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A microchondrule-bearing micrometeorite and comparison with microchondrules in CM chondrites 1-gen-2019 Suttle, M. D.; Genge, M. J.; Salge, T.; Lee, M. R.; Folco, L.; Göral, T.; Russell, S. S.; Lindgren, and P.
A unique CO-like micrometeorite hosting an exotic Al-Cu-Fe-bearing assemblage – close affinities with the Khatyrka meteorite 1-gen-2019 Suttle, M. D.; Twegar, K.; Nava, J.; Spiess, R.; Spratt, J.; Campanale, F.; Folco, L.
Hydrothermal activity on the CV parent body: New perspectives from the giant Transantarctic Mountains minimeteorite TAM5.29 1-gen-2020 Nava, J.; Suttle, M. D.; Spiess, R.; Folco, L.; Najorka, J.; Carli, C.; Massironi, M.
Intense aqueous alteration on C-type asteroids: Perspectives from giant fine-grained micrometeorites 1-gen-2019 Suttle, M. D.; Folco, L.; Genge, M. J.; Russell, S. S.; Najorka, J.; van Ginneken, M.
Isotopically Heavy Micrometeorites—Fragments of CY Chondrite or a New Hydrous Parent Body? 1-gen-2022 Suttle, M. D.; Folco, L.; Dionnet, Z.; Van Ginneken, M.; Di Rocco, T.; Pack, A.; Scheel, M.; Rotundi, A.
Microscopic impactor debris at Kamil Crater (Egypt): The origin of the Fe-Ni oxide spherules 1-gen-2022 Folco, L; Carone, L; D'Orazio, M; Cordier, C; Suttle, Md; van Ginneken, M; Masotta, M
Microtektites and glassy cosmic spherules from new sites in the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica 1-gen-2021 Brase, Lauren E.; Harvey, Ralph; Folco, Luigi; Suttle, Martin D.; Mcintosh, E. Carrie; Day, James M. D.; Corrigan, Catherine M.
Multi-collector 40Ar/39Ar dating of microtektites from Transantarctic Mountains (Antarctica): A definitive link with the Australasian tektite/microtektite strewn field 1-gen-2021 Di Vincenzo, Gianfranco; Folco, Luigi; Suttle, Martin D.; Brase, Lauren; Harvey, Ralph P.
The aqueous alteration of GEMS-like amorphous silicate in a chondritic micrometeorite by Antarctic water 1-gen-2021 Suttle, M. D.; Folco, L.; Genge, M. J.; Franchi, I. A.; Campanale, F.; Mugnaioli, E.; Zhao, X.
The atmospheric entry of fine-grained micrometeorites: The role of volatile gases in heating and fragmentation In corso di stampa Suttle, M. D.; Genge, M. J.; Folco, L.; VAN GINNEKEN, M.; Lin, Q.; Russell, S. S.; Najorka, J.
Water-rich C-type asteroids as early solar system carbonate factories 1-gen-2023 Froh, V; Bose, M; Suttle, Md; Nava, J; Folco, L; Williams, Lb; Castillo-Rogez, J
X‐ray computed tomography: Morphological and porosity characterization of giant Antarctic micrometeorites 1-gen-2020 Dionnet, Zelia; Suttle, Martin D.; Longobardo, Andrea; Rotundi, Alessandra; Folco, Luigi; Della Corte, Vincenzo; King, Andrew