanto, Filippo; R., Pinzani; S., Rinaldi
Dual-wavelength laser for THz generation by photo-mixing 1-gen-2012 Kusiaku, K; Leclercq, Jl; Regreny, P; Rojo Romeo, P; Seassal, C; Viktorovitch, P; Letartre, X; Chusseau, L; Disanto, Filippo; Philippe, F; Augendre, E.
The Effect of Single Recombination Events on Coalescent Tree Height and Shape 1-gen-2013 Ferretti, L; Disanto, Filippo; Wiehe, T.
Enumeration of ancestral configurations for matching gene trees and species trees 1-gen-2017 Disanto, Filippo; Rosenberg, Na
Enumeration of compact coalescent histories for matching gene trees and species trees 1-gen-2019 Disanto, Filippo; Rosenberg, Noah A
Exact enumeration of cherries and pitchforks in ranked trees under the coalescent model 1-gen-2013 Disanto, Filippo; Wiehe, T.
Generation and Enumeration of Some Classes of Interval Orders 1-gen-2013 Disanto, Filippo; Pergola, E; Pinzani, R; Rinaldi, S.
Local height in weighted Dyck models of random walks and the variability of the number of coalescent histories for caterpillarshaped gene trees and species trees 1-gen-2019 Disanto, Filippo; Munarini, Emanuele
Mathematical and Simulation-Based Analysis of the Behavior of Admixed Taxa in the Neighbor-Joining Algorithm 1-gen-2019 Kim, Jaehee; Disanto, Filippo; Kopelman, Naama M; Rosenberg, Noah A
Measuring the external branches of a Kingman tree: a discrete approach 1-gen-2020 Disanto, Filippo; Wiehe, Thomas
Monte Carlo modeling of the dual-mode regime in quantum-well and quantum-dot semiconductor lasers 1-gen-2014 Chusseau, L; Philippe, F; Disanto, Filippo
On the enumeration of column-convex permutominoes 1-gen-2011 Beaton, N; Disanto, Filippo; Guttmann, T; Rinaldi, S.