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A Late Helladic IIB Pottery Deposit from the Ano Englianos Ridge at Pylos in Western Messenia 1-gen-2021 Vitale, S; Stocker, Sr; Malapani, E.
Changing Political Landscapes: Mitrou, East Lokris, and the Palatial Polities of Boeotia 1-gen-2021 Van de Moortel, A; Vitale, S
Cultural Entanglements on Kos During the Late Bronze Age: A Comparative Analysis of Minoanisation and Mycenaeanisation at the ‘Serraglio’, Eleona, and Langada 1-gen-2016 Vitale, S
Dressing up the Dead. The Significance of Late Helladic IIIB Adornments from Eleona and Langada at Kos 1-gen-2012 Vitale, S
Excavations at the Early Helladic site at POTA Romanou 2014-2015 1-gen-2020 Malapani, E; Stocker, Sr; Vitale, S; Mcnamee, C; Öztürk, H; Michopoulou, A
Food and Cultural Identity on Kos During the Bronze Age: A Typological, Technological, and Macroscopic Fabric Analysis of the Storage and Cooking Pottery Assemblage 1-gen-2017 Vitale, S; Morrison, Je
Honoring the Dead or Hero Cult? The Long Afterlife of a Prepalatial Elite Tomb at Mitrou 1-gen-2019 Van de Moortel, A; Vitale, S; Lis, B; Bianco, G
Ideological and Narrative Memory on Late Bronze Age Kos: From Theory to Case Study 1-gen-2019 Vitale, S; Mcnamee, C
Koan Mycenaean Identity in the Late Bronze Age: A Theoretical Summary 1-gen-2022 Vitale, S; Mcnamee, C; Dudlik, K
Koan Painted Medium-Coarse to Coarse Pottery and the ‘SASCAR String’: Towards a Navigation Model for the Aegean Late Bronze Age 1-gen-2022 Vitale, S; Querci, A.
Kos and Italy/Europe During the Mycenaean Period: Evidence for a Special Connection 1-gen-2017 Vitale, S; Blackwell, Ng; Mcnamee, C
Langada Revisited: Construction Practices, Space, and SocioCultural Identity in the Koan Burial Arena During the Mycenaean Palatial and Postpalatial Periods 1-gen-2020 Mcnamee, C; Vitale, S
Le classi ceramiche della “tradizione mista” a Kos nel Tardo Bronzo IA 1-gen-2018 Vitale, S
Local Traditions and Mycenaeanization in Central Greece. A Preliminary Report on the Late Helladic IIA to the Late Helladic IIIB Pottery from Mitrou, East Lokris 1-gen-2012 Vitale, S
L’insediamento di ‘Serraglio’ durante il Tardo Bronzo. Riesame dei principali contesti portati alla luce da Luigi Morricone tra il 1935 ed il 1946 1-gen-2006 Vitale, S
Managing Environmental Challenges with Anthropogenic Bedrock Modification: Archaeological Survey Evidence from the Upper Basin (USA) and the Island of Kos (Greece) 1-gen-2021 Mcnamee, C; Sullivan III, Ap; Marketou, T; Vitale, S; Michailidou, M
Oggetti d’ornamento, gioielli ed altri reperti mobili dalle necropoli micenee di Eleona e Langada a Kos 1-gen-2016 Vitale, S
Ritual Drinking and Eating at Late Helladic IIIA2 Early Mitrou, East Lokris. Evidence for Mycenaean Feasting Activities? 1-gen-2008 Vitale, S
Serraglio, Eleona, and Langada Archaeological Project (SELAP): Report on the Results of the 2011 to 2015 Study Seasons 1-gen-2017 Vitale, S; Marketou, T; Mcnamee, C; Ballan, E; Blackwell, Ng; Iliopoulos, I; Mantello, C; Morrison, Je; Moulo, K; Moutafi, I; Passa, K-S; Vika, E.
Some Unpublished Small Finds from the Asklupis on Kos 1-gen-2019 Vitale, S