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A Simple, Exact Formulation of Number Counts in the Geodesic-Light-Cone Gauge 1-gen-2023 Fanizza, G.; Gasperini, M.; Marozzi, G.
Gauge invariance on the light-cone: curvature perturbations and radiative degrees of freedom 1-gen-2023 Fanizza, G.; Marozzi, G.; Medeiros, M.
Primordial black holes formation in an early matter dominated era from the pre-big-bang scenario 1-gen-2023 Conzinu, P.; Marozzi, G.
On Adiabatic Renormalization with a Physically Motivated Infrared Cut-Off 1-gen-2022 Animali, Chiara; Conzinu, Pietro; Marozzi, Giovanni
The gauge invariant cosmological Jacobi map from weak lensing at leading order 1-gen-2022 Fanizza, Giuseppe; Di Dio, Enea; Durrer, Ruth; Marozzi, Giovanni
Cosmic variance of H0 in light of forthcoming high-redshift surveys 1-gen-2021 Fanizza, Giuseppe; Fiorini, Bartolomeo; Marozzi, Giovanni
The cosmological perturbation theory on the Geodesic Light-Cone background 1-gen-2021 Fanizza, G.; Marozzi, G.; Medeiros, M.; Schiaffino, G.
Generalized covariant prescriptions for averaging cosmological observables 1-gen-2020 Fanizza, G.; Gasperini, M.; Marozzi, G.; Veneziano, G.
Primordial black holes from pre-big bang inflation 1-gen-2020 Conzinu, P.; Gasperini, M.; Marozzi, G.
Energy-momentum tensor and helicity for gauge fields coupled to a pseudoscalar inflaton 1-gen-2019 Ballardini, M.; Braglia, M.; Finelli, F.; Marozzi, G.; Starobinsky, A. A.
Observation angles, Fermi coordinates, and the Geodesic-Light-Cone gauge 1-gen-2019 Fanizza, G.; Gasperini, M.; Marozzi, G.; Veneziano, G.
Rotation of the CMB polarization by foreground lensing 1-gen-2019 Di Dio, E.; Durrer, R.; Fanizza, G.; Marozzi, G.
Backreaction of super-Hubble cosmological perturbations beyond perturbation theory 1-gen-2018 Brandenberger, Robert; Graef, Leila L.; Marozzi, Giovanni; Vacca, Gian Paolo
CMB lensing beyond the leading order: Temperature and polarization anisotropies 1-gen-2018 Marozzi, Giovanni; Fanizza, Giuseppe; Di Dio, Enea; Durrer, Ruth
Impact of Next-to-Leading Order Contributions to Cosmic Microwave Background Lensing 1-gen-2017 Marozzi, G; Fanizza, G; Di Dio, E; Durrer, R
Non-Gaussianities due to Relativistic Corrections to the Observed Galaxy Bispectrum 1-gen-2017 Marozzi, Giovanni
CMB-lensing beyond the Born approximation 1-gen-2016 Marozzi, G; Fanizza, G; Di Dio, E; Durrer, R
Impact of cosmic variance on the local measurement of H0 1-gen-2016 Marozzi, Giovanni
The bispectrum of relativistic galaxy number counts 1-gen-2016 Marozzi, Giovanni
Time of flight of ultra-relativistic particles in a realistic Universe: a viable tool for fundamental physics? 1-gen-2016 Marozzi, Giovanni