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Investigating the CoAP Congestion Control Strategies for 6TiSCH-Based IoT Networks 1-gen-2023 Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo; Rasla, Davide; Anastasi, Giuseppe
Assessing the Feasibility of Exploiting Edge Computing for Real-Time Monitoring of Flash Floods 1-gen-2022 Righetti, F; Vallati, C; Tubak, Ak; Roy, N; Basnyat, B; Anastasi, G
Mobile6TiSCH: a Simulator for 6TiSCH-based Industrial IoT Networks with Mobile Nodes 1-gen-2022 Pettorali, Marco; Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo
Mobility Management in Industrial IoT Environments 1-gen-2022 Pettorali, M; Righetti, F; Vallati, C; Das, Sk; Anastasi, G
Vulnerabilities of the 6P protocol for the Industrial Internet of Things: Impact analysis and mitigation 1-gen-2022 Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo; Tiloca, Marco; Anastasi, Giuseppe
Enhancing sustainability of the railway infrastructure: Trading energy saving and unavailability through efficient switch heating policies 1-gen-2021 Chiaradonna, S.; Masetti, G.; Di Giandomenico, F.; Righetti, F.; Vallati, C.
Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Autonomous Scheduling Functions for 6TiSCH Networks 1-gen-2021 Righetti, F.; Vallati, C.; Gavioli, A.; Anastasi, G.
Performance evaluation of Attribute-Based Encryption on constrained IoT devices 1-gen-2021 Perazzo, P.; Righetti, F.; La Manna, M.; Vallati, C.
An Evaluation of the 6TiSCH Distributed Resource Management Mode 1-gen-2020 Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo; Das, Sajal K.; Anastasi, Giuseppe
Analysis of Distributed and Autonomous Scheduling Functions for 6TiSCH Networks 1-gen-2020 Righetti, F; Vallati, C; Das, Sk; Anastasi, G
Analysis of the interplay between RPL and the congestion control strategies for CoAP 1-gen-2020 Vallati, C.; Righetti, F.; Tanganelli, G.; Mingozzi, E.; Anastasi, G.
Evaluation of Feasibility and Impact of Attacks against the 6top Protocol in 6TiSCH Networks 1-gen-2020 Carignani, G.; Righetti, F.; Vallati, C.; Tiloca, M.; Anastasi, G.
Failure management strategies for IoT-based railways systems 1-gen-2020 Righetti, F.; Vallati, C.; Anastasi, G.; Masetti, G.; Di Giandomenico, F.
An Experimental Evaluation of the 6Top Protocol for Industrial IoT Applications 1-gen-2019 Righetti, F.; Vallati, C.; Das, S. K.; Anastasi, G.
Improving Link Quality Estimation Accuracy in 6TiSCH Networks 1-gen-2019 Fanucchi, D.; Righetti, F.; Vallati, C.; Staehle, B.; Anastasi, G.
On the feasibility of attribute-based encryption on constrained iot devices for smart systems 1-gen-2019 Girgenti, B.; Perazzo, P.; Vallati, C.; Righetti, F.; Dini, G.; Anastasi, G.
Performance measurements of IEEE 802.15.4g wireless networks 1-gen-2019 Righetti, F.; Vallati, C.; Comola, D.; Anastasi, G.
Analysis and Improvement of the On-The-Fly Bandwidth Reservation Algorithm for 6TiSCH 1-gen-2018 Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo; Anastasi, Giuseppe; Das, Sajal K.
ECOAP: Experimental assessment of congestion control strategies for CoAP using the wishful platform 1-gen-2018 Vallati, Carlo; Righetti, Francesca; Tanganelli, Giacomo; Mingozzi, Enzo; Anastasi, Giuseppe
IoT applications in smart cities: A perspective into social and ethical issues 1-gen-2018 Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo; Anastasi, Giuseppe